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September 13, 2019

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ (Finebros) Okay, so today
you’re playing this. Oh my goodness. Mortal Kombat X. Does that mean X rated?
X– X, outrageous? Oy vey.
Never saw it in my life. I take it that’s some sort of horror movie. – (Finebros) It’s actually a video game.
– Oh, it’s a video– oh, okay. I saw the movie. I did play the game at some point in time. Probably something you play to the death. Kind of creepy looking,
but… is it violent? It’s a really friendly game,
I can already tell. (Finebros) This is the latest installment
in the popular Mortal Kombat franchise where two players fight
against each other to the death. This series is notoriously criticized
for being very violent and gory. Oh, I’ll bet. I’m not for these violent, bloody things. They seem to be going as far as they can. I think it might even be dulling the senses. I am over 17 and mature,
so I can handle this game. You know the 12 year olds
are playing this. Mhm. (Finebros) You’ll be playing
in a tournament against each other. Sounds like fun. They’re in for it, whoever’s against me.
They are in for it. ♪ (action music) ♪ (Libby) I hope there are
some women to choose from. (Mary) I’m gonna do Sonya Blade. (Libby) I’m doing Kitana
’cause she’s a mysterious woman and I like that concept. (Finebros) There’s a guidebook
to see the special moves for the characters you chose. (Libby) After we chose them. (Mary) “Down, right, X.” (Libby) You have to do three things
to have something happen? “Hold R2.” – (Mary) What does L2 mean?
– (Libby) What’s R2? (giggling) Oh boy. (Libby) I’m trying to figure out
what the deal is on my control. (in game: grunting) (Mary) Ooh, you hurt me! (Libby, giggling) That’s really nice. (Mary) Oooh! And you’re– (Libby) Up! She’s up.
She’s down. (both) Ooh! (Mary) You threw something at me. (Libby) Don’t I wish I knew how I did that. Oh, what was that, man? – (Mary) Ooh, that was really–
– (Libby) Oh, that was exciting. (Mary) I just can’t re– oh. Oh, turn around! (laughing) – (Libby) Jeez, come on!
– (Mary) Right in the crotch! (Libby) Get her! Up! Up! – I wish I could come down right–
– (Mary) How do you get her to– (Libby screams excitedly) – (Mary) Did you win?
– (Libby) Yes, I did! – (Mary) How do you know?
– (Libby) It says Kitana wins! Get closer. Get closer. Ooh, whoa! What just happened?
Whoa ho ho! (Mary) Ooh, I think I’m dead. (Libby) Ooh! (in game: grunting) – (Mary, in shock) Oh…oh…
– (Libby chuckles) (Mary) Oh, my, I’m telling you,
it’s like a blood bath. I feel that in my own crotch. (in game: grunting) (Libby) Oh! Dang, man. – (Mary cheers)
– (Libby groans) (both laugh) (announcer) Final round. Fight! – (Libby) Whoa!
– (Mary) Ooh, blech! (Libby) Don’t I wish
I knew what I was doing! – (Libby laughs)
– (Mary) Oh, you choked me. Oh! Oh! (Mary) Oh god, this is so gruesome. (Libby) This is really rowdy, man. – (announcer) Finish her!
– (Libby) Oh, finish her! (Mary) Which one? (Libby) Who finishes who? Get out. Whoa! (laughs) Look at– there’s blood all over her. (Mary) You know, I started to get
really, “Eww, this is gruesome.” ♪ (action music) ♪ (Johnny) Survival of the fittest. – We shall see.
– (Shirley) Which is me. (Johnny) I’m Sub Zero, I’m guess. – (announcer) Kitana!
– (Shirley) Kitana? (Johnny) This is my punch,
back kick and front kick. That’s a little more complicated
than I expected, but all right. (announcer) Round one, fight! (in game: grunting) (Johnny) Okay, come on!
There we go. All right! Oh no! Uh oh, she’s slashing me. (Shirley) Why doesn’t he dodge? [bleep]! You know, he’s bleeding to death. (in game: grunting) – (Shirley) There you go.
– (Johnny) Get up, get up! (Shirley) When do I kill him? – (announcer) Round two, fight!
– (Shirley) I know it! (laughs) (in game: grunting) (Shirley) Come on! Come on! (in game: grunting) (Johnny) All right, I got her. (announcer) Final round. Fight! (Shirley) I’m gonna win. I got this. I got– Come on! Stop jumping, bitch! Take your fan out!
Take the damn fan. (in game: grunting) (Shirley) Yeah! Get the fan.
Chop, chop, chop. (groans) (in game: grunting) (announcer) Finish her! – (announcer) Sub Zero wins.
– (Johnny) Win! – (Shirley) [bleep].
– (Johnny) Ah, yeah! – (cackles)
– (Shirley) [bleep]. ♪ (action music) ♪ (Holgie) I want the guy in the cowboy hat. Okay, so I get the cowboy, right? (Lloyd) Okay, I’ll get this guy. (Holgie) Okay, here it goes.
So let’s see. Throw a knife. – (Lloyd) Jeez!
– (Holgie) Yeah, okay, throw another knife. (Finebros) You’re not playing yet. (Holgie) Oh, I’m not even playing yet. Round one. We’re not close enough to make contact. – (in game: grunting)
– (Holgie) There we go. (Holgie laughs) That’s fun! Kick the heck outta that guy. – (Lloyd) You’ve got– come on!
– (Holgie) That’s a combo. Kick him! (Lloyd) Come on, don’t do that. (laughs) (Holgie) Okay, jump up or something.
Jump up over him. Oh, oh, oh!
Jump up over! – (Lloyd) I gotcha.
– (Holgie) Ah, got him down. – (Holgie) All right!
– (Lloyd) Oh, that’s a new one. (announcer) Round two, fight! – (Lloyd) Go get her.
– (Holgie) Yeah. – (Lloyd) There. There we go.
– (Holgie) More blood. Okay, kick and punch.
Punch and kick. Kick and punch.
Ooh, punch him! Punch him! Punch him! Kick him! (Lloyd) What was that?
Oh god, somebody came out of the water. (Holgie) Okay, so I can do– finish him. – (Finebros) Hit Right Trigger and X.
– (Holgie) Right Trigger and X. Right Trigger and X. – Right Trigger and X.
– (announcer) Erron Black wins! (Holgie) Whoa, stop. (laughs) Blind luck, baby. ♪ (action music) ♪ (Rock) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Fire boy. (Finebros) Here’s instructions
to help you guys play. (Rock) I can’t even read this.
Can you? (laughs) (Hanoch) I have help. Front…punch. (Rock) Back punch.
Oh, I see. (announcer) Fight! – (in game: grunting)
– (Rock cackles) (Rock) Take that! Ooh, ahh. Ah, take that! In! Oh, this is fun. (laughing) (Hanoch) How– How are you jump up? (Rock) That’s top left. Hum, pum, pum! (cackles boisterously) (announcer) Round two, fight! (Hanoch) I– How I move the guy? (Rock) You wanna jump, hit that. – (Hanoch) This is the jump?
– (Rock) yeah. (Hanoch) Oh, you’re good. (Rock laughs) Ooh, you’re getting good,
but I’m coming in. You don’t learn! Uh uh. Ooh. (cackling) (Rock) You’re jumping! (both laugh) (Rock groans) (in game: grunting) (Rock screams) I’ve turned into a man-eating dragon! I won, which is so totally unusual. ♪ (action music) ♪ – (Johnny) Maybe I’ll let her win–
– (Libby cracks up) (Johnny) Just for [bleep] and giggles. (Libby) Oh, chivalry isn’t dead. (announcer) Round one, fight! (Libby) Oh, it hasn’t even started yet. Oh, Jeez– here we go
with the blood again. Get over there– There we go!
Oh, atta girl! Do it again! – (Johnny) Oh my gosh.
– (Libby whoops) (Libby) Come on, come on. Whoa! – (Johnny) Oh no, I’m done.
– (Libby) Do those fan things. (startled) Whoa! It’s vibrating.
What is this? Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Knock that off. (in game: grunting) – (Johnny) Uh…
– (Libby) Whoa! – What was that?
– (Johnny) I think she finished me. (Libby) Hiyah! What is all this leaping about? (in game: groaning) – (Libby) Oooh!
– (Johnny) My word! – That lady’s kicking my butt.
– (Libby whoops) – Whoa, how did that– WHOA!
– (Kitana) These circumstances are dire. – (announcer) Round two, fight!
– (Libby) Oh, go, Kitana. Come on, baby. (in game: grunting) (Libby) Oh, whoa, whoa. – (Libby) Whoa, atta girl!
– (Johnny) Oh no! (Libby) Ooh, aaah! – (Johnny) Oh, get up, get up.
– (Libby) Get ’em! (Johnny) This guy
can’t fight like my other guy. I should’ve stayed with him. (in game: groaning) (Libby) Ooh, whoa!
Whoa, that was pretty cool. (in game: groaning) (announcer) Finish him! (Johnny) Aah! – (Libby) Whoo!
– (Johnny) That’s it. I’m done. (both laugh) ♪ (action music) ♪ (Holgie) You got a sexy beast there. (Rock) We are going to band up the wounded. (in game: grunting) (Rock) Aha! I’m doing good! (cackles) (Rock) I didn’t take yours–
I just kicked your petushka! (in game: grunting) (Rock) Aha, take that!
Take that! And that! (in game: screaming) (Rock) Ooh, jump on her!
(cackling) Ha ha! Take that. – (Rock) Oooh.
– (announcer) Round two, fight! – (Holgie) All right, here we go.
– (Rock) Okay, baby. (Rock) Hit ’em, hit ’em, hit ’em.
Boom. Boom. Boom. Coming in from behind. Ah! Take that! Eat blood! Ha ha! – (Rock) Boom. Boom.
– (Holgie) You gotta get more effective – with the keys.
– (Rock) Boom. Boom. Up, up. Take that! Take that! (Rock) Oooh! (cackling) I like jumping in the air! (cackles) (announcer) Final round. – (Holgie) Oh, boy. This is down to the wire, kiddo.
– (Rock) Oh, okay. Okay. (Holgie) Get in there
and kick him! Kick him! (Rock emits French laugh) (French accent) I’ll kick you and jump on you! (gruffly) You’re going down, witch! – (cackling)
– (Holgie) Get in there, get in there. – (Rock) Oh, that hurt!
– (Holgie) I gotta get in there. (Rock whoops) (Holgie) There we go.
He gets a kick. (Rock) Oh, you cut me and somebody
else came in there. You’ve got a friend.
I dunno. Boom! Boom! – (announcer) Finish him!
– (Rock) Finish him! Aah, whoa! (Rock) Oooh, you got me! The Rock bites the big one. (Holgie) I’m feeling pretty strong.
Feeling pretty strong. ♪ (action music) ♪ – (Holgie) Female power!
– (Libby) That’s right. (Holgie) I’ll do Sub Zero. (Libby) I’m taking Cassie Cage. – (announcer) Round one, fight!
– (Libby) Oh, it hasn’t started yet. – (Holgie) Okay.
– (Libby) Whoa, hello! (Libby) Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Come on, baby.
Let’s go. Uh, ooh! She’s got a gun.
How’d she do that? (Holgie) I don’t know. – (Holgie chuckles)
– (Libby) Oh, right in the eye. Oh! Ooh! Knock him out, man! Look at what she can do.
She’s a gymnast! (in game: groaning) (Holgie) Get up! Get up! Get up! (Libby whoops) Yes, go Cassie! (Holgie) Oh my gosh. (Libby) Oh jeez.
Bounce up there. Come on, Cassie.
Get closer with that dancer, come on! Whoa! What was that?! Come on. Come on, hun.
Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s be violent. – (Holgie) Yeah–
– (Libby) Whoa, okay! Come on. Come on. Okay, whoa– get him!
Come on. – Atta girl.
– (announcer) Finish him! (Libby) Finish him!
Oh, I gotta get close and finish him. Go Cassie! Women power! (thumping table) Whoo! I’m amazed and flabbergasted. (Finebros) So what did
you think of Mortal Kombat X? In the end, you know,
I really didn’t like it. I’m like all jumpy and agitated inside. It just bothered me. It’s popular because kids like violence,
and that’s unfortunate. It’s too bad they can’t come up
with stuff that’s just as challenging, just as entertaining,
but maybe not all about hand-to-hand combat violence. It’s more interesting
than I thought it was gonna be. There’s a lot of blood,
but it was fake, so that’s okay. I had a really good time. I found myself going, “Ooh, yeah!” It kind of gets you charged up. It’s pretty violent.
It’s pretty gory. It’s probably not for kids. But fun– oh, yeah! Thanks for watching
this episode of Elder Gaming. Get over here and subscribe already! Goodbye, I’m the Mortal Kombat X champion! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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  2. I guess we found out who is most popular among the elderly even the old know who the cheapest character in the game is :p

  3. I thought it was more hilarious that one of the fine bros told an elder to press "right trigger and X" and PS4 doesn't have right trigger, that's Xbox.. It's R1, dudes obviously not a gamer.

  4. List of suggested reactions for kids, teens and elders: 1. Final Fantasy 7 2. Marvel vs DC the Ultimate Crossover animated film 3. Kingdom Hearts 4. It G Ma (rap video) 5. Superman v Batman trailer

  5. They definitely should do an elder tournaments, every year or so they bring everyone together and battle it out, they could have midweek games to bring in new competitors for the Elder Mortal X trophy

  6. No offense but I just wanted to crab the controller and play for them no offense. I still love this channel tho

  7. Uhh 10 not X, oh by the way why did you guys tell them that this game series is why there is a rating system for video games.

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