[Eng] WayV Maeil Barista Rules Live 每日咖啡师 Introduction + QNA (1/3) 190715
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[Eng] WayV Maeil Barista Rules Live 每日咖啡师 Introduction + QNA (1/3) 190715

August 18, 2019

MC: Let’s welcome the brand ambassadors of Barista Rules MC: Let’s say their names together MC: Who are they Fans: WayV MC: Let’s welcome WayV on stage MC: Hi everyone, please come to the center of the stage K: Let’s stand here first MC: Please introduce yourself K: Ok let’s do our greetings WayV Hi everyone, we’re WayV MC: You looked impressive when you walked up MC: You did a group introduction just now, now please introduce yourself one by one K: Starting from there H: Hi everyone I’m WayV’s Hendery Huang Guanheng YY: Hi everyone, I’m WayV’s maknae Yangyang K: Hi everyone, I’m WayV’s leader Kun, Qiankun L: Hi everyone, I’m WayV’s Lucas, Huang Xuxi WW: Hi everyone I’m WayV’s Dong Sicheng Winwin T: Hi everyone, I’m WayV’s Li Yongqin, Ten XJ: Hi everyone, I’m WayV’s Xiaojun, Xiao Dejun *XD MC: Thank you everyone for your greetings MC: Let’s ask everyone, are they handsome? Fans: Handsome! MC: Not loud enough, are they handsome? Fans: Handsome! MC: Everyone watching the live broadcast please leave comments MC: And you might win our surprise gifts MC: So do join in the activity MC: I’m emphasizing this again, those watching the live broadcast, do leave more comments MC: It is a kind of fate to be able to have WayV as Barista Rules’ brand ambassadors MC: To commemorate this friendship, we’ll invite WayV to sign on Barista Rules’ fan book K: Sign it L: You guys sign first K: Sign it on which page? this page? L: This page L: Or this page? WW: Both of it? K: Let’s sign both of it K: Let’s exchange K: Next XJ: Finish signing this first XJ: Have you signed on that yet YY: Not yet K: Who else have not signed it? MC: Ok you’re done right? MC: Ok Let’s welcome Ms Shen MC: Please pass the fan book to Ms Shen MC: It’s like a sacred ceremony MC: Please look in front for a group picture MC: Ok Thank you Ms Shen MC: Thank you, moving on, we’ll check out WayV’s interview MC: Please take a seat Thank you MC: They’re so handsome that they cause a commotion even when they’re sitting down MC: Firstly I have to congratulate WayV for your 200days debut Yes Thank you MC: I know that not long ago, not that I know, everyone knows that you have released a new album Take Off MC: Next we’ll be revealing WayV’s connection with coffee in a special way MC: A reminder for everyone watching the broadcast to leave comments in order to win our gifts MC: Let’s look at the main screen MC: How do we get to know WayV? MC: You can see 14 boxes on the screen MC: Let’s see what’s behind the boxes, let’s go in order MC: Firstly, let’s look at the leader, Kun MC: The first keyword is? Versatility MC: Everyone knows Kun plays the piano MC: Any other sides of him that are not known to us? Fans: Magic K: Yea, I do play with some magic tricks K: And editing videos K: Composing songs K: Playing the piano K: And recently I got a new skill, archery MC: We can go on for one hour, can’t finish MC: Let’s look at the second keyword MC: Can you explain to everyone what is this? K: Usually I like sweet flavours like mocha K: The mocha from Barista Rules has the taste of cocoa bean, cocoa powder K: It’s really tasty and I like this flavour a lot MC: It should be because you prefer sweet flavours MC: Thank you our warm-hearted leader Kun MC: A very detailed promotion, a well-qualified brand ambassador MC: Next, let’s look at Xiaojun MC: Xiaojun’s first keyword is MC: Shy K: Are you shy? XJ: Do you guys think I’m shy? XJ: Not really WW: Quite shy quite shy MC: What will you do if you see a girl you like? Would you be shy? *one fan shouted “It’s me!” XD XJ: Whenever I see my fans I do feel shy at first XJ: It gets better in time MC: He’s indeed quite shy MC: Let’s look at the next keyword MC: Talk about how you’re related to caramel XJ: Previously, because coffee is too bitter so I don’t usually drink it XJ: But thankfully they gave me caramel flavour as I really liked it XJ: Because it’s sweeter, so I can drink it XJ: Caramel is a very important flavour, because it is sweet XJ: It allows more people to be able to drink coffee MC: Because you will feel better drinking something sweet after working for long hours MC: In addition to liking caramel, when do you like to drink coffee? XJ: I like to drink coffee in a quiet environment, when I’m alone XJ: Like around this timing, 5-6pm, in the evening XJ: It feels different when you calm yourself down in the evening and have a cup of coffee XJ: And caramel, it’s sweet XJ: It’ll be a comfortable day MC: Having a cup of coffee in the evening MC: Next let’s look at Lucas’ first keyword MC: You can elaborate WW: Show us L: Everyone might have misunderstood L: Actually I don’t really know the northeastern dialect, I only know a few phrases L: Do I show it to everyone? Say something L: What should I say? XJ: I ask you a question XJ: What do we wear when we’re plucking roses? XJ: Plucking roses, there’re thorns right? what do we wear? L: Wear gloves MC: The accent right? MC: Not bad, let’s look at the second keyword MC: This is quite an unfamiliar word, can you tell everyone how are you related to lower sugar? L: It is actually not good if your daily sugar intake is too high L: Especially after seeing us, the sweetness overloads L: In this situation, you should drink Barista rules lower-sugar coffee L: Our lower sugar coffee has 30% lesser sugar than normal coffee L: So it is healthy and tasty L: And one more point is L: The source of milk for Barista Rules is very fresh L: Everyone must buy it and drink it MC: Indeed our brand ambassador, he answered really well MC: The lower sugar coffee has 30% lesser sugar, so it is really tasty and healthy MC: And he teased us just now, because they’re too sweet, we’ve to drink something less sweet to balance it MC: Ok next, thank you Lucas for sharing MC: Treasure boy this nickname is quite interesting MC: Do you have any hobby that fans don’t know H: Hobbies they don’t know H: I have many hobbies, so something specific would be H: I like to catch the detailed tempo changes in a song H: And follow how the beat changes H: This is a little hobby MC: This is quite a special hobby MC: Indeed our treasure boy, let’s look at the next keyword MC: Please share with us ur experience with smoky coffee H: It is related to smoky latte H: I really like smoky latte H: Because I hope that I could enjoy both the taste and smell of the coffee H: So I would choose smoky flavour because of its fragrance and flavourful taste H: It is a perfect match H: So I’ll choose smoky coffee MC: We can tell that Hendery is someone who likes both the smell and taste of something MC: I looked at the coffee just now, it used active charcoal to smoke all the coffee beans MC: It is really interesting MC: I believe it is because Barista Rules’ is very particular about the quality of coffee MC: we’ll continue with the next member MC: Dong Sicheng winwin, Chinese dance MC: The first keyword, Chinese dance boy MC: Seems like everyone knows about this MC: We depend on you for the development of Chinese dance WW: Ok I’ll work hard MC: Let’s look at the next keyword MC: Tell us more about it WW: I like coffee and latte is slightly bitter so it’s more suitable for me WW: Especially on a busy Monday, having a cup of latte helps to wake you up WW: And latte is very rich, so it really suits my taste MC: It suits busy working adults WW: Or students busy studying MC: Thank you for sharing MC: Our latte coffee is brewed with *something idk MC: It balances sour and bitter taste to produce a smooth flavour MC: Next let us look at…why did you show it earlier MC: Let’s look at the first keyword for Yangyang MC: Cutie maknae MC: Tell us more about it Yangyang YY: Everyone knows I’m the youngest YY: The geges spoil me a lot YY: Cutie? I dont think so YY: I’m the maknae on top K: In front of all of us YY: Because they’re really nice to me YY: And take good care of me YY: So…thank you MC: You’re the most well-loved one right? MC: Because you’re the younggest one, so the geges dote on you MC: The next keyword is MC: There are two flavours right? tell us more about it YY: Maybe it’s because I’m still young YY: I can’t, I don’t really like bitter coffee XD K: You’re younger right? YY: I must explain YY: I’m not used to bitter coffee YY: So I prefer flannel and vanilla coffee, which are sweeter YY: I will drink one cup of it in the morning YY: The flavours are really nice, very tasty MC: It suits you right? YY: Yea MC: You mentioned you drink it in the morning, then where else do you drink it? YY: Usually when we have schedules in the morning, I’ll have a cup in the morning YY: Or when L: We’re practicing L: Because our company has a lot of it L: Because usually, we need coffee to keep us awake too L: So we’ll drink coffee to increase our sugar level L: So that we’ll be full of energy K: We’re also really thankful to Barista rules for sending us so much coffee K: That it filled up the fridge in our company MC: Very generous K: When we’re practising and we get thirsty we’ll have a cup of coffee MC: Press like MC: Next, let’s look at Li Yongqin Ten MC: His first keyword is K: True to the title MC: Can you tell us how about your dance history? T: Ok, thank you T: If you want to dance well you need to have patience T: And you have to practice it everyday T: I will want to work hard for all my cute fans out there MC: Ohh working hard for the fans, very warm-hearted MC: Calm down MC: The next keyword is T: Tell us more about it T: Do you know what my coffee is? FAns: Cold brew sugar free T: This flavour is very special and it’s very suitable for me T: I like sugar free coffee Fan: But you’re very sweet T: So I’ll have to drink sugar-free coffee K: To balance it right, if not you’ll be too sweet MC: It suits your cool personality whn you’re not smiling T: Thank you MC: In a hot weather, it’s good to have a cup of cold brew coffee MC: You ‘ll be refreshed after drinking it MC: Girls can drink this as it will help to maintain your body MC: Next, it is the fun time for everyone MC: Leave comments on the live broadcast to win gifts MC: If you get our package coffee, for one set we’ll be giving out one more cup for free MC: Coupons will be given out on the live broadcast, there will be a $10 off for every $100 spent MC: Barista Rules’ sincerity is showing MC: Emphasizing this again, those watching our live broadcast, please remember to leave comments MC: The first surprise is here, the staff will pick some fan comment from the live broadcast MC: This is Lucas’ fan, let’s invite him to read it L: Ok L: The ID is “Happy Rice” L: Huang Xuxi, remember to eat your meals on time MC: Does he skip his meal usually? XJ: No he doesn’t skip meals YY: Don’t have to worry about this MC: Maybe it’s because of the fan’s reminder that’s why he doesn’t skip meals right? L: Fans are really nice, very sweet L: Please remember to remind Lucas for his 3 meals K: Not just 3 meals, he can eat 5 meals MC: 5 meals? How does he maintain his body? MC: Our staff will contact this fan to send out our gifts MC: Not to worry, we will still let WayV read fan comments from time to time, everyone please continue leaving comments MC: Next we’ll play a game MC: The game is “Who is Maeil memory king?” MC: I’ll tell you about the rules, a video about coffee knowledge will be shown on the screen MC: So everyone please take note of the details that will be shown in the video MC: Next we’ll raise questions on the video, members can write down the answers on the paper MC: The member who gets 4 or more questions wrong will receive a punishment L: This is too easy MC: Are you ready? L: Don’t cheat *Can I not translate this :’) Q1: How many percent___ of highland arabica coffee beans are used in Barista Rules? L: Too easy YY: This is too easy MC: Please write down the answer, I’ll repeat the question WW: I’m done Fan: Li Yongqin have you understood? XD MC: Let’s look at the right answer MC: Please show your answers B MC: Congratulations, all of you got it right Too easy YY: We studied for it L: What happens if we get it wrong T: Very easy H: Too easy MC: Not just good looking, they are really smart too MC: The top 1% Arabica coffee beans from 1200-1800m above ground are being used MC: The next question K: The question is Q2: How many kinds of coffee are mentioned in the video? A: 3 B: 4 C: 5 MC: Please write down the answer XJ: I can’t say MC: The correct answer is K: What did you draw? Artist MC: Yes that’s the right answer, 5 types MC: It is the smoky latte, reduced sugar coffee, latte, mocha and caramel coffee MC: Let’s look at the next question Q3: How many percent of Barista coffee is leading in the market? WW: Can you be trusted? K: Very smart, all of you XJ: This is too obvious B MC: That’s correct Let’s look at the right answer MC: This 44% was only up till 2016 MC: They’ve hit 49.6% in 0018 K: Applaude MC: Let’s look at the next question T; I feel like I became smarter MC: Let me do something bad now, I’ll stall for time to make them forget about it MC: We’ll invite Ten to read the fan comment T: Kun-ge can you help me? K: Read with me T: Can Li Yongqin read K: This is the ID K: Li Yongqin go! You’re beautiful like never before *Let me love you lyrics MC: The keyword after today is Chinese language level 10 MCC: I’m not sure if I messed up their train of thought MC: The next question is Q4: Which coffee uses Indonesia’s Mandheling coffee beans? A: Smoky latte B: Lower sugar Latte C: Mocha coffee Fan: Answer it on your own *lmao XJ: I give up T: Answer it on my own? Okay WW: I answered XJ: I really don’t know YY: I just guessed T; Okay okay, I know K: There will be different answers for this round Fan: Li Yongqin what are you doing? MC: Very random WW: I wrote it already MC: Is everyone done? XJ: I really guessed it YY: Guessed it right? MC: Did I blink and see something else? Has it always been “A” MC: So when I blinked everyone got it right? Fans: Yes MC: Ok everyone’s right, you guys are smart MC: The smoky latte used Indonesia’s Mandheling coffee beans MC: Congrats everyone for getting it right MC: The next question is Q5: how many percent of sugar is reduced for the lower-sugar latte? L: If I get this wrong…. K: B T: Eyy, I don’t believe you gege MC: Are you done? MC: It was mentioned earlier, the lower-sugar latte has 30% of its sugar reduced and it is healthier The next question is Q6: Which coffee used luxury coffee bean? A: Caramel coffe B: Latte Coffee C: Mocha coffee WW: You guess YY: I am guessing I really don’t know WW: Yea just guess YY: I’m just guessing K: I’ve seen all A B C MC: Let me repeat the choices MC: Caramel coffee, LATTE COFFE and Mocha Coffee MC: Are you done? K: Oh let me change MC: Did I not screamed loud enough? L: I got it wrong MC: Very honest MC: Seems like some of them made a little mistake, but it’s okay LEt’s look at the next question L: I like to drink that MC: The question is? Q7: Madagascar vanilla coffe and flannel coffee each contain how many ml? YY: The biggest one YY: Both of mine is the biggest L: We should choose the biggest one K; Yea Fan: Yangyang let mum look at you T: Let your mum look at you WW: Where’s the mum XJ: dont cheat MC: Are the members done? MC: show your answers in 3 2 1 A MC: I heard Lucas saying, might as well write the biggest one MC: So that we get to drink it full of energy MC: Let’s look at the last video WW: no more questions? MC: Even though some of them got it wrong but not more than 4 questions right? MC: Then our punishment the lemon juice will be a waste L: Such a piity Fans: Drink it! MC: What? Are you real fans? MC: They have to drink even though they won? Fan: Li Yongqin drink it K: They’re our real fans MC: Real fans I got a shock MC: Next we’ll send out the gift for our fan who left a comment MC: We’ll invite Huang Guanheng to read it H: Can Huang Guanheng read ID “Chen Xiaoxin” H: Huang Guanheng why are you so cute today? Fans: You’re cute everyday K: Why is this fan saying this, is he only cute today? K: He’s cute everyday right? MC: The leader loves them so much XJ: There’s a sentence error MC: Thank you, he’s cute everyday right? MC: Continue leaving comments

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  1. OP, you are a freaking LEGEND. Pls know that we're all endlessly grateful for your help! I'm trying to pick up Mandarin, and I really love WayV a lot, so your subs are seriously a huge help. <333

  2. omg that must have been so much work, thank you so so much for subbing it!! it's really appreciated!!!!!


  4. I feel so thankful everytime I see a notification from your channel.
    Really, thank you for doing all those translations and subs.
    Furthermore you are so fast to post everything, really thank you for all the time you are spending to do that

  5. I found something very funny here.. at 35:12 Lucas's answer to Indonesian coffee thing is Mocha maybe because he's recently doing coffee commercial here in Indonesia and it's Neo Coffee Mochaccino ????

  6. around 19:45 one of the members says something like "the baby can speak like this?" in response to yangyang's "i'm on top!" HAHAHA

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