Erin Hoehn (Snowshoe Biathlon)
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Erin Hoehn (Snowshoe Biathlon)

November 18, 2019

my name is Erin Hoehn I’m from the Yukon
I’m in snowshoe Biathlon and I just got first place because this was in a mass start you don’t have that person that you’re
not racing like with them beside you you just have to do everything by
yourself and just pushed hard as you can just get that kinda like just go with
what you got from people cheering like my mom she would go to the front and the back and cheer on
and just that kinda just that feeling that you get your like I just
wanna finish in get it done make the Yukon proud. I think it its important because a lot of people
don’t get that don’t get too show how much talent they
have in their sport because the money and stuff and just with the
government helping you know you can get all those athletes out and playing
whatever sport that they like and just having fun

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