Ein Tag mit Österreichs Langlaufhoffnung Teresa Stadlober
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Ein Tag mit Österreichs Langlaufhoffnung Teresa Stadlober

November 17, 2019

I am in Ramsau right now, at the moment we are at the Zechmann Hof. We’re on a training course, actually planned to do a glacier course there, so to drive onto the glacier to collect snow kilometers. Unfortunately the weather is too good, there is no snow. It is not possible at the moment. I haven’t been up yet this year, and now we’re doing the units on rollerskis, we go running, we do weight training, alternative as we always do in summer. So now breakfast is always around 7:15, then the fact that it is always a bit colder in the morning means that we don’t start training until 9:00 am. Today we were rollerskiing, an easy session and then we have a good lunch Lunch break and in the afternoon we do some strength training. And then the day is already over after dinner anyway. The main focus would actually be on skiing. We had to change our plans a bit. So the focus is now on the intensive units. They’re about 4 to 5 mmol/l lactate. Of course also technique and the hours should not be neglected. So if you do competitive sports professionally or just then go to the courses, it goes of course already after the points, but it fits pretty well, you need a little order. then you can focus and concentrate on training. Now in the afternoon you have to take the time to prepare the skis a bit. But now with skin skis it’s quite fast and with liquid wax you can quickly fix the ski again. and then you’re ready for the next unit or snow unit the next day. Ever since Seefeld received the World Championships, this has been in the back of everyone’s mind. Now it’s four years, three years, two years. Now there are only a few months left. It is getting closer and closer. We are really looking forward to it. We are not used to running in Austria World Cup competitions, just the last season was the first time to run infront of home crowd and it was already very special and I am very much looking forward to the World Champs. The whole last season was already quite good for me, ran well from the beginning and I just see, it’s really something inside, I can also run in front at a big event and I’d like to keep working on that or keep working on me so I can really get the medal. The hours and the days after were certainly very hard, but I actually saw it more relaxed. I didn’t go there and wanted to make a medal at all costs. The only stupid thing is that everything would have fitted that day. But I made a mistake and I had to learn to handle it because many. talk to me about it and still ask if I have overcome that. Thank God I was able to check this off right away, and the following week I already entered the World Cup again in Lahti. What else is there to do? You have to tick that off, there are still enough races to come, I’ll be in Beijing for sure. Yes and then see that you make the best of it.

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