[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS’ Archery episode @ 2016 ISAC
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[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS’ Archery episode @ 2016 ISAC

August 16, 2019

[The morning of ISAC, Jimin and Jungkook came to practice before the match] I will predict my score and Jungkook’s score. I think Jungkook’s score will be 10, 8 and 9. I think Jungkook’s score will be 10, 8 and 9. And I predict that I will get 10, 9, 10. I will be shooting the first arrow. -…three! Lift your chin and put your hand against here. [ChimChim plays around and steals an arrow while Jungkook didn’t notice because he’s focused] JK: Ah, hyung! Is that mine? JM: You only had one left! It’s the truth! Go look for some and use them. [He gets the hang of it while he practices] -There you go! -And point towards the yellow. [They finished practicing with satisfaction because they received high scores]
. [They finished practicing with satisfaction because they received high scores]
JM: Finished. [Suga is in the archery match instead of Jin]
. I don’t really remember how to do it. I’m going to do archery today. How do I do this? I don’t remember. -You hand has to rest over here. Lift it a little bit. I shouldn’t have done this. -You’re pretty skilled. I’m better than the last ISAC. [He dreams of becoming the star of ISAC and finishes practice!] The creators their song “Fire”, BTS is here! Who would you say is the ace player in BTS? Point to the person after 1 2 3. [The ace of this archery match is..?]
Who would you say is the ace player in BTS? Point to the person after 1 2 3. [The ace of this archery match is..?]
1 2 3! And choose who the hole is in the team. 1 2 3! [Archery Boys pick Jimin as the hole] [By the power of the East Wind, Suga got a 7 and then 10] [Compared to New Years, Suga got a high score of 7-10-6] [Our maknae got 9 points from his first shot] [Got a very high score of 9-9-10] [Jimin comes out nervously because the members got good scores] [Fans chant “It’s okay!”] [There is one arrow left after receiving 6-8-5] [Lastly, the maknae ends the match with a 9!] [It was a close match and they lost, but they greet their coach and end the competition!] [Hobi hyung is waiting to tease Jimin about getting a 5] I was doing this for you guys (hyungs). JK: Ah, archery. JM: What did you think of our skills? JK: It was… S: I can’t believe you are putting your hands so casually in your pockets. JK: Putting them in there. S: He has no etiquette. S: I was there as a replacement. S: But he did worse than me. JM: I was going to shoot the last one, but the maknae took it away from me. S: Last time you got 6-2-0! JK: It was a situation we couldn’t even imagine. JM: But still…but I still did better than last time! JK: That’s right. S: I got 6-2-0.
JK: 6-2-0 and he got 6-2-7. (In January) S: I wasn’t going to do it this year. But because of Jin hyung’s injury I had to do it. JK: It was a nice experience. JM: But still!
S: Bronze medal? JM: Yeah!
JK: We got bronze medal. JM: Since you did really well, we were able to get it. JK: He somehow got a 10. S: I couldn’t see. JM: Another way of thinking is, we actually got the bronze medal because of my score. S: Alright. Then I would like to congratulate Jimin. [This has been Archery Boys who showed an amazing match ^-^!
S: Alright. Then I would like to congratulate Jimin. JK: Ajaja, fighting!

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  1. 0:45 Oh my gosh I just noticed now… He said "ryuga waga teki wo kurau" from Overwatch!!!

  2. 98% talking about jungkook
    86% talking about jimin
    3% talking about suga
    99% talking about jimin and jungkook

  3. Jimin : I think Jungkook will get 10,8,9 I think I will get 10,9,10

    Actual scores: Jungkook gets 10,9,9 Jimin gets 6,8,5
    This is why you never underestimate Jungkook and never overestimate Jimin ??‍♀️

  4. Most comments are jungkook this and that, while here I am appreciating how smol and cute yoongi is while holding that bow. ? And how cute he is when he fails to get a 10? and how smug he is when he got 10.

  5. Can we appreciate that Jimin did his best and got better scores than before EVEN THO he was nervous after seeing JK and YG’s scores? Cuz all i can see is comments about how PERFECT JK is…
    I’m not hating or anything.. Jungkook is my second bias and Yoongi is my bias wrecker but I feel like you guys need to appreciate The fact that Jimin really tried his best

  6. Suga has a target panic. Wherein you release the string of the bow quickly. But its okay even if they lost, they're still be the one who will shot our heart. right, army? Kookie is awsome!!!! Btw. He's good at everything. Except to talking to a woman. HAHAHAHA

  7. Can people stop talking about how amazing JK is at everything . Haven’t you all heard the saying ‘Practise makes perfect’? God, it becomes really annoying when people put others on a pedestal. Before you hate on me…. I’m not saying that JK is not great at most things and I’m not being jealous either. JK does deserve praise. But, the other members are being overshadowed by JK through the comments. Have you ever seen the comments section being overflowed about another member of BTS on any random video of theirs which doesn’t centre around a particular member. Like, in a video about Jin eating it makes sense for people to talk about Jin a lot. But in a video like this where most members are present why do you need to talk about one member, namely, JK

    Ps. Don’t hate on me pls. If you don’t agree with me say so, but don’t hate.

  8. when jimin couldn't make a high score and the fans said that he did it very well, that reminds me of a volleyball game that i had this year and i wasn't playing very well that i run away from the game and the other girls came to me and tell me it was fine that i didn't have to give up that i could doit, but does girls were the best on the team so i couldn't and i stop playing.

  9. Kookie is a female version of Katniss Everdeen, huh?

    So no one's gonna praise Suga & Jimin?
    Ok then I'll do it.
    Boys, you did GREAT. Jimin was very good in the practice round, but he's like me: when the real deal is about to happen, he gets nervous. Sometimes pressure causes people to make mistakes. Maybe Jimin should go first next time, because when Jungkook goes first and scores very high Jimin feels too pressured that he has to be as good.
    But Jiminie, you did great regardless. ?
    And Suga! I love your calmness in every situation. Seriously, if the world would come to an end tomorrow I'd like to have someone like Suga at my side because he could prevent me from panicking with his coolness. ?

  10. I don’t wanna take sides with this jungkook is better than Jimin or Jimin is better than jungkook crap, so I’m just gonna say YOONGI, GOOD JOB, YOU WON MY HEARTU

  11. Jungkook:*Gets the same score at his 2nd try*
    Looks at Army’s
    Jungkook:Yo where’s my scream at
    Army’s:*Screams louder*

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