Eric Shooting a Recurve Bow with a Mouthtab
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Eric Shooting a Recurve Bow with a Mouthtab

August 18, 2019

I’ve got my bow set up now, ready to shoot. One of the first things I want to show you
is my rest. Because I’m shooting with a mouthtab, when
my arrows come out of the bow, they don’t have a side to side archer’s paradox like
most recurve shooters. Mine is a very vertical archer’s paradox,
which is hard to deal with when tuning. So if you can see that rest right here, I
have a steel blade on there so that my arrow actually rests on top of the blade. That’s pretty much the same for my indoor
arrows and my outdoor arrows. Two things that are different though are my
sight placement and my mouthtab placement. In all cases, both indoors and outdoors, your
sight is going to be very low. It’s hard to get your arrow to the distance
that you need it to because of where you anchor. By using a mouthtab, the back of your arrow
is going to be much higher up closer to your mouth, which means that your sight now has
to be lower in order for you to reach the proper distance. So right now, for indoors my arrow goes underneath
my sight pin and has plenty of clearance, but it is pretty low. When I shoot outdoors, I actually have to
extend my sight almost all the way out and then I have to do something very extreme;
I have to actually move my sight pin down almost all the way to the bottom of my sight. At this location right here, the arrow actually
sits above my sight pin. You want to make sure that you definitely
have enough clearance there before you start shooting it this way. What this does, it allows me at full draw
to be able to aim high enough to get my arrow to 70 meters, which is my competitive distance. That’s one of the biggest challenges I’ve
faced as a recurve archer using a mouthtab, is getting my arrow to the proper distance. Right now, my mouthtab is set up for indoors,
and I have it set up underneath my nocking point. Indoors, because I don’t need that sight
distance as much, I’m only shooting 20 yards or 18 meters, I can actually put my mouthtab
underneath the arrow, which gives me a much better tune and allows me to get my arrow
to fly and come out a lot straighter. Okay we’ve got our bow all set up, we’ve
got our mouthtab put in place, and I’m going to demonstrate the final step, which is actually
shooting the bow. The first thing that I’m going to do before
I shoot is make sure my mouthtab is positioned and facing back towards me, and then it’s
just a matter of lifting the bow up and bringing the mouthtab to my mouth. When I do that, I’m going to put the mouthtab
in my mouth, on, for me, it’s my right side, and I’m going to use my right molars along
the side and the back of my mouth. Once I bite down on the mouthtab, I’ll pull
back, get set and aim, and when I’m ready I’m going to open my mouth and release the

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