Episode 1: The Journey Begins
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Episode 1: The Journey Begins

November 30, 2019

What’s the first line? [beep] Hello everyone, I’m Crystal Egli and I’m a videographer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. My job is to
create videos about all the things Colorado Parks and Wildlife does, from
free fishing clinics to wildlife research and management, our Schools and
Outdoor Learning Environments program to outdoor recreation profiles. You can
often find me and my camera in one of Colorado’s amazing state parks, filming
everything from wildlife to wildflowers. One of my favorite subjects to film is
our field staff. I get to see first hand just how dedicated they are to
conservation and I learn so much about what goes into wildlife, parks and
fisheries management each time I interview someone. I’ve actually seen the
blood sweat and tears that go into their work. When I first got this job I knew
I’d have to make videos about hunting but I wasn’t too thrilled about it to be
honest. I was raised by my parents in rural
Vermont and I grew up eating lots of tofu with my hippie vegetarian dad. I
didn’t think I’d ever come to enjoy going on hunts and I never ever thought
that I would someday call myself a hunter. The other thing I never thought I
would do was film myself. I much prefer being behind the camera sharing stories
that our staff and people like you who are recreating in the outdoors. Being in
front of the camera is as new to me as hunting, but I really feel that this
journey is important enough to document. I’m nervous about it and it’s definitely
gonna be a bit different because I’m also filming the whole thing myself. So
if you’d like to follow along as I go big-game hunting for the first time, I’d
love to have you. [Crystal off screen] Thanks for watching! Hey everyone! Thanks for following along
on my big game hunting journey. Hunting license dollars are a super important
source of funding for the wildlife conservation work that Colorado Parks and
Wildlife does, for all species in Colorado, not just the
game species you can hunt. So we want to make it as easy as possible for you to
buy a hunting license. If you’ve ever thought about going hunting or just
considered the possibility, be sure to hit up our website or give us a call for
more information. We’ll link all the information in the
youtube description. If you like this video series and you want to see more
videos that we make at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, be sure to subscribe on the
youtube link below.

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  1. i will never hunt colorado again. as a resident, I'm pretty pissed that my tax dollars are used for public land just to have outfitters scare game from public land on to private property, then literally have ranch hands drive circles around the private land to keep them there, then charge $8k per person to out-of-staters (which is illegal but is more tax $ so…)

  2. Excited to watch this Crystal. As a photographer and hunter with my kids in both Colorado and Nebraska, this series is sure to be a pleasing. Congrats on the concept and completion!

  3. Great video! Thank you for putting out this compelling, educational content. We look forward to watching this series.

  4. The music over the narration made it impossible to hear what was said. I think I get the idea, but drop the music during the talking.

  5. Way to go , This is an Amazing opertunity to inspire others that were not raise around outdoor activities
    such as hunting and fishing. I look forword to watching your journey. Thank you and God bless.

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