Eighty-three bushfires still burning after day of catastrophic fire threat
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Eighty-three bushfires still burning after day of catastrophic fire threat

November 20, 2019

We’ve still got 83 fires burning
across New South Wales and 50 of those are uncontained. The closest fire at watch and act
to Sydney is just to the north, the Gospers Mountain fire,
which is burning from the top end of Lithgow,
through to Hawkesbury. It crossed the Putty Road yesterday,
impacting the communities of Mellong and Howes Swamp. It’s burning and spotting just north
of the Wisemans Ferry, northwest of the northern
Wisemans Ferry, St Albans area. But then we go really up to
northeastern New South Wales where we’ve still got one fire
at the emergency warning alert level, the Liberation fire, which is to the
west of Coff’s Harbour and overnight it burnt down
and spotted down very close to and in and around areas like
Nana Glen. That fire remains
at emergency warning. It’s a significant sized fire. It’s in the order of 150,000 hectares,
which means you’re talking about a fire edge – a fire perimeter –
of more than 1,000 kilometres. It is still susceptible to wind influence
and extending that fire perimeter over the coming days. We’ve got another 16 fires that remain
at watch and act alert level, indicative of the tenuous nature
and the potential for those fires to move and spread
if the conditions dictate. Throughout the day yesterday,
we had 19 fires that got to the emergency warning
alert level. At the peak of the day we saw
16 fires concurrently at the emergency warning
alert level. But the amount of dense smoke
that effectively blanketed northeastern New South Wales
served as an insulation layer, served as a buffer that prevented
those strong winds that were building throughout
the morning mixing down and influencing the fire behaviour. The effort of the winds
was really about trying to clear that smoke and it wasn’t until
some several hours later, once the smoke was cleared,
that the wind was getting down and influencing that fire behaviour. That was one of the key drivers
as to why the fires didn’t spread quite as far as all the behaviour
specialists thought they would. And thank goodness. As discomforting as that might
have been, that smoke layer, it served as an insulator
and prevented those fires starting to spread as early as
otherwise would have been the case.

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