EPIC BLOOD TRAIL!! Julie’s Deer Hunting Seasons from 2017 & 2018 Pennsylvania – .270 Caliber
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EPIC BLOOD TRAIL!! Julie’s Deer Hunting Seasons from 2017 & 2018 Pennsylvania – .270 Caliber

November 30, 2019

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  1. Literally had a dislike on the video within the first minute. the video is over 6 minutes long. It must have been the deer! GIVE THIS VIDEO SOME LIKES!

  2. I just want to know how much you paid the doe to hang around after all those shots in 2017. That was amazing great shooting Julie

  3. Have never been a huge fan of the 270 but dang that combo Julie shoots sure opens them up. Good luck LWO for the rest of the season, and keep the vids coming.

  4. Congratulations Julie. ?? Makes me wish I were back in PA. hunting with the gang. God Bless and everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. ?

  5. That first doe sprayed the most blood I’ve ever seen no joke. You could see that blood clear from where you shot her. Very nice shot on the second one that’s a tough shot to make since she wasn’t broadside

  6. just keep shooting bullets are cheap and the tag sandwich at the end of the season tastes horrible !!! lol congrats fill up them freezers

  7. I do realize that there is a "learning curve" with deer hunting and I did Like this video. I would really like to see more women deer hunting, I think that's great. If you wouldn't mind sending me all of the spent brass I'd appreciate it and I'll pay the postage LOL. I'm sure with experience Julie will be a natural born killer in a couple years after she gets some deer under her belt.
    We all have to start somewhere and I had my ups and downs from the tender age of 13 when I completely shot into the ground on a Monster Buck and forgot that my rifle had a scope on it. Dumb……Yes, but I learned from that.
    I Really Like all of Leatherwood Outdoors videos. Keep em coming.

  8. Great shots both years
    .270 – jack O’Connor’s favorite caliber
    ( he was the OutDoor Life shooting editor for years -wrote the Hunting Rifle

  9. I hope at some time, maybe a live video, on leatherwood outdoors thoughts on the pgc, and how they plan to deal with cwd her in PA…

  10. Leatherwood outdoors does some of the best videos of what real hunting is like. It's so nice to see hunting where they are not shooting 150 plus bucks standing in a field. Great job Julie.

  11. nice to hear someone say shoot! lol instead of all of Johns vids, wait,wait,wait,wait,just wait, wait, wait, wait, just wait lol only have fun with you John. but seriously, John let the guys shoot

  12. 1 out of 4 on the first hunt ain't bad…..I guess?! If I hunted with her I'd definitely take ear plugs and an extra box of shells!!??

  13. Love that blood trail on the doe! the light will make that. #BlackFriday #2019 #Deals

    20% off for whole store VASTFIRE


  14. Good to see you all made adjustments, only thing I would say is .270 is not for thick stuff like that. Glad to see in 18 waiting until it was clear. We all have to make adjustments when needed.

  15. Any who has to have Deer "driven" torwards them should not b allowed to hunt. How absolutely pathetic. ActuallyIt's illegal to "drive" alot of game. But if one isn't understandably so.

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