England beat Germany at the World Marbles Championships
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England beat Germany at the World Marbles Championships

October 17, 2019

England did it not once but twice this weekend. They beat Germany on the football field and in the highly contested marble ring. Yes, this is the competitive World Marble championships – and it got dramatic when the reigning German champions – lost. Not quite a stadium, it’s played in the car
park of a pub called the Greyhound at Tinsley Green in West Sussex. And it’s got history. According to folklore
the sites been used since 1588. So how do you play? Well there is a concrete
circle, six feet in diameters and covered in sand. 49 marbles are then placed in to the ring. Each player than has a tolley, which is a
shooting marble that they used to knock the other marbles out the ring. For each one they get a point, 25 points wins them the game! But drama struck the highly skilled game after a referring error led to a rematch. Then the German team questioned their score – and the final few games had to be played under stadium lighting. No sorry, I mean the light from some car headlights and a few torches! Never fear, European harmony was restored and the ‘Yorkshire Meds’ took home the title… Looks like both football, and marbles, are coming home!

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