[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] ‘말하자면’ Special stage @MBC 가요대제전 2016
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[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] ‘말하자면’ Special stage @MBC 가요대제전 2016

August 16, 2019

[On the last day of 2016, they are preparing to make a cover of ‘As I Told You’]
Today is the 31st. It’s really the end of the year. The first schedule for the end of the year. Everyone…uh…I was really a fan. We’re going to do a cover of Kim Sung Jae sunbaenim’s song, ‘As I Told You’. Do you get the vibe? Do you get the old school vibe? We will show our best performance. [They’re doing their choreography while using the elevator as a mirror] V: Oh, hyung! That doesn’t work that well.
JH: No, it’s fine. [Bangtan Members are monitoring after the pre-recording] JH: It came out good! (x3) Staff: It did come out really well! RM: Oh, Jungkook! He did a lot of it! Jungkook came out really well! RM: It looks cool! The strength is just- JH: Oh, Jimin you jumped too high. JM: I missed the beat.
JH: Yeah. JH: Wow! JH: The form is great!
V: It came out really well. RM: I bet other people will like this! RM: Oh Jungkook! Jungkook is different! RM: At this point, he’s just special. V: What is this? It’s not coming out. Is that it? JH: We have to watch the ending. -At first it went away and you appeared again. -Namjoon…
JH: Good job, we worked hard! [Watching the performance video again]
JH: It’s cool when we first enter! [Watching the performance video again]
JH: Bah! When we do that. JH: Bah! When we do that. V: It didn’t come up on camera, but I did really energetic head bangs. JH: Good job. Good job. JK: Where is the monitor? V: Jungkook-ah, it came out really well. JH: You did really well. You did a hard carry. Good job.
V: You did a hard carry. JH: Oh, Jin hyung! JH: Do you have do that next to Jin hyung? V: Jin hyung did great. JH: Look at this. This was great. Look. V: That was great!
JH: That was great. V: He went down like it was nothing. V: Jimin-ie did really well. RM: It looked nice! V: I saw Jimin’s. JK: Look at that smile… JH: Jimin is fascinated by the audience. V: You were born with these skills! V: You did a good job!
J: Wow, JK! V: It’s this part. What is this? JH: It’s finished! JH: Now, we’ll have to do a good job on ‘Rainism’.

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  1. When Hobi, Jungkook, and Taehyung were watching their performance, I couldn't concentrate on much except Jungkook's floofy adorable hair and Tae's constant lip-licking agh

  2. i've replayed this many times and i realy want to see the reaction of other idols who are present here! thank you so much for this!

  3. Video Summary:
    So funny & cute Hoseok
    So fucking cute Tae
    Too powerful Kookie
    Jimin smile
    Incredibly sexy Jin & Rap Monster
    Suga missing…maybe sleeping? xDD

  4. 3:54 Park Jimin's side view with that messy hair is just….???? and Namjoon's collarbones…DAYYYUUMMM

  5. 3:17 …as a Jin stan,,,, thank you so much camera person for focusing on Jin for a few seconds I have been fed I am no longer starving yessssssss


  7. poor jimin, always going hard on himself. i feel like his expression when he feels like he's done something wrong is troubling, since he pushes himself far too quickly to be perfect in dance, looks, weight, height, words. sometimes i feel like hes the kinda kid who'd go to the practice room after a performance where he deems that he'd gone wrong, and redo the dance until he's pleased with it.

    bts' perceptiveness in self-critique is fantastic: its pleasant that they can take note of what they want to improve so casually and then move on. jhope helping out and encouraging the team is an essential, admirable quality in a dance leader.

  8. meanwhile I only rly looked for V in the performance video ?? goes back to rewatch performance properly

  9. Not much jk praise SO IM GONNA PRAISE THIS KID

    he looked so mf good
    His hair bro
    His dance when he was on his knees then got up ?❤️
    I can't
    His dancing is so powerful

  10. jimin is still there… while watching together with v, hope and rapmon, maybe he's too tired so he just layed down on the floor in front of them. when rapmon left, jongkook come by to watch together

  11. I just want to give them each a hug for such an amazing performance~ You could tell they worked so hard for this and Kim Sung Jae sunbaenim would be proud! He shall never be forgotten~ And I especially want to give V a pat on the head, like boy you did so well even if the camera didn't catch your energy~

  12. Aww, couldn't they have said the compliments when Jimin was still there, he looked heartbroken… Baby

  13. can we please talk about Jin's shoulders in that football costume? Cos I'm dying alone here help me

  14. Did no one see Jimins hand slip underneath kookie at 4:58? And then kookies reaction for the next few seconds?? Just look to the right beside kookie by his boot. Jimin what r you up too ???

  15. you see how the members hype and encourage each other.. I hope someday ARMY become like that and equally hype them and not focusing on 1 or 2 just member while whining about the members having more or less lines than the others.. if not don't call yourself an ARMY call yourself an xx stan. I swear ARMY will bring drama from the smallest thing.. loving BANGTAN is not a hard job you know

  16. It's so unfair that jin doesn't have a part in that song, he also didn't have any part rainism, I want to as jin shine ;-;

  17. Look how my baby gives the other members compliments? "good job, good job" "you did really well" AHH I love how he acknowledges other members before himself. I just fucking love Jung Hoseok, he's so perfect and many army's sleep on him, as well at Jin and rapmon. DONT SLEEP ON THEM YA LAZY ASS BITCHES!! Also BOII WHY DOES HOSEOK'S CHEST SWEAT AT 4:50ish MAKE ME FUCKING WET? AS WELL AS NAMJOONS COLLAR/SHOULDER AND JINS ARMS. IM-

  18. I'm a little pissed at this fandom. I mean here you've members being so proud, grateful and in awe of each other. Hobi even said Jk hard carried them!!! But all this comment section has got to discuss is their exposed collarbone, arms, sweat and I don;t know what not. I know I am overreacting but.. ughhhh!!!! For once keep your bloody hormones in control!!!!!! Listen and appreciate what the're talking about!!!! BYE!

  19. Its so strange that when i see jin's muscles all i think is hes got rEALLY PRETTY MUSCLES?? Like they look so pretty idfk why

  20. anyone knows what taehyung meant when he said "its this part. Whats that?" which part is he talking about? any idea?

  21. It's cute how V wanted j hope to praise him as well.. And make sure to highlight how well jimin did too. Jimin must have been slightly disappointed for missing a beat.

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