Essential Deer Hunting Gear For The Bow Hunter

August 17, 2019

Welcome to the must have deer hunting
gear so the bowhunter I’m Keith and I’m gonna go
over the top five must-have items now when you’re planning on heading
out there to do some whitetail deer hunting the gear you have is often comprised
of numerous things While most the year is considered a
necessity other gear is more for comfort. Some
items should definitely be considered must haves however. For those who are new to bow hunting we’re gonna put a list of those must-have items that you should
definitely have in your deer hunting gear up for you in a minute. I would like to
tell you that picking out your own bow is definitely
a very personal task. As a matter-of-fact it is such a personal tasks and one
that’s very important that I am going to vote entirely
different video to just how to do that. But now let’s get
back to list the first item on the list of course is
a bow & arrow. Now whether you’re going to use a
traditional bow a crossbow or a compound bow, it really
doesn’t matter. What you need is a weapon that offers
the best delivery system one that’s accurate, fast and designed for
distance. Now let’s not forget the arrows the goal
is to choose what works best so the bow that you
selected. But also provides another length and stiffness for clean kill. Just so you
know if your in a proshop looking for bow and arrow, sometimes arrows call missiles our bolts. I would encourage you to make sure that you choose the best
quality possible– when it comes to your arrows even if it means pain higher price. Now the second item on the list is
clothing. Obviously camouflage is the best option. There are
times in the year if you’re hunting during rifle or
muzzleloader season when you need to wear hunter orange. Other items that you want to include as
part of your deer hunting gear would be waterproof gloves, rain bibs, a heavy wool sweater, long underwear, wool socks and proper boots. The next item up on the
list is scent masking. Hey if you’ve done any
kind of deer hunting you know that deer have a keen sense of
smell. It’s imperative the you get a top brand scent killer to mask the smell of the human odor. This product alone could make the difference between
bagging that trophy deer or going home empty-handed. Next item up is the hunting backpack when moving out into the field you need
to have miscellaneous items with you. The goal to carrying those items is to have a backpack that would be
comfortable but also designed to hold these items
that you need I would recommend a full size frame
backpack one that would provide plenty of
internal room but it’s still easy to carry. Some other
personal items that you’d like to include in that backpack would be a
flashlight, first aid kit, compass, map of the area
that you’re hunting, a small storm a blanket, some rain gear a hunting knife, binoculars, a camera with batteries, lip balm some Tylenol or aspirin, insect
repellent, sunglasses, sunscreen, especially for that early time in the
hunting season, couple bottles of water and obviously
some snacks to keep you. The next item on the list is a map & scouting info. You should
spend plenty of time scouting the areas that you plan to hunt. You can do that in person by doing some
tracking looking for deer sign or by putting up scouting cameras. Those items that you could use to do your tracking are
extensive and we’ll discuss those in another video. But based on your scouting expedition, you
would likely coordinate with satellite and/or topographical maps. All these lead to the success you see on the screen. For more information about trophy deer
hunting, check out our web site. you can click on the link below or visit
us at Thank you for watching and you’ll see us in our next video

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