Estratégias de envio para canais de video game no YouTube
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Estratégias de envio para canais de video game no YouTube

August 30, 2019

One of the biggest keys to success on YouTube that I feel is consistency. The more you upload on a consistent basis the more viewers will know when your uploads are coming out. It doesn’t have to be every single day, but if it’s gonna be once a week make sure you stick to it. If it’s gonna be three times a week, whatever you can do, stick to that schedule because that’s what keeps your fans coming back. So be consistent, upload high quality content. Now if you’re gonna miss a day of your upload schedule don’t just throw up something that’s horrible just to make that schedule, make sure everything you air, especially when you’re growing is great. Because if you’re already gaining subscribers you want to keep the momentum going and air the best content you can. My second channel is more of “Lets Play” content, it’s easier to make than the roleplay content I make on my main channel so whenever I have a down day, where maybe I’m not doing anything, I try to actually write maybe three to four scripts in that day for my main channel so that way I can send them off to the voice actors and maybe be like four or five videos ahead. At all points I try to stay a week ahead. Like right now I’m nine videos ahead on my main channel, and about three ahead on my second channel. I learned that early on when I’m like “I don’t wanna be on the week to week schedule where I’m filming a video the day before editing it, trying to get it posted”. That’s exhausting. I figured out that if we film quarterly in a week’s time, for the next round of content which is three months, we can maintain that lifestyle where it’s like I can try I can do other opportunities. So that’s what we do. We post five videos a week and they’re very show oriented. But we have a production week, which is… it’s intense. But that’s how we take in content, because we want to produce a lot of it and we want it to be great excellent quality. And you know, the shooting quarterly help us out so much. Because we’re not gonna miss a day, everything has already been filmed, we just have to make sure that it’s edited and up. The best thing you can do is sometimes plan ahead. Have an emergency backup for whatever reason. Let’s say something happens, I get into a car accident and I can’t upload tomorrow, I actually have five videos backlogged just in case if something goes wrong. I actually had to go away for about a month last year and I had to queue for that month and I made it happen in two and a half weeks. 36 videos for my main channel and 36 videos for my second channel. Getting organized and looking at things a little bit more simply before you dive into the creative can help you plan your content. If we post a pop in cook in, Kuai cook in, every Friday, there are this many Fridays in the year that means we need to have this many videos dedicated to me doing something like this. So then we start filling it in. And we’re like “Okay we need to start researching all the pop in cook ins. Simplify things, take away the creative, get organized, create a list, fill out a calendar, and then move on from there. That is my number one tip for anybody wanting to post content on YouTube.

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  1. Uma coisa que o youtube tinha que melhorar era a programação dos vídeos, eu tenho que fazer altas gambiarras entre o Youtube e O google calendar pra agendar meus videos com antecendencia ou alterar a programação.

    Deveria ter um painel que imite o Calendar, porém quando vc mexesse a data do vídeo, mudasse a programação. É muito chato ter que mexer no canlendar pra depois ir no youtube mudar.

  2. Galera do whats , Facebook ,instagram

    Quero a ajuda de voces para atingir a meta no meu canal no Youtube .

    Conseguindo vou fazer uma doaçao ao hospital🏥 do cançer de curitiba de 0,10 centavos a cada inscrito novo QUE tiver no canal com a #cançer .

    Entao ajude a Divulgar este Canal para muitas pessoas porque quanto mais gente se inscrever mais DOAÇAO O HOSPITAL vai Receber💰💰 ..

    Nao custa nada você ajudar a Repassar esta mensagem o link esta ai embaixo vamos todos juntos conseguir o maximo de gente..

    Repasse pra pelo menos 20 amigos👥👥


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