El Final De Hunter 😢🌋 (Ark Mobile)
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El Final De Hunter 😢🌋 (Ark Mobile)

February 21, 2020

Welcome, we build here near the Chinese base We have to remove them from our server A little bit of PvP 🥵 Bye I’m hooked, I can’t get a peephole Let’s go Boat with turrets 😦 Therii 😦 They are shooting with Tek, fck They try to destroy our fob They stuck their dinos with the traps 😝 I will try to destroy turrets of them Where are you going? 😈 Another one Fck they grabbed me Again I defend a base of allies We already hook a quetzal, but they are 2 I don’t have enough weight to stop it They already raided them 😓 They put a fob too They attack the volcano The volcano is already in the final game 😓😓 They constantly attacked and we couldn’t do much Many allies did not follow orders and we could never attack their base well Volcano destroyed …

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