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August 27, 2019

– Aah!
– Oh, what? Where’d he come from? – (Jack) Run.
– No, I want to kill him. I want to kill him.
I want to kill him. Why can’t I kill him?! ♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (Rock) Oh!
– (Holgie) Ooh! My favorite, Friday the 13th.
– (chuckling) – I love those movies. – They’ve got Friday the 13th
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Maybe this is number 62. – (FBE) Friday the 13th
is an online game where you’ll be playing
with other people in the same world as
the famous slasher movie franchise. Today, you’re going to be playing
as either a camp counselor trying to survive,
or potentially as Jason himself trying to kill
those camp counselors. – (Steve laughing)
– Oh god. These are people online
who are serious players that are really good. – In real time,
like they’re somewhere sitting in Indiana
at their computer, buh, buh, buh, buh?
Wow, that’s kind of amazing. – (FBE) So we already had
our college kid reactors play this on the channel, but our fans
have been asking to see how you guys will do.
– Oh, boy. The challenge is riveting. – Yeah, you’re talking
generations between us. – (FBE) So you’re gonna be playing
one match at a time, one match each,
but you guys can work together and strategize as you play
through those matches. – Okay. It’s going to be
ridiculous, so… that’s okay. – We’re gonna get killed,
but we’ll die violently. – (chuckling)
– And defiantly! – We’re gonna go down in flames,
bloody but unbowed. – We will not go
silent into the night! – Into that good night. – Oh, so these are
all the people playing? – (Igna) Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Go! Go! Go! Go! – Oh my god, that sounds
like a four-year-old. – Hello! – (Japanese player)
Can anybody hear me? Oh.
– I can. You’re loud and clear. – So have you guys been playing
this for the past six weeks? – (Igna) Pretty much. – I bet you’re pretty good.
– (Igna) Ah, good! – Three, two…
– Comin’ in. – …one.
Blast off! – Okay.
♪ (creepy music) ♪ – Ooh, that’s a house.
That’s a porch. – Here we go. Here we go. Oh my gosh,
it’s Higgins Haven, 1984. – (Angel Dust) Wee!
– We’re the marshmallow. – That’s me?
♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ – Uh, looks like you.
– Go right. – You’re looking pretty sharp.
– (both) AAAH! – Oh, what?! Where did
that come from? – Ooh, he got me.
Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. – How do you know who’s who? – Try moving around. – “Five minutes later, survive.”
– That’s you. You’re him. (crickets chirruping)
(tapping keyboard) – That must be me,
the chick with the tight pants. – Ay, mamacita!
– Get away. – Yes, yes, down
that stinking road. I’m gonna run! – We get away from Freddy by–
– Through walking through the water? – Yeah.
– (chuckling) – Getting away from Jason.
Maybe he’s afraid of water. – Is it safer to be
in a structure or out? – Take our chances.
– E, which is E? The white key.
– Yeah, open up. There ya go.
– Okay. Get a weapon.
Oh, let’s go into the bathroom. Maybe we can find some pipes. Over here. Oh, is this the weapon?
Oh, it’s help. Well, that might
not be a bad thing to have. – (softly) Okay.
(brush crunching underfood) – But you never know where he is. He could jump out from anywhere.
– Right, right, anywhere. – So how can you always be sure
where you’re going and where he’s not going? – Ugh, god, this is too creepy.
I’m getting creeped out. He’s gonna just come up on us. – What is this?
It’s kind of uneventful. Kind of boring, actually. – Ooh, what’s over there,
at the light? – You don’t want to die.
♪ (creepy music) ♪ – (softly) What’s over there? (static) – Ooh.
– Oh, what was that? – Something flashed.
– A little flash. Does that mean
that Jason’s around? – Keep goin’. Keep goin’.
– Does he ever get tired out? Like you try to run real fast–
– Go left and run. – And they won’t run fast?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Well, I’m great at this.
– (chuckling) – I think everybody
must’ve been dead by now. – Uh-oh, there’s there a door.
– Oh, here, here. – You want to go up there?
– Go left? Nope, that way? That way? Straight? – Left, left, left, go left.
– Left, left, left, left. – Left, up! Up, up.
– Up and to the door! Through the door!
(door opening) I’m in, okay.
Give me a weapon. (door shutting)
– (both laughing) – Now you’re in.
– Okay. – Do you feel safer in there? – My makeup is smeared
from all that water. I can’t go that way. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ How’s that? ♪ (horrifying music) ♪
– Who’s inside? – Open. Okay, who’s this? Are you foe or friend? Oh, that’s you right there. All right.
– No, no, but who’s– – (Jack) I am a friend. – All the counselors are friends. – (Jack) So everybody
who’s a counselor– – Oh, now what are you doing?
– (Jack) …people like me… – Yeah.
– (Jack) …we are all friends, all of us.
– Okay, so where’s Jason? – (Jack) He’s someone–
– (Jason breathing) – (Jack) I don’t know,
but you’ll know him when you see him. He has a hockey mask.
He’s real big. – (giggling)
– (Jack) So… he’s gonna kill ya. – Uh, no, no, we’re gonna
kill him first. – Jason, where are youuuu?
(fire crackling) – (chuckling)
– I’m ready! – So, you’re looking for him?
– Where are youuuu? – No weapon or nothing
to protect yourself. – Pick up a chair. Can I–
is there a weapon’s button? – (Jack) Stand where
I’m standing and press E, and you’ll pick up the machete.
– Pick up the machete? – Ah-ha!
– Yay! (laughing) Oh, that took a while.
– We are armed. – (Jack) Oh, he’s here.
– (Jason breathing) – (Jack) He’s a big purple man.
– Where is he? – (Jack) He’s outside.
– The music will tell you. – (Jack) Just run away. – Oop, oop, oop!
– Uh-oh. – Gotta run? – You don’t want
to go to the fireplace. – No. – (Japanese player) Hello, Jason.
Hello, Jason. ♪ (frightening music) ♪
– Aah! Aah! Aah! – Okay, I– you’re in a corner. Get out of that damn corner! Is that a door? I’d go out. – (Japanese player) Hello, hello?
– Hello, hello. – (both) AAAH!
(axe hacking) Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
– (Japanese player) Goodbye. – Oh, my legs are
were falling apart. (laughing) – He died. – Oh, it’s getting these buttons
and these fingers to do things that are unthinkable. ♪ (frightening music) ♪ – (counselor crying out)
– Wow. – (counselor shrieking)
– Wait. Take care of me. I’m bored. Kick him in the gonads. (bones crunching)
– (indifferently) Ah, well. I died. I deserved to die. I sucked. – What’s control–
oh, he’s coming in. Oh my god. Turn around. Okay, what can we do?
– (Jack) Run. Run. – What? No, I wanna kill him.
– (Jack) Run, get away from him. – I wanna kill him!
Why can’t I kill him?! I don’t know.
– He’s coming at you! – Oh, do something. Break free! Oh, get outta here, you creep!
– Tag out. Tag out. (bones crunching)
– Oh, that’s nice. – (VIA Rail) Get off the game
because you don’t know how to play. – (cracking up) – Did you just say “get off the game
because you don’t know how to play”? I died. I’m sorry. Luscious haired person,
you get an A+. You’re gonna live
because you have a good heart. – (FBE) Uh, so Holgie,
are you ready? Think you can survive?
– Oy vey! – Okay! – What’s the age range
everybody likes this? – (Pianist) Shut up! – (FBE) Oh, teenagers, college kids,
you know, young adults. – Really? – (FBE) Yeah, so teens
to young adults. – So you guys like it?
– (FBE) Mm-hmm. – You like this? Or are you just
saying that to fit in? – Higgins Haven, on the lake.
– Okay. – Okay, and there he is. Oh!
– Run! Run! – Oh, get out of there! – All right, here we go again.
– Survive! – (mimicking)
“Gotta find the others.” – That’s right, because
together, you survive. – I’d like to play Jason, but– – You didn’t get it. You’re Mr. Lumberjack Shirt.
– I’m just a walking victim. – Just running, trying to get– oh, I don’t want to go
near buildings. Get me away from buildings.
I don’t like buildings. I like going further.
Further, further, further. – You want to head down that road?
– Yeah, let’s go this way. – Or are you going to go
into the boondocks? – Ooh, a covered bridge.
– There’s something there. Maybe there might be
something inside. – Is there a car up there?
What’s on the bridge? – Let’s go up!
Come on, boys. There’s no sound effects. (mimicking footsteps)
Thump, thump thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. – Okay, I thought that–
that was obviously more bushes. ♪ (frightening music) ♪
– This game moves so slow. – Here.
– You can speed it up? – Something goes faster
when you’re running. – (counselor grunting and yelping) – There you go, see?
This makes you go faster. – Oh, okay. – There you go. He’s eager to die.
He’s running to his death. If I was out there really
and some guy’s chasing me with a machete, I would
be scared poopless. But watching some cartoon
doesn’t scare me at all. – Oh god, we used to take
all the 6th graders up to outdoor science camp,
and when you had to do bed checks, at this hour, it was so creepy. – You’re hanging in there.
You are movin’ fast. I think you’ve got ’em confused. The chances of staying alive
are better if you keep moving. – Gotta find a weapon. – Hey, why aren’t there
any weapons outdoors? – What’s that?
There’s light over there. What is that?
– Ooh, that’s a light. – Okay, what is that over there? – Might be a friendly–
oh now– ooh, now you’re acoustically in touch with someone.
– (loudly) Hey! Where’s everybody? I’ve been runnin’ for a half hour.
I don’t see nobody. – (Miasma) Hey,
we’re just put [inaudible]. – We need to–
– Yeah, careful. Look around.
(loud blast) – Somebody in here already?
♪ (frightening music) ♪ – I don’t know,
but the music builds. – (DaPoots) ♪ I get knocked down ♪ ♪ I get up again ♪ ♪ And you’re never
gonna keep me down ♪ (shrilly) ♪ I get knocked down ♪ ♪ But I get up again ♪
– Where are the weapons? – ♪ You’re never
gonna keep me down ♪ – (distant screaming)
– Oh! – Uh-oh.
– Somebody’s screaming. – Somebody.
– I don’t like the sound of that. (static)
♪ (terrifying chord) ♪ – Oh, there’s Jason.
Jason done showed up. ♪ (terrifying music) ♪
He’ll be here momentarily. – You’re dead meat, man. – (counselor grunting) (axe hacking)
– (counselor grunting) – Boy.
♪ (music building) ♪ (axe hacking)
– Ah, isn’t that great? – Where is everybody?
– There’s– – I don’t want to go in.
(static) – Uh-oh! Uh-oh! The last time that happened.
– (counselor screaming) (static)
– AAAH! – (both) AAAH!!! – Get outta there! Get outta there!
– Aaaah! – Get out! Oh!
– AAAH! – Oh, no! Oh, no. Kick him.
– I’m trying. – Oh!!
– Oh, shoot. – (counselor) No!
(weapon hacking) – OH!!!
(weapon hacking) Run back in!
– Run, run, run, run. – Run, run.
– (Miasma) What the [bleep]? I got shivved in the face.
– Oh, she’s been hurt. Ah! Ah! – (DaPoots) Hey, I’m just gonna–
– Run! Stop! – (DaPoots) Let me do my thing.
– Break free! Break free! (window shattering)
– WAH!! – (Miasma) Oh my–
– (DaPoots laughing) – Eh.
– That was grisly way to go. – Go out with style. – It’s fun for maybe
the 20-year-olds. They can do this kind of stuff,
but, nah, give me some quality. – I wanted more weapons…
– Yeah. – …outside, and I wanted to know
how to kill Jason because I felt like once
he got to you, you were done. – It looks like there’s
just a whole bunch of other options on this. You could spend
a lot of time, you know, finding out, you know,
ways to get in and get out and get away, but somehow,
you gotta turn the table. – When we were running out
in the forest, we did great. – Yeah. Yeah.
– (laughing) We were great with
our cross country running. – Thanks for watching us play
Friday the 13th on the React channel. – Don’t miss out, subscribe. – Hit that Like button
for more gaming. – Bye-bye. – Hey, guys, I’m Zach,
producer at the React channel. Thank you so much for watching,
and make sure you comment what game you
want us to play next. – (Jason breathing)
– Oh, I thought we were done with this!

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  2. every time i watch elder play , i remember when i was still a kid i play metal slug with my father.
    i hope if have a chance i can play with him again

  3. I’m always surprised when old people like stuff like this. I act more like an old person that these old people for the most part. Haha.

  4. LOL imagine being in a round of this game and hearing the elders talk like this all the time over the voice chat!

  5. imagine playing in the same server with them and all you hear is old people rambling about everything that happened 😅😅

  6. Friggen awesome lol. Also wanted to let you know I have a couple of friday the 13th tutorial and tip videos on my channel you should check out, checked out yours, looks good!

  7. Feel like it could be interesting to see them try Elite: Dangerous. First, every generation has people who fantasize of space travel, and I would love to see their response to getting to live that fantasy in some way. Second, I can only imagine how great it'd be to watch them figure out the controls.

  8. Please I really want another Friday the 13th college kids part 3!!!! Please you'll make my day go fantastic!!! But make sure the same people are reacting!! (especially Brandon and Labib)

  9. For the elders: As a girl, find Jason's shack and grab Pamela's sweater. Then someone good has to be Tommy Jarvis. He has to get a machete first. But do enough damage to Jason to take of his mask. After that, The girl has to stun Jason with the sweater and Tommy has to melee Jason. Then the cutscene starts.

  10. The age range isn't teen to young adults. Fans of the franchise mostly in their late 20s – 40s are the ones who helped fund the game most to make it happen and play. I've been playing this game for a while and there's always much older and much younger players , mostly kids , teens and anyone between 20-40ish

  11. I don't buy that these "elders" didn't run into kids that "put them on blast" as a sassy female might say, just straight trolling them telling them how old they are and asking how they got a wifi connection in their old age home or in the graveyard haha

  12. 4:49 'pick up a chair and throw it' 😂😂 sir this is not wwe but I shole hope the game designers put more interactive objects in jus for that purpose lmao

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