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August 19, 2019

Hey Everybody its Blue Duckie. And welcome back to another doll review and
today in this video we have the Archery Club Bunny Blanc to open up and check out with
you guys. And she is the daughter of the white rabbit. And here is a look at the back of the box. With the other two dolls. Ashylnn Ella and Rosabella Beauty. So the only accessory that this Bunny comes
with is the bow and arrow plastic piece. I think its cute that they put a bunny tail
on the back of the arrow. And there is also a handle so she can hold
it. So checking out Bunny up close starting with
her headband. She has her two ears. And this is all the same pink plastic. And there is a clock on her headband. Her light blonde hair is in the same style
curled under. Short bob hair cut with a blunt bang. And as you probably can tell it is very gelled
and hard. And what I like to call helmet hair for dolls. Here is a look at her face. She has her turquoise eyes and a mixture of
gold and purple eyeshadow. And then red lips. Going down into her outfit she has this plastic
piece over her shoulders and belly. It looks like different belts. Um, one thing about this piece is that its
only on the front. It doesn’t go all the way around to the back. So thats definately a negative for me. And then underneath that we have this very
simple strapless dress. Its green, yellow swirls and a couple different
colored flowers. Another thing to mention on this doll is she
doesn’t have wrist joints on either of her hands. And then she does have molded, painted leggings
again another thing to mention is that she doesn’t have any knee joints. So lacking in some articulation on those two
points. And then finally she has these light pink
shoes. They are flowery in design. Okay guys thank you so much for tuning into
this review. So my overall rating for this doll from one
to ten. One being my least favorite and ten being
my absolute favorite. I am going to give this Bunny a three. Um, I don’t like the lack of joints in the
wrist and the knees. I don’t think her outfit is that cool. Its very simple. I don’t like that the chest piece. The plastic chest piece doesn’t even like
go all the way around her. It just clips on the front. And um, yeah I just think she is really not
that cute. Um, I have been having. I really like Bunny in the show. But they have yet to make a Bunny doll that
I really, really, really like. Um, she always. There is always something about the Bunny
dolls that bothers me. Like either her original her eyes kind seemed
um, wonky to me. And she always seems to have the helmet hair. The really gelled hard hair that I don’t like. Um so thats why I gave her a low score. I invite you all to make up your own mind
if you like her or not. But, this is just my opinion. I do think her bow is cute. So thats one good thing about it. Um, but yeah. Not my favorite doll. Uh, and thank you again for watching this
review. And I’ll see you guys later. Bye.

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  1. she should've had more joints and real tights and a full chest plate. Mattel is really screwing over these lines. I can sense in less than a year from now that the ever after high line will probably be over because of poor quality. that's what happened to the bratz. thank u


  3. Hmm, I'll give her a 1.5/10, and thats be generous. I actually think her face is ok, and I like her purple plastic piece, and that's why she gets a 1.5. The reasons she doesn't get a higher rating, is obviously I don't like no arm or leg joints, or the molded pants, and the headband. Sorry if you all like her, but I personally don't love her.

  4. I do like this Bunny's face the best out of the 3 released so far, but her outfit is sort of plain and uncoordinated, and of course the unarticulated legs are a huge minus. Why not give the dolls bare legs and put the money from those lame printed leggings back into articulation?

  5. cute face but everything else is literal trash. hate the colors the cheapness and the flat out tackiness. my rating is a 1

  6. Wow these EAH dolls is getting ugly and disappointing what was Mattel thinking why those stupid people keep making these cheap why can't they just bring back the old Ever After High dolls with the serious face and more articulation and having leggings/stockings on and they have stands and more painted details!!!
    If they keep on doing this on Ever After High I'm going to kill MATTEL f*** you MATTEL

  7. gelling down the hair to this extent makes a doll with barely any features even less appealing. I have a low quality made bratzillaz doll with the same length hair and it has zero product and has never been a mess. hair that short wont even tangle like that. theyre not even letting little girls or boys who get this doll have the option of combing their hair, lord this line has gone downhill

  8. If this gets 10 likes I will write a letter to Mattel demanding that they stop releasing such cheap junk with creepy and weird faces, and I'll literally tell them if they don't soon realise how dumb they are by ruining Ever After High by turning them into Barbies, I will die of mental depression. I'm being serious. DEAD SERIOUS.

  9. iam soooo exited for that bunny head i will replace my signature head from my bunny cuz i never like how she looked with the original face she looks old british woman

  10. I think she looks pretty, even with this face and this helmet hair), but these pink legs with pattern and without joins make me disappointed in her. But so far she is still my favorite in this line

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