Essam El-Hadary (Egypt) – Match 2 Preview – 2018 FIFA World Cup™
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Essam El-Hadary (Egypt) – Match 2 Preview – 2018 FIFA World Cup™

October 10, 2019

To to begin with, I am happy to be in Russia
and that my dream is about to come true. I have my ambitions and I do things gradually. I set my goals one by one until I achieve
them all. The only goal which left now is to do well
in the World Cup.

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  1. الراجل دا شبه اللي عمل الجوكر في فيلم باتمان الرجل الوطواط

  2. 45 years old and representing his country in the biggest competition in the world. I have nothing but respect for this guy! Goes to show what hard work can do!

  3. You've got to respect the man for doing his thing at 45. You are never too old to do things in life. Thumbs up to him??

  4. Good luck to Egypt and Uruguay in this match. How Russian fan, it'll be interesting to watch a match between our next opponents.

  5. English Subtitles:
    I would like to start off by saying that I feel very happy to be here right now with you guys here in Russia. I'm here in the dream where I've always wanted to accomplish my goal. I've always put what I want to accomplish one by one infront of me and I eventually accomplish each target. Thank god I have accomplished all my targets and I guess this was the main one which was left and that is getting to the world cup??

  6. Spanish Subtitles
    Me gustaría comenzar diciendo que me siento muy feliz de estar aquí ahora con ustedes aquí en Rusia. Estoy aquí en el sueño donde siempre he querido lograr mi objetivo. Siempre he puesto lo que quiero lograr uno por uno enfrente de mí y eventualmente logro cada objetivo. Gracias a Dios que he logrado todos mis objetivos y creo que este fue el principal que quedó y que está llegando a la copa del mundo

    ???CAF Super Cup

    Now he is writing his name in history books once more ..

    Till this very day drogba and eto got nightmares from this man .. the finest gk africa give birth .. and the safest hands to protect the egyptian nets

    What a legend❤

    what a legacy ❤

    He maybe have wrinkles and dont jump like 20 years old version of him but for sure he still got the spirit of a fighter that he held it in his heart from the day he wore these gloves

    Make us proud ❤ as always ❤ jamica ?❤

  8. Essam el hadary: first thing, i'm sure am happy to be with you and to be in russia, to be in the dream that thank god that one was, throughtout my career and my football life, i have my goals and aspirations, i walk gradually, i don't take everything after another fastly, no, i always set a goal, thank god until i reached all the goals, maybe the one goal that kinda stood in my way was that i'm present now, that is making it to the world cup.

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