[ENG] Unity Animated Menu and Button for Mobile Applications / Games (Android/iOS)
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[ENG] Unity Animated Menu and Button for Mobile Applications / Games (Android/iOS)

September 10, 2019

Hello, today i will share to you how to create simple animated menu and button prepare the image sources for background and button now open your Unity software create a new project go to File ->Build & Setting switch the platform to Android platform drag and drop those source images into Assets folder change their Texture Type to sprite right click on Hierarchy then UI ->image this is will be the background menu now click Scene tab then switch to 2D view scroll down your mouse until we can see the canvas clearly change the anchor to stretch set all to 0 now drag the image to Source Image we now ready to aminate this background menu go to Animation tab or you can found it on Window menu click Create chnage the name to Menu_Enter this is will be the animation when the Image (menu) loaded change the scale and time wherever you want now test it out the animation is looping and we don’t want to do that go to Animator to fix that we need to create an empty state after the animation create transition beetween the empty state and Menu_Enter now test it again right click on Canvas and add a button delete the button’s text drag the image to Source Image make a custom anchor for the button and place it wherever you want now create animation for this button lets test it you can see the button appear first then the background menu we need to fix it drag the button into Image test it again everything works fine now now we ready to deploy this to Android device but we need to save this scene first CTRL+S and save go to File ->Build & Setting click add open scene setting up the player setting (especially for company name and bundle identifier) click build & run and save the apk plug your device to your PC / laptop the wait i will open Airdroid to see my Android device’s screen DONE!!! Please like and subscribe 🙂

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  1. apakah mimin tahu rotate AR sumbu x, y dan z.. krna kebanyakan tutorial sumbu x dan y tetapi z tidak ada…. bisa bantu?

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