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Elder Scrolls Online Costs $200 Million to Make – RPG Report Game News

October 10, 2019

Helloooooo world! It is I, The Student Sword,
co-host of The RPG Fanatic Show. As a result of my contributions to the RPGology episodes
on this channel, the big whigs in Hollywood have finally recognized my amazing personality
and excellent research skills. They gave my own show, The RPG Report, so that I may follow
in the foot-steps of the Papa Bear himself as a totally legitimate source of other’s
peoples news-reporting skills, which may or may not be lifted ad verbatim from their own
websites. Some you may be wondering how I’m managing
to talk without having a mouth. Well, the answer is simple: I’m projecting my thoughts
directly into your mind! Or, through your speaker system; whichever explanation floats
your boat the best. I will now bring you today’s first news story. Telltale Games Co-Founder & CEO Dan Connors
thinks the rest of the gaming industry ignores story. In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s
“Taking Stock”, Dan said what every gamer in the entire world knows to be true; that
Telltales is the only company that does video game story-telling well. Oh, what a tale the CEO of Telltale Games
is telling. I’m sure that fans of other companies will adamantly agree with his viewpoints,
that the licensed TV show games Telltales makes that are based on Game of Thrones and
The Walking Dead are the only games the industry has produced that focus on telling a great
story. There couldn’t possibly be any negative back-lash from the gaming community as a result
of his 100% accurate assessment. Nope, that would never happen. Also, proving that Christmas was a very slow
news day for the games industry, GamePro reports that the Guiness Book of World Records has
endorsed one man’s unhealthy hoarding of videogames. 43-year old Buffalo, New York resident Michael
Thomasson has a library of 10,607 games stored in his Buffalo, New York home, dethroning
the past record of 8,616 from 2010. Michael is quoted as saying, “I have games on cartridge,
laser disc. I have VHS-based games, cassette-based games,” In addition to traditional consoles
like Xboxes and PlayStations, Thomasson’s collection includes rare systems like the
Casio Loopy and Apple’s Pippin console. Seriously guys, is this what the game collecting
hobby has been reduced to? Collecting Apple Pippin games? Looking to see if they can unseat BioWare
as the king of over-hyped financial disasters, an industry source has leaked information
that Elder Scrolls Online will cost over $200 million dollars to develop. http://www.igameresponsibly.com/2014/01/01/report-bethesdas-elder-scrolls-online-development-cost-insane/ A detailed article about the game’s features
has also been published to MMOgames.com But before I talk about them, I want to go
side-ways for a moment. Zenimax has in place one of the most heavily policed Non-Disclosure
Agreements the internet has ever seen. According to the NDA for the beta program,
players may not disclose anything relating to “software, software code, designs, graphics,
rules, playing strategies, artwork, visual depictions, plot, theme, settings, characters,
characterizations, skills, emails, screenshots, marketing emails, marketing and promotional
plans, current, future or proposed products or services of ZeniMax, written or printed
documents, announcements or pre-releases, product samples, artwork, graphics, promotional
and/or marketing items), the Beta Trial forums and other private ZeniMax forums, business
and/or trade secrets, testing protocols, processes, and standards relating to the Game and/or
associated products or services of ZeniMax.” Basically if you talk to anyone about anything
related to Zenimax and Elder Scrolls you will get sued into oblivion.
Anyway, since I haven’t signed the NDA I can say whatever the hell I want about Elder Scrolls.
So here some things that have been leaked about the game: Elder Scrolls will launch with a monthly subscription
plan. Hmm, a brand new MMO that costs an obscene
amount of money to make AND has a monthly subscription fee? Where have I seen this combination
of bad ideas before? -show image of SW: TOR – I feel like this has been attempted, and
it hasn’t worked. But I can’t remember what game it was…hmm…oh well… The game will have tons of options for players
to customize the physical appearance of their character, to the same level as they have
experienced in prior games in the series like Oblivion and Skyrim. At character creation, players will be able
to choose between four initial classes: Templar, Dragon Knight, Sorcerer and Nightblade. These
classes have been described as a “template” with three talent trees for characters to
choose skills from….hmmm where I have heard this before? I can’t recall its exact name,
but I vaguely recall there being another MMORPG with classes having three talent trees to
pick between….oh well. Elder Scrolls Online will also have three
factions for characters to choose between, rather than the conventional two games popular
in….god I cannot for the life of me remember what those games were called… Anyway, choosing a faction is related to which
playable races you can pick from and which side of the PVP battle-field you’ll begin
matches at , which begs the question: do you want to get ganked by Orcs, elves or lizard-people? On that note, a petition has just been launched by
fans asking Bethesda to “throw throw us a bone” and release any kind of hint that
Fallout 4 is in development. Which brings us to our weather report. Everyone should expect a lot of rain this
week, because we have a mighty downpour caused by the tears of a thousand fanboys. CD Projekt has announced it is canceling two
expansions that were under development for The Witcher; Scars of Betrayal and Outcast.
It seems the the company on the brink of bankruptcy after having wasted all their Witcher 1 sales
money on another canceled title, The Witcher: White Wolf and had to take on new investors
who have new ideas. All efforts will now be focused on their next-gen title The Witcher
3, which will undoubtedly be filled to the brim with tons of DLC content. Ah, as the
world turns so shall it be. Adding to the qq storm is the announcement
that the MMORPG Remnant Knights will be shut down. Suba Games is attempting to save the
game by using a Facebook ‘like’ campaign. What Facebook likes have to do with funding
a failing videogame I have no idea, but if you care about this game, I say go and support
it. In other news, Dragon Age: Inquisition has
been postponed to a late 2014 release. In a developer interview with OXM, BioWare producer
Cameron Lee says they need extra time to make the Qunari a playable race. He is quoted as
saying “taking something from 90 to 95 percent is just incredibly difficult and it requires
a lot of time and focus and energy to do.” BioWare fanboys will no doubt be glad to hear
the game is being delayed because of something that only represents 5% of the game content. That’s our show for today folks. If you enjoyed
this video please share it on Facebook, Twitter and reedit, and make sure you also check our
YouTube channel for more great news and RPG video-game reviews. Also check out our Kickstarter
project for the updated version of our website. I shamelessly endorse it. Now, let us know what you think in the comment
section below; what was the best and worst game you played in 2013?

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  1. Hmm, the best game of 2013 I played was Bioshock Infinite for it's story. The worst would have to go too…hmm the worst would have to go too…I can't really pick one! xD Also this is my first time ever watching and I loved it! Subscribed and can't wait to watch more 😀

  2. Things are really picking up it seems,lol. It's great to see some new content bro. Was smiling the whole way through,haha. Keep it up man. You know you always can count on a thumbs up from me 🙂

  3. Awesome idea for a seperate series. This is great for people who want to cut through the fluff and get RPG related news. This is a good video, looking forward to more man. =)

  4. one other thing you should make an empty annotation box over your links. I wanted to click your facebook thing at the end of your video to add u but the link doesnt appear to be anywhere to be seen.

  5. Fact check. ESO $200m was a rumor debunked. Subscription model was officially announced not leaked.


  6. This is pretty sweet. I like the new show. There's obviously nothing here to warrant it to be banded, except for all the actually non bias news. Ewww…who wanz dat? HOW CAN I KNOW WHAT TO THINK IF NO ONE TELLS ME!!!

    Worst game I played of 2013 [mechanics]: Batman Arkham Origins
    Worst game I played of 2013 [story]: Dragons' Dogma

  7. Well that is epic buddy and screw n4g for their lack of sense

    My fave games of 2013 have to be either gt5 or kingdom hearts 1.5 not new but its epic and shiny haha

    Worst has to be hands down aliens colonial marines as an avid fan of those movies see that crap of a game come out made me cry

    Also do you have magic powers to get suikoden 2 on psn cause that game is way to spendy to buy even used haha

  8. while I like telltale games those two execs come off a bit pretentious to me plenty of games today still come out with good story's in them when you find them but even then with video games, the platform is on of the most interactive forms of entertainment available today and will always need to focus first on making game play fun or the audience may not stick around for the story but this is just my viewpoint.

    Now about the elderscrolls mmo I think the company is heading to the common mmo format which just dosent fit the series and slapping the lore onto the template will not make it successful.

    sorry for makeing this comment so long to answer the question from the video I can't remember the best or worst game I played in 2013 but most of them were enjoyable non the less.One last thing the new series with the student sword as host is gonna go strong for a long time
    -haven the burning soul signing out

  9. There is no denying that Elder Scrolls is an amazing series, but it worries me a little that they are choosing to go with a monthly fee to pay on top of a retail purchase that is already in the higher price range.  It is hard for me to think about going back to paying a monthly fee with a few fun and sustainable games that have no monthly fee (Tera, Guild Wars 2 and Rift).  Let's not forget about the die-hard WoW fans who have already devoted their time and money to an already legendary game.  What more can Elder Scrolls seriously offer?  I will be interested to see if this game will have enough interest/longevity to make a mark in the MMO gaming market.

  10. Dude, I love the idea but use your regular voice…   the voiceover work isn't able to add enough inflection.  If you watch any successful comedian you'll notice how important voice inflection is.

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