(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – Amnesia Collection (Steam Key) Humble 48 HOURS ONLY
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(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – Amnesia Collection (Steam Key) Humble 48 HOURS ONLY

November 16, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another free game alert today’s free game is the amnesia
collection this is a collection of two games amnesia a machine for pigs and
amnesia the Dark Descent this is free from the humble store and as always it’s
free for the next two days only I just saw this because I just woke up it was
nighttime here so it’s been out for about seven eight hours and yes all you
need to do is head over to humble add the game to your cart checkout you’ll
get a steam key and use that steam key to activate the game on Steam but you
have to do it within the next one day and 16 hours about 17 roughly so you
have till about 10:00 a.m. Pacific time on a Saturday to get it 9:59 a.m.
exactly so yeah definitely pick this up I’ve heard a lot of good things about
this game classic horror game also on humble there are a couple more
interesting bundles if you want to check them out as well I’ve already made
videos but I just wanted to remind you guys again there is a bundle on paradox
games and mostly strategy but a few RPGs here as well this is for another 11 days
and you get some great games especially in the middle tier you get Crusader
Kings and pillars of eternity I’ll put the links below and also the Humble
monthly is ending in a few days as well about a week so you get civilization and
you also get Owlboy here as you can see that so the civilization game and two of
its DLCs plus Owlboy are the early unlocks and if you’re not familiar
basically you pay $12 a month for subscription and you get about six to
eight games roughly and they unlock a few games early on like this one and on
the 2nd of February you’ll get another 5 6 games at least so for example these
are the games from the previous months so generally you got Tomb Raider Sleeping
Dogs quantum break long dark Dawn of War and a few more indie games so they did do this
every month and roughly the value is well over $100 usually around her $200
$150 so if you if you are interested in these games definitely check this out
but if nothing else make sure to pick up the free game amnesia and yeah thank you
for watching see you in the next one

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  1. your sir are awesome, i was looking at buying these games back at christmas. I had picked up Penumbra instead, that was a great buy (the 2nd one anyways lol). But i waited for amnesia too long and they lost their sale price. Now I get them for freeeeeeee. i used ur affiliate link to show my love, give me more stuff! i thought there'd be like a catch, but their privacy policy checks out…that was surprising, other than having to reset my steam password again it was pretty unexpected how there don't seee to be any strings attached…? Works for me! thxs

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