[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Archery episode @ 2016 ISAC
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[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Archery episode @ 2016 ISAC

August 19, 2019

Caption- On the morning of ISAC, Jimin and Jungkook came to practice before the match I’ll predict today’s scores, my score and Jungkook’s score I think Jungkook’s score will be 10, 8 and 9 For me, I will get 10, 9 and 10 Jungkook, I will shoot the first arrow Lift your chin and attach it against this and aim. Caption- Mysterious thief Chimchim steals an arrow while focused Kook didn’t notice Ah, hyung! Is that mine? Really you only had one left. Really only one! Go ask them. Ah really! Caption- Finished practicing with satisfaction because they recieved high scores Caption- Suga is competing in the archery match instead of Jin I don’t remember how to do it My goal is to not get a 0 Maybe it’s the right eye? I don’t remember Your hand has to rest over here. Raise it up a bit I think I’m screwed (lol) You’re quite good Maybe I can be the lead of today’s ISAC. Caption- He dreams of becoming an ISAC star and finishes practice They have come back with fire, BTS! Who is the ace player in BTS? Point to that person in 1,2,3 And choose who is the worst/hole in the team Caption – They pick Jimin as the worst/hole Caption- Suga got 7 and then 10 as if he got power from the East winds. Caption- Compared to last New Years, Suga got a high score of 7,10,6 Caption- Our maknae got from the beginning Caption- Got a very high score of 9,9,10 Caption- Jimin nervously comes out after the other members got good scores Caption- There is one arrow left after receiving 6,8,5 Caption- Lastly, the maknae ends the match with 9 points Caption- Unfortunately they lost, but they greet their coach who worked hard for them and the archery match ends. Caption- Hobi is waiting to tease Jimin for getting a 5 Five! Al of this…I was doing this all for you, for the Hyung’s sakes Ah archery, how were my skills? It was quite… I can’t believe that you are putting your hands in your pockets, after getting a score like that Putting them in there He has no conscience I today… I came in after shooting just 3 arrows today and he still did worse than me I was going to shoot the last one, but the maknae took it away from me Last time you got 6,2,0 The situation was one where we couldn’t even open our eyes Still, I still did better than last time That’s right Then how bad were you? I got 6,2,0. I actually got 0 points This year, I wasn’t going to do it But due to Jin hyung’s injury, I had to do it It was a good match But still…Bronze medal We got a bronze medal Because hyung did well, we were able to get it He surprisingly got a 10 I couldn’t see (the target) But if you think of it differently, we actually got the bronze medal because of my score I understand. Then I would like to congratulate “Five” Jimin. Hyung Fighting!

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  1. woow kokie always the best and chimchim your really funny and awesome got luck bts and thank for you to born in this live^^

  2. i feel so bad for jimin because he worked so hard on practicing archery before this !! he was really enthusiastic and talked about how he thought the olympic archers were so cool so he wanted to keep trying to do it. 🙁 maybe he gets nervous doing it in front of a crowd. (in the video of them practicing with jin, jin was significantly worse than jimin, so that might've made him seem better to me than he was, haha)

  3. woh there were a lot of jump cuts at the end. c'mon guys, this stupid event is not worth being angry with each other!

  4. jk picking jm as the worst AND the best is honestly so wise cause he knows jm is very good but he doesnt deal well with the anxiety of performing something he isnt super confident in before a lot of people, so he tends to make mistakes. jk and jm are at the same level but jk is able to remain calm and collected, and thats the one thing that sets them apart

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