(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – Brutal Legend (Steam Key) Humble 48 HOURS ONLY
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(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – Brutal Legend (Steam Key) Humble 48 HOURS ONLY

November 18, 2019

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to another free game alert today’s free game is brutal legend and
this is free from the humble store for the next two days now brutal legend is a
open world heavy metal type game so it’s not many games like this and it’s a fun
little game the main character is voiced by Jack Black and they’re also cameos
from familiar well-known people I actually already have this game I had
this on Steam as well as GOG actually so yeah head over to Humble store get the
game it has very positive reviews on Steam people liked it also it’s a
slightly older game so it will pretty much run on any system system
requirements as you can see are very low so it should run for people with older
systems or integrated graphics and this also has Linux support over on Steam DB
let’s look at the prices around the world quickly normally full price is
$14.99 and the lowest it has gone is 1.49 on sale at 90% I actually bought it at
90 percent off and around the world as you can as you know lowest in Russia and
most expensive in Euro region so yeah and grab the game if you like this sort
of thing and thank you for watching and also you have to tell others as well
friends family so they can also get the game share this video if you like and
thank you for watching

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