(Eng Sub) Stray Kids Vlive Sunday Kids 063019 | [선데이 키즈]한강나들이
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(Eng Sub) Stray Kids Vlive Sunday Kids 063019 | [선데이 키즈]한강나들이

August 18, 2019

– Hi? – Hi. Hi! – Hello! – Hello! Let us say hi!
1,2 STEP OUT! Hi, this is Stray Kids. Today we are Sunday Kids. – I.N.
– We are out in Han River. Is it something like I.N’s Han River Outing? HAN? Wait, no. I.N. – I.N. – I.N. – I.N? Now it’s your turn. Who do you need to
introduce? – HAN.
– No, it should go this way. Han River! HAN! – 1, 2, 3!
– Okay, this isn’t working.
We are out by the riverside. – We are in Han river park.
– We are out in Han river park! – I don’t know why it’s the three of us but…
– Right. – Why is it just the three of us?
– Right, this is the first time we’ve gathered
like this. – The three of us is an entirely new combination.
– I agree. – We’ve never been out on our own in these 3.
– Right. Exactly. – So we are out in enjoying our freedom.
– Indeed. Shall we tell them where we are? Yes, please. We are by the riverside. Yes by the Han river. We are out in the Han river park. It’s not as hot as we expected and the
breeze is quite nice. But I do think it will rain soon. But we will keep this live going even under rain. – Even under rain or snow, we will always…
– Despite rain or snow, – The wind is strong. – We will always work hard no matter what.
– Okay. Now, if we are to work hard
we need energy, right? – Right. – Shall we eat then? – It’s all bloated and soft.
– Since we are at Han river, – we brought some ramyun!
– We did! Although it’s all soft now. – Bon appetit. – Bon appetit. The noodle absorbed all the soup. It’s been a while since I last had boiled ramyun. I had a lot of instant noodles though. – Just in case you might be cold.
– Witty. It’s good isn’t it? It’s spicy, but I can handle it. STAY! As you know, we had a mini fan meeting today. We had a mini fan meeting today, but
it was too short. And it’s Sunday today, right? That’s why we’ve turned on V LIVE for “Sunday Kids” today. Could you explain the concept of today’s
“Sunday Kids”? – Today’s concept is “sexy”. – Freestyle! – Sexy? – You are going to go with “Sexy”? – You are going to eat ramyun sexy?
– Shall I? -Try then. – I will cover you. Hold on.
– Let me eat ramyun in a sexy way. – Okay. In a sexy way.
– Look what I am doing for you. 1, 2, 3! Eat it like a commercial. – Let’s eat.
– Let’s eat. – And! We’ve also brought some fried chicken!
– Chicken! Chicken! Which flavour did you get? I got boneless fried and spicy and sweet. The original half-and-half. Plus, I ordered cheese balls too. Let me show you the cheese inside. It’s going to be so funny if the
cheese doesn’t stretch. It didn’t stretch! Oh, wow look at that stretchy cheese. I almost thought it was mozzarella.
I mean, an elastic band. – How stretchy.
– I am going to dip this cheese ball in
nacho cheese sauce. – What do you think? Bad?
– Try. Not bad. – Then, I am going to try the chicken.
– It’s not bad. It’s cheese on cheese. Chicken is always right, everyone. Chicken is always right. I think this is much better. It’s nice. STAY, if you have any question please leave a comment. – Shall we read some comments on my phone?
– Great. It might be a torture for STAY to just watch us eat. – So, I think we should talk to them a little.
– Right. – It’s so nice. – Thank you. – This is really relaxing, being out in a park
like this in a while. – It is, right? So we are out in the Han river park. Although there are a lot of people here, we are enjoying the food and the breeze freely. And this is really nice. It’s been a while since we were out like this. – “Which ramyun are you guys having?”
– Oh, this? – This is… – The one that starts with Jin?
– Yes, the serious one (Korean wordplay). – The serious one. – The serious one.
– Which one are you having? What a good eater. – Oh, I chose what he’s having.
– What is it? The spicy and dry one. – You know the dry one right?
– Oh, really? I chose the seaweed soup ramyun since
I have a sore throat. “Han Ji Sung is so weird” – Han Ji Sung? Why?
– Am I weird? You can’t hear us? They can’t hear us. I am sorry, but this is the loudest I can speak. – They want us to recommend them what to have
for dinner. – Dinner? – Chicken! – How about chicken? – Chicken! – Malatang. – I need to show this to STAY.
– Malatang. I recommend Malatang! You see the chicken, right? It’s so nice. But very fortunately, even though we are
not speaking much… Sometimes we have lots of schedules and are quite busy, right? And being able to shoot “Sunday Kids”
with STAY in such a free environment is so good. I think this is much better than the previous “Sunday Kids” filmed by
other members. Oh, is this a challenge? Don’t you think so? Don’t you think today it’s more… – More relaxing for STAY?
– I agree. – Nope? – I think today’s “Sunday Kids” is
better in that STAY can relax with us. Right. We are the best. – Sorry. – This is the first time for the
three of us though. It is but… Should we check out the comments? They say you are the best. – Thank you. – They say HAN is the best. – What about? – I don’t know. They just said
he’s the best. – Okay. – How about me? – I am the best, you know.
I have the best face and… – I am sorry. – Rap, dance, vocal! Rap, dance, vocal!
I need to steal this line from CHANGBIN. – Oh, it’s “I both rap and sing”.
– Rap, dance, and sing. They want to know which choreography
is the easiest and the toughest
among our tracks. The easiest? Personally, the easiest one for me is “Get Cool”. – Right, that one’s easy.
– For me it’s “Awkward Silence”. – Me too. – Yeah? – I think “Awkward Silence” is the easiest. I think choreography for “Awkward Silence”
is much more chill and free. – Right. – It has a lot of components. – Yes. For me the most difficult one is “I am YOU”. The step is just so crazy. It’s crazy. It is really tough. For me it’s “District 9”. – “District 9”.
– For me “District 9” is more like… – It’s not difficult but it’s more like…
– It’s exhausting. Yes, it’s tiring. That’s what I’d say. It’s not difficult, but it’s physically exhausting. What about you? Nothing’s tough for me. HAN can learn choreography twice as
faster than us. What are you saying. But he’s also the one to forget it first. I agree. I so agree. I think that depends on each member. For example, for me it takes very long
to learn the lyrics. That’s right. – It depends.
– I am really good with lyrics. – “Please recommend dramas or movies”
– Dramas or movies? Drama? Movie? First of all, “Aladdin” for a movie. “Aladdin” was really good. I really want to watch it. But the difference is… The difference is… When I was young – I watched the animation.
– And this time, it was a movie. And the two are slightly different. What was different? Well, in the animation, Robin Williams played Genie’s voice. Oh, so we recorded the voice. – But this time Will Smith played Genie.
– Right. And the new Genie is quite a
charming character in the movie. He played it well in his own ways. It was definitely fun. Movie? Which movie was it?
I also want to recommend one. If “Avengers” was the latest movie, I would’ve recommended “Avengers”. But since “Aladdin” is already out, I’d like to recommend following the trend. I wouldn’t recommend “Avengers” since
everyone would’ve watched it already. – Tears. – I love you 3000. – Did you watch it? – No, I haven’t.
– Not yet? – But you need to watch it.
– But I already know how it ends. No, don’t say it. There might be people
who haven’t watched it yet. – There are people who haven’t watched it yet.
– I won’t say anything. I won’t say anything. Because the first time I heard the ending,
I went like this… I can’t do that to STAY. – But… – I read an interesting comment before. You know how I.N always gives me
feedbacks on my fashion? And one of the comments suggested that
you judge my outfit today. You judge my outfit. Personally, I thought to myself that your outfit looks good today. I thought his outfit today was very nice. – I am this good.
– But he’s got a long way ahead. A long way. – I agree.
– It’s this tough to be acknowledged by
our youngest member. Our youngest member is extremely picky. For example, today we only had this one
picnic mat. But since he’s picky, he said we need one more
so that we can sit with more space and
look cool. And then he brought another one. – I don’t think nothing’s cool about it.
– Exactly. I meant it’s better to sit apart with space
so that it’s more comfortable. Why don’t you get my intention! How in the world would I know what’s
in this deep heart of I.N. I am only one years older than him. I am just joking. I.N is quite smart though. – Thank you. – That sounded the opposite. – Be more sincere. – Thank you. They said your hat is cute, HAN. – It’s a Scottish bonnet style.
– Balmoral cap! Someone’s asking whether this person should have chicken
or pizza. – That’s tough.
– Apparently he/she is contemplating
between the two. And is asking us for an advice. The menu we recommend today is… Since we are eating chicken now… I personally would like to recommend chicken
since it’s been a while since we last had chicken. But I am pretty sure there are many more
delicacies other than chicken. So, I’d like to recommend you to have a burger. – Hamburger? – Hamburger. But a chicken burger! – So that you can have chicken and burger
at the same time. – A chicken burger. Since we are having chicken now, I’d like to… Well now that we’ve tried, the combination
of chicken and ramyun isn’t so bad. So why don’t you try having chicken
and ramyun together tonight? Not the instant noodles, but the proper ones
that you have to boil. Even though it’s a bit of a work,
go to the kitchen now, open a bag of ramyun and boil it and try having it with chicken.
That’d be nice. I recommend hamburgers, chicken, and pizza. – Okay. – What’s I.N’s favourite food? – Me? I like hamburgers. – Burgers are nice. – I love burgers. I think I really like burgers. You mean the Who****? Yes, Who****! The cheese Who****. – It’s so nice. – I always order it in the morning. It’s so nice. I miss it. – I was the Mc****** type.
– Mc******. – That’s not so bad either.
– It’s good. What else? – Gopchang (Pork intestines)!
– Gopchang? – You need to have Gopchang.
– I love Gopchang. – I like it too.
– I’d like to have Gopchang since it’s been a while. We think alike. Did you just figure that out?
We spent years living together! We almost lived together for 3 years already! Whenever I go to a Gopchang place, I get this platter. A platter of all different
types of intestines. I would order the platter and take all the
beef tripe. I save this part of my stomach
for beef trip only. I like that one you know… the one that looks like a sausage.
Soondae (Blood sausage)? Soondae? It has blood…? You know, the one that is filled with
glass noodles. – Soondae. – It’s Soondae. – Soondae! – Right. – It’s nice. – I like that one. I had Soondae recently. HAN was having some at a shop. And I tried the one he was having,
and since it’s been a while since I last
had one, it tasted so good. So I craved more. But the funny thing is, after I did my hair and the makeup, I went looking for HAN thinking that
there’d be some left since HAN wasn’t really
into it. But then it was all gone. He was throwing it away. He was throwing it away in the food waste bin. I was sad. We don’t eat as much as you think. We don’t eat as much… So this one time, I ordered 1 serving
of Soondae. But it wasn’t the Chapssal Soondae
(Blood sausage filled with sticky rice) I expected. You know what that is, right? The original version. I do like the one with the noodles too,
but I wanted the original version. So I ordered the original version, but
the one with the noodles was delivered. So I was disappointed to begin with.
And after a couple of pieces, I became easily full since I already
had eaten. So I was wondering what to do. And then thought of our members.
I asked them to feel free to eat, and some of them would eat. And after everyone was done, I asked “Are you done? If so, I am
going to throw it away. Okay?”. But nobody answered then. So I decided to throw it away, and that’s when FELIX came. I guess that’s when I was staring
inside the bin. I had my earphones on like this
as I was doing my hair. It looks like I am putting on a blanket here. It’s really warm. This mat is witty. Witty. That’s our manager’s shoe. – Did anyone try Malatang?
– I haven’t. I need to take all of my members for a Malatang feast one day. Do it. Malatang is so nice. – Have you tried? – I have. – When? After I went to see the doctor with LEE KNOW. We came out the hospital, and there was a
Mala place. So we went in and tried, and it was so good.
It’s just another level. It was almost phenomenal. – Phenomenal? – It opened my eyes. I was a little sleepy then. But I was so awake after I tried Mala.
It was so nice. How tasty could it be if it is to be phenomenal? – Right. – It’s amazing. I never expected the soup to be so nice. I want it now. Do I have my ID? I got it issued. – ID? – ID. – ID. – ID. I got it issued last year. My birthday is earlier in the year, so
the text asking me to come in and issue one
came early. So I got it issued early. You got it early? Your ID? It took me so long. – You have an ID? – I am foreigner so… – Do you have an ID? – I have the foreigner
registration card. In Australia… I figured out what we are. – Huh?
– The youngest members of
Vocal-Racha, Dance-Racha and 3Racha. – The youngest Rachas.
– Oh, one from each Racha group! – The youngest Rachas. – Right! – I am the youngest 3Racha. He’s the youngest
Dance-Racha. – Right. – I am the Dance-Racha. – You are the youngest of Vocal-Racha.
– The one’s who did the skipping rope – were the middle ones.
– Right, the middle child. – The middle bosses.
– We are the youngest Rachas! – We are the youngest bosses.
– Right! I didn’t know there was this big picture
to this. – What a big picture.
– Can’t believe it! The youngest Rachas. So smart, STAY. It never occurred to me. “What’s the concept of your fashion?” – Shall we take turns and answer?
– Great idea. – Starting with I.N.
– I… – Let me get some water first.
– Then, why don’t you go first. Well, since we are in Han river park, – I decided to go with simple black t-shirt and…
– All-black! I’d like to show you my pants. It looks like… It’s very simple right? So today, I decided to go with a very simple look with a necklace. – That’s it. – Your look is good today. – I like… – This is a t-shirt I like. Really? – Simple is the best.
– Simple is the best. BANG CHAN always has… – What do you call it.
– Black. It’s all black in his closet. – You can’t see anything in the closet.
– Right. Why? Because it’s all black. I started wearing these boxy t-shirts
after looking at his style. I used to wear smaller t-shirts. HAN also likes to wear big shirts. So does SEUNGMIN. I thought that it’s a Korean thing. I think I am almost a Korean now. Not just in Korea, but over-sized fit is – a fashion trend around the globe.
– It’s a trend. Right, it’s a trend and a lot of people
like to wear the fit. How about you I.N? I went for a cotton candy look. – It’s cute.
– We are by the riverside, so I wanted to try a look that goes well
with picnic. It’s pretty. – Cute. – I know I am pretty. I’ve never seen this before. – I think I haven’t seen this one before.
– No? – I’ve never seen you in this kind of style.
– You haven’t? I’ve been wearing black for a while. – What bout HAN?
– Well, I tried to look like I just grabbed whatever
I could from the closet. To be honest, I was at our place before
we got here. I had to go to the place and get changed
to come here. I was wondering what to wear, and then thought I don’t want to
overdress for a picnic. So I wanted to get in something
more comfortable and casual. – So I grabbed whatever that was in my reach.
– Very natural. Right, a natural look. – Natural is the best.
– Right, natural is the best. – Simple and natural.
– The best. – Right I am the best.
– I am simple. – Simple, natural.
– Simple, natural. Cotton candy? – Cotton candy? – Cotton candy? Or… No. Formal, simple and natural. – Your look is more formal.
– Formal. Formal. – Formal, simple and natural.
– Right. It is. I wish we could come here and hang out. What is that… I used to come here and ride
bicycle a long time ago. – When I was a trainee.
– Really? – We had Sundays off when we were trainees.
– Right. So every Sunday, I would take the subway from Chungdam to
Yeouido all by myself and cycle for about 2 to 3 hours. Or I would take a walk. – There is this one thing I didn’t know
even though I lived in Seoul for a year.
– What’s that? I thought Han river park was only in Ddukseom. Since we were always in Chungdam, I thought Han river park was only in Ddukseom. I thought it was only in Yeouido. – I guess we are all the same.
– Because after I came from Malaysia, this was the first Han river park that I’ve been to. Me too. The one in Ddukseom was the first
one I’ve been to. So I thought Ddukseom Han river park
was the only riverside park. – But then I realized it’s everywhere along
the whole river. – Yes. – I was so surprised.
– I was like “Which river is this?”
whenever I saw the river. “It’s Han river”. “Huh? What about the one in Yeouido?”
“It’s Han river”. – So then I realized, “Oh, it’s the same river”.
– I found it a little weird. When we were at our old place, I went out to work out and Han river
was just by the side. So I thought the gym was really
close to our place. But the first time I got here,
I took a taxi to our place. That’s when I first noticed the river.
But it took quite long to get to our place. And when I got to our place, members would go out for a walk to the Han river.
And Han river was just by our place! So I was surprised at how the Han river
was across the whole city. – So basically every river we see was all Han river.
– Exactly. – I only realized it after some time.
– If you see a river, it’s just Han river. The whole thing was Han river. There are so many people here by the way. And it’s quite cool. I thought there’d be
mosquitos, but there are none. – It’s breezy. – Ants! Are they ants? Why are there so many
all of a sudden? There are two here. Ants! – Ants. – More ants! – Guys.
– Hold on, an ant jumped into the ramyun. Oh, it’s not in the soup yet. What do we do? I think they will find their own way. I guess they will leave after some time. – They also need to eat.
– Right, they also need to carry on with
their lives. Now that we’ve eaten, – should we start having fun?
– Have fun? What do you mean? Where? I’ve got it all prepared. I had no idea. I brought a boomerang and a catch ball. – A boomerang? – You brought a boomerang? – Something like a boomerang.
– Oh, isn’t this the one that flies? – Yes. – I used to…
– This isn’t what you think. It’s not a kite but… What is this? You put this here, twist it and let it fly. Really? – I used to play with this a lot before.
– I did too. Can we use it there? This… This goes here. – Cute.
– It’s so weak though. – It doesn’t fly so strong.
– Why does it just fall out like that? It doesn’t shoot so strong. First of all… – Then,
– Why is it too weak. – Then…
– Try this. – Try this one. Hey trash, you need to stay here. Then, shall we – clean it all up first?
– Let’s clean up. – Let’s clean up first. – Let’s just put these aside.
– Hey ant, would you please leave? – There is an ant in the soup.
– Hey, ant! No! Don’t die! You can make it! – Go!
– Let’s save it with chopsticks. – No! – With a soft touch. – Come here.
– Ant! HAN is making this sound of his own. – No! – Move! Move! – I am sorry. – No! – Sorry, sorry. – It’s okay. Get out! Why are you filming this? No! I’m scared of bugs. – Did you spill the soup?
– Yes. – It happens sometimes.
It’s okay. – Sorry. – It’s okay. We can wipe it. – So positive.
– Sunday Kids is becoming like this. Let’s clean this up. It can happen. It’s okay. Sometimes, it can happen. – It’s not easy.
– It can happen. Glad that it’s not on your outfit. – It happens sometimes.
– It’s okay. It happens. – What should we do with soup?
– How should we get rid of it? It’s open. Is it okay? Let’s clean this up roughly. – Let’s play catch! We have a ball.
– Okay. Thoroughly prepared. Thoroughly prepared. Don’t go, plastic bag. – But it’s windy.
– It’s windy. Let’s put all the garbage
in this bag. Ants, come here. Hang on. Wow, it works. Try it. Try. Wipe it. – Okay.
– Let’s put them into a corner. – Good.
– Good. – Then… – Let the loser
of this game take out the trash. – Okay.
– After playing the game. That’s a good idea. Now, we’ve cleaned it up… It needs to fly. – Why can’t it fly?
– Let me try. This one, right? Done. – Amazing.
– Shall we move to that place? Good. A wider place. Let’s go to a wider place
and play catch. Let’s go. It’s getting dark now. The sun is going down. The sun is going down. Camera is following us well. The area with sand… – Shall we gather up a bit?
– Okay. What will you do with this? “Be careful of mosquitoes”.
Don’t worry. There’s no mosquito here. – No mosquitoes.
– Less than I expected. There’s no mosquito here. There’s one. I got one as soon I saw one. – What game shall we play?
– Good. – We have two gloves.
– Yes. If you lose in rock paper scissors,
you need to use bare hands. – That’s a good idea.
– Catching this ball with bare hands? With bare hands. It’s like a tennis ball. So, it won’t hurt your hand
if you catch it with bare hands. – But be careful not to be hit.
– Right. – Don’t hit others with this.
– Let’s play rock paper scissors. Rock paper scissors. Rock paper scissors. The one suggests always loses. It felt like the same situation
which happened previously. – You know, the AC water.
– Right. At WOOJIN’s room,
CHANGBIN, FELIX and WOOJIN played rock paper scissors
to empty the AC water container. WOOJIN lost and he did it.
I guess the one suggests always loses. I’m screwed. STAY, I may be hit in my face. No? Oh, it works. – Throw to me. I will catch.
– Okay. – Can you do that?
– I can. Why does it not stick to the glove? – HAN is good at this.
– What’s wrong with this? It’s not sticking well. I guess I’m good at catching. – It reminds me of the last time…
– Here we go! – When we went to the river side before…
– Catch it. we played with a soccer ball. – Shall we start playing a game?
– Okay. What should we do? Street lamps are on. Anyways, if you lose the ball… – This is the round 1.
– Okay. – We will play that later.
– Okay? – Okay. The one who drops this ball
will lose. – See?
– Okay. Will it be okay?
Without this? – Don’t worry about me.
I can do this well. – It’s okay. He’s strong. I.N is stronger than us. – I will catch it with my clothes.
– I.N, please throw at us. Who should I throw at? Let’s go! This is disadvantageous for me. Here we go. It works fine. Hang on. It’s disadvantageous for me. – Shall we decide it by playing
rock paper scissors again? – It’s hard. Let’s play rock paper scissors
again. The winner of rock paper scissors
will win by default. – Rock paper scissors winner
will win by default? – Yes. – I see. Rock paper scissors. Oh, I won. I will see you at the final. Why do I lose all the time? I will be the judge. – Let’s have a distance.
– Far away. Catch it well. It was too far. – It was a round for practice.
– Practice round? – Practice.
– I see. Will you come closer?
It’s hard to show you together. – Really?
– Yes. Done. Just a far.
Just a bit. – Done.
– 1, 2, 3. That was how it felt. Wh Excuse me. Excuse me? – Yes.
– You two failed to catch. No, no. Will you start now? – Do you not trust me?
– I don’t. – Why? I can catch it.
– All right. Okay. Here we go! – I can catch it.
– Really? – Yes. FELIX is doing a ceremony. – I want to play with HAN.
– No. You will play together first.
If one fails and gets out of this game, I will play on behalf of the person. – Yes.
– Bee! Bee! Bee! – Bee! Bee! Bee! There!
– Why? Where? What’s wrong?
Where? Never mind. Continue. Let’s do this again. From now on,
if you drop this ball, if you drop it,
you will lose. If I drop one, I will lose. If you get a point and I don’t,
you will win. Okay. Done. If I fail to catch it,
we will play again. 1:1. Let’s do this until
someone gets 5. – 5 points, guys. – Okay.
– Until someone gets 5. Now it’s 1:1. – Okay.
– Okay. – Ready?
– Ready! I tried to throw softly,
for I.N. Here we go. Isn’t it too strong? Hang on. Hang on. – Hang on.
– What’s wrong? Where’s the bee? I don’t know. It was around me. Hang on. Sorry. – Isn’t our manager tease you?
– No way! What? What? – I see.
– Hang on. A bee touched my elbow. – I dropped the ball. – Okay.
– 2:1. – 2:1. Okay, let’s go! – Okay, let’s go!
– Thank you for cheering on us, kids. Let’s go! He got it! He got it! Here we go. – Great job.
– 3:2. 3:2. – 3:2. Correct?
– Yes, 3:2. – 3:2. Okay.
– 3:2. Okay. – I need to get 2 more points.
– I don’t know. Let’s just say it’s 3:2. I don’t know who scored 3
or who did 2. Don’t get hurt. What’s that? Don’t you know?
The pitcher’s sign. – This is nothing.
– It’s 4:2 now. – 4:3. – Here we go.
– I need to score only one point. – Here we go.
– How did they decide it was 4:3? I won. – You won?
– Now I will throw the ball back to you. Why did he win? Too high! Why did he win?
Why did he win? Is it only me who
can’t understand? – You won? – Yes, I did.
– He did. – Great job. – But there’s a problem.
– How did he win? He threw like two times
higher than my height. How did you decide
when someone scored? I don’t know. – How did we count?
– I thought the one who dropped the ball would lose a point… – Is that the way we had to count?
– All right. You just had fun. – Right. – Let’s try something new.
– Let’s try something new. – I want to do another one. It wasn’t fun. Sorry. – Let’s play a game to fly this.
– Right, flying this far away. – Among there…
– But the size matters, right? So we should play rock paper scissors. Let’s decide the order
to pick your tool. We should play
rock paper scissors all the time. Rock paper scissors is like… Rock paper scissors. Why do you keep showing scissors? – I will use this.
– Okay. Rock paper scissors. Out of the two. Mine is the smallest one. Yellow wood.
Yellow! – If you lose this game, you have
to take the trash out. – What’s the criteria? Criteria? The one who flies
it to the farthest will win. Let’s draw a line. If your thing goes further,
you will win. Then, let’s draw a line. This is the line. – Is it the line?
– It’s the line. Let’s decide the order to go first,
by playing rock paper scissors. Why did you show scissors again? Rock paper scissors. – I will go last.
– Okay. – I’m too shy. – When will you…
– I will go first. – Okay. – I will be the 2nd player.
– Okay. Here we go. – Cant it fly far? – You don’t need to do this.
You can throw it forward. – That’s far.
– Quite far. – Okay. – Go and stand there.
– Okay. – Stand there. I.N. Next, HAN’s turn. Lift yours. Lift it up. – Shake it. Okay?
– Okay. Stay there. I guess HAN… I guess I won’t take the trash out. Here we go. 1, 2. – Stand there.
– Bye, bye. – What? Bye. I think I’m not the one
who will take the trash out. I guess it’s farther than I.N’s. It looks farther away. Oh, my. What should I do? I’m so screwed. – Who’s farther?
– Me. – Oh, right.
– I’m winning now. Here we go. It’s not easy. Hang on! There must be something wrong. May I do this again? – Hey.
– Then, act cute to STAY. – Act cute?
– Yes. STAY, please support me. Oh, my god. Sorry. I did. Here we go! Please, please! Please! Let’s walk on the flower-filled path only. Flower-filled path only! That’s… Wow. I guess it’s not fair. Small wings can’t take it too far. I see. I will decide. – I will decide.
– No, no. Let’s use just one. – Use one?
– Yes, you can stay there. – Right. – Good. – Okay.
– If it’s too far, it’s hard to go there. – Let’s use a small one.
– Okay. Let’s use the smallest one. – Shall we keep the order
or change it? – Okay. – The order… – Why don’t we keep it?
– Okay. Let’s play this in the same order. It’s hard. – The smallest one.
– Okay. Here we go. Here we go! Still… Wow! I guess you weren’t good at this. – I guess so.
– It’s because you weren’t good at this. Stay there. I will pick it up. Right, it’s because
I wasn’t good at playing this. I will try. “FELIX, do it better this time”.
I will. I can do it. Hang on. What’s this? For now… – Will you do this again?
– Well… – Are you satisfied with this? – I’m done. I’m satisfied with it.
– Are you sure? I’m satisfied with this. Will you read comments? Okay, I will read comments. – I will do my best.
– Surprised? I’m surprised, too. Let’s do this. Here we go. Hang on. What? What’s happening now? Small wings were not
the reason. – It’s because I wasn’t good at this.
– Right. – It’s because of you.
– I guess it’s the reason why. It’s so much fun. Funnier than I thought. Let’s fly it one more time.
Anyways, HAN will take the trash out. – HAN didn’t do well.
– Right. – Younger brothers…
– What? You’re a day older than me. What? You know a day can make a huge difference. When I learned multiplication,
you learned addition. – That much?
– No, not that much. – In fact, not a big difference.
– Right. – We learned the same thing.
– He’s our elder brother. Anyways, I’m going to
take the trash out. I don’t like it.
Kidding. We played games and got
refreshed after awhile. It was so nice. – Right. – Good.
– Will you tell us how you felt? It was so much fun. – This. – You hit our manager.
– He attacked. I happened to hit him. But it’s getting dark
faster than I thought. – Right.
– When we started this, – the sun was up.
– Right. – It set down. – Why?
– Did we spend more time? The sun is down but
a lot of people are enjoying picnics. I guess more and more
people are coming. – Because it’s good to enjoy…
– Evening on the riverside. – Really?
– It’s good to take a walk. – Right. Before I joined the company, I visited this place with my mom. – Really?
– I visited the neighborhood, to see a musical with my mom. Anyways, it was so nice
to get refreshed here together. I am glad to have fun with STAY.
Because it was a bit short. – Our mini fan meeting. – Right.
– It was short. Even though it was so nice. So, I was glad to talk with
STAY for awhile here. It was so much fun.
I had a great time. – It was so nice.
– Okay. We’re Sunday Kids. – Sunday Kids.
– Sunday Kids. – Sunday Kids.
– Sunday Kids, HAN. – Sunday Kids, FELIX. – Sunday Kids, I.N.
– Thank you! – See you next time.
– Let’s do this again. – HAN will take the trash out. – From now on…
– I.N and I will play more. It’s a match with FELIX. Thank you, everyone. Thank you. See you next time. See you again. Bye. Bye!

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