[Eng] WayV Hendery Dream Plan Variety Vlog
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[Eng] WayV Hendery Dream Plan Variety Vlog

August 10, 2019

We will be ending our schedule for the first day And Preparing to sleep Replenish our energy Because we almost used up all our energy today I have to prepare to sleep I don’t know what time should I wake up tomorrow I hope someone will Bang the door loudly tomorrow morning Yea, and wake me up Today I felt Yea, you know it Today I felt very happy Because all of us are together And we played some interesting games Why are you here? I think it’s time to say “Good night” Can you not look at me by the side I’m very proud You’re my pride You say this, I’m having a headache T: Pain? T: Do you have medicine? Ok, I want to tell everyone to look forward to our performance Let us Stop looking We’ll work hard to do well And Before I sleep I’ll let everyone see my wallpaper I haven’t change it since the start I changed it, sorry It’s okay T: Mine is really cute T: I changed it to a cat, sparkly cat It’s okay, It’s okay We made a pact not to change it Forget it, good night And we’ll

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