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Egg Archery Range

August 16, 2019

Hi Hi Hi, I’m Slayer Virus And welcome in my video, in which
I’d like to present you some kind of , I think – Interesting idea to have some fun in Multiplayer It’s a game, that i’ve figure while Doing some random stuff Dunno if it already exists I’ve searched for about hour and didn’t found anything It’s a Archery Range πŸ˜€ And this is a simple version
to show main concept Here we don’t use bow, we use Eggs πŸ™‚ After throwing an egg into a hole we receive a prizee πŸ˜€ Condition is – and that’s the lucky part that egg throw will give us… spawned baby chicken ^_^ The chance is 1/8 so this is also a luck-based Chikney in hole, falls onto mechanism And gives us a sound from a noteblock So let’s give it a try There’s a sound, so we wait… and there’s a prize, in this case..leaves Let’s throw there.. Throwing into different holes,
gives us different prize Out of luck today… In multiplayer tournaments, players could have
a specific ammount of eggs let’s say..about 20 for a game Am i unluckiest guy in a… ..there it is. Chickey falls in… andddd………. bug oh.. he jumped off… bad throw How could you jump off you chickeyyy>.

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