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November 17, 2019

Hello everyone ! And welcome to this video to, the karate clear and net. So today, we’re going to stretch. We have already seen. The other time, I made a video, I gave you examples stretching of the pelvic girdle and all that is joint to the hip. Okay ! We will now see a bit what is above, The vertebrates, then the whole shoulder girdle, shoulders, head and all. So we’ll start simply. In general, fewer problems stretching the shoulders and stuff. Apart from people who are tense. Sometimes they hurt shoulder and all. But we have fewer problems in that unlike the legs, it is not on permanently arms. The legs of the problem is that we are constantly above, so the muscles are always slightly contracted. We walk all day, so the muscles are always contracted. It was soon to have the muscles that tend and soon we lose flexibility. We have fewer problems in the arms. But he must be careful. By dint of making Tsuki or by virtue of being on a keyboard, or having arms still like that. You may have the arms go numb. The same, you must tendiez muscles. I’ll explain it again for those who have not seen the video. Muscles are like that. They tend to tighten. (I’ll get closer so you can see well.) Each contraction is fiber which slide over each other. I summarize. And they tend to stay that way. So we will do stretching to bring them like that. Because they have more of the amplitude, the more they force. If you stay like this, when you squeeze them, they do not have much strength. So must every time bring them back. I have already told you. The muscles to stretch, you have to surprise them gently. You have to go slowly. You have to be relaxed and go easy. As soon as you pull hard on it, they will do the opposite of what you want. They will contract. A muscle when you pull it, it contracts. This is the stretch reflex. This is what allows us to stand without thinking. The muscle from being shot, it contracts. We will gently pull not to the reflex there is taking place. Come on, it is stretched. Okay ? Come on, we will start. Head back. One bomb torso. We continue. And we go a little further. What to pay attention, This is not to break completely. The goal is to round. We want to go far. On the round. Here we will lift. And there, the opposite leg is going soft. Same, we do not seek to break like this. Okay ? When one breaks, stretching there, but it crushes one. We are looking to go far to make an arc. the spine is stretched. On the other side. the spine is stretched. Stretching. It stretches the shoulders. There, I do not put your arm here, but here. I stretch gently Here triceps. In front of, although it stands shoulder. at the elbow is pulled. We’re not going over there, otherwise it is useless. It is necessary that the body remains face. And gently pulls the arm To stretch here, deltoids. Yame. The other arm. Slowly. (I turn to you to see well.) although we stay here. I told you every muscle, always stretch at least seven or eight seconds. The large muscles when working a lot, for example if you have, when I say the big muscles, I mean. You have worked example the next day or two days later when you want to stretch. Do at least 30 seconds, one minute to stretch the quadriceps, for example. If you have made lots of pumps or something like that, stretch them well to get it back. Those who work a lot less, seven or eight seconds and you return slowly. And each time relaxed. They fall well the shoulder. If you like this, you pull this is not going at all. We must block one side to stretch the other side. Yame. We’ll take a hand. It stretches the forearm. You stretch your fingers and muscles of the forearm. Slowly. The other hand. Do not go too hard. Do not be evil. Slowly. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, is returned. One can stretch a little thumb too. On the other side. It stretches … without forcing, no further than what you’re capable of doing. This is useless. Yame. Now you are going to put arms behind like that. Inflating, you Dish it, and you will raise your arms. while inflating is lifted. Yame. Come on! We will get to the ground. You put your feet flat. You put your ass on the heels. There, you will come to the front. You try to keep roughly the buttocks on the heels. Do not do this. Okay ? We keep the buttocks there. The goal will not be to round the back, the aim will be to take them as far as possible to the rear buttocks, and shoulders as far as possible forward. Looking to stretch. Think constantly in that. In stretching the spine, not to twist in one direction or the other. We try to stretch it. Come on, stretching backward and forward. And you breathe. Now we will move on all fours. It will switch the head, buttocks. Same, no attempt to break. It is not especially close buttocks shoulders, otherwise the back is broken. Is moved away. We’ll just switch. And we try to stretch the bottom without compressing it. Now we are going in the other direction, and the same principle. Is desired to stretch over the back. It stretches over. It stretches over. It slowly comes down again. We will sit. This will do the same time stretching the legs. It stands upright. I’m going to like this, you’ll surely better. There one stands straight. As if you had someone who took you over the skull, it will stretch the spine. You will see after a while, you will feel all the spinal muscles that will heat. It stretches without specifically seeking to force. But instead, to relax the maximum for it stretches. You will feel that heat. We are here. We stay focused. Do not turn your head to the right or left. Because there you goshining u>at the spine. Stay straight. Imagine someone who really pulls the top of your head, but you ass planted in the ground. This pulls the column and rises. It is more right. When I say, is released. We do not do that. Slowly. feet we will close one against the other. Now the position then, you’ll just head down. The weight of my head enough. I let the weight of my head, and continue. It wraps the vertebrae one by one. Normally, this really stretches the muscles that come to work. You have to go slowly because it will avoid unpleasant effects. Go easy. This really is the body weight. Easy, is wound. I do not force at all and I did not pull the abdominals. I gently back as if I had to lean against a wall. I’ll get my head straight. Yame. Yasme. You must have all the hot back. Okay ! Here we will make ripples with the back. First, we’ll do that. We will make circles with your head. Just head. I began to express side for you to see that the circles in the direction away. I make circles. Slowly, I began to undulate. And my center of gravity is still pretty much on my feet. I’m not going forward, then backward. I stay like this. Slowly, it accentuates the movement. Look ! I will forward keeping your back flat. There, I fold the legs as if you pass under a bar. Just a ripple. A ripple with the entire spine. I wrap as if the wave passes from top to bottom. Do it gently. Do not go too fast. At that time, you must go back and immediately you do not stop. My legs fold to make a ripple. I do not stay as cantilever and hurt me to the kidney. As soon as I get there, there is no blockage in the lower back. Do not tell me “you let us do that and then I have bad” It is sure that if you do this after there you’re doing wrong. This pulls here.
This is not very good. Okay ! There is no stopping. I do not stop. Work it initially to begin to feel the movement. Then you can go further to make large circle with the chin. Here. Yame. Now the arm above, one will rotate in a first time. I stay feet in front of you. I turn and I draw my elbow as far as possible. Two three. We see this often: something you can do to heating. It’s good because it turns back. the back is pivoted. Here. Now we will continue. We open the arms as far as possible.
Do not go down. Okay ! I open my hand turns like that. It does not turn the other way. (I’ll put it like for you to see.) I’m open like that. I look at my arm as far as possible. My back foot, I get it. What not to do is this. Look carefully how I am. Do not go there, and have abs that pull. No. It must rotate on yourself. I still have the weight here.
I do not force. I do not need. On the contrary, I relax. The goal is to stretch the obliques. From there, I stretch every muscle, every muscle chain oblique. Here I come back. The arm above, I stretch. (I’ll put myself as because it’s true, you do not see at all.) I stretch here chest and large oblique. We redo. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
It belches a little bit, and we return. Yame. We will return to the ground. It will begin to four legs. We have an arm like that, and it puts it under there, and stretched.
We put away there. It rests on the ground. We tend to the other arm. Is returned. The important thing, huh … go gently. Do not do anything. Watch what I do. So do not do anything. I have a hand that stayed put there, the other is there, and I just put my shoulder to the floor. I’m not cantilevered on my back. I just ask me like that, and I stretch. I stretch my arm. I brought him back. I gently back. Yame. At the cervical, we can take the lead like that. You will pull gently. You see, I lower the shoulder. Slowly, I hold the head.
I do not shoot like crazy. You have more strength in your arms than there. If you pull hard, it will contract. This will be worse than anything you have stiff neck. These are really for people who are tense here. It feels good, but go slowly. You feel this pulls. I do not create pain. Hello ! As you had chance to see, I fell in memory failure on my video. I’ll see you a few days after. This only a few seconds, but for me it did a few days. I’ll pick up where I left off. We were all trying to stretch neck and neck. I put the hand. gently stretching. There, I push the arms down. I’ll gently.
I draw by hand. I think well relax the neck.
Above all, I do not force. Because I have a lot of strength in the arm relative to the neck. If I wanted I could get much stronger, but I’d be wrong. This should take, but not hurt. I stretch the muscles, but I do not hurt me. Yame
It is slowly coming back I exchange side. It was here, I push down. I stretch gently. Slowly, I blow well. I gently back. Yame. I shoot two or three shots. Well, thank you.
I hope you like this video. As I have already explained. Be careful when you do stretching to the relaxed manner. Avoid the already after very hard training. You can do a bit to recover. It’s nice to do, but by gently pulling on the muscles. Not too hard. Do not do too much after a hard workout. It is better to do stretching sessions outside workouts. You do it in the morning, you get up. You are warming up a little. And you do your stretches. It’s very good. By cons, remember to stretch the muscles to réétirer muscle, you have to go slowly. If the muscle contracts. Go slowly. I never repeat it enough.
Slowly slowly. Thank you. Sorry for the small technical problem I had. It happens. Well, sorry. So, it has deferred a lot since I did not come for a little while. I will publish this video as soon as possible. Thank you and gives you visit for future videos. Thank you.
Goodbye. See you soon.

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