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Eerskraft: The Minecraft RIP-OFF Game for Mobile – Gameplay Android

September 7, 2019

hello ladies and gentlemen my name is
Vince welcome to another daily gameplay video everyone I have a very interesting
game to show you today called Eerskraft: Eerskraft for android is absolutely blowing up on the
Marketplace right now what this game is to me is a legitimate carbon copy of
Minecraft and it’s for free right now anyone can literally play it the game is
absolutely littered with advertisements so this is my Eerskraft gameplay video covering how this is a minecraft rip off or maybe don’t play it because if I’m
corrected these people who made Eerskraft for android game have but no permission to do this
if they have permission to do it like this
I would be absolutely amazed okay right now most of the skins are locked and it
says we’re unable to connect to the store maybe check your internet
connection what I think’s gonna happen eventually is they’re gonna start
charging people for skins that’s my hunch here guys okay look I’ve turned
off my internet connection because the game just bombard you with ads but you
have to see this minecraft ripoff okay you have to see
this you’re ready I want to create a new world right now look you even have
survival or creative or go survive we’ll start off with so I can show you what’s
going on here right look at this look at this everyone is this not Minecraft
for real is this not minecraft I’m amazed so this is allowed on the
marketplace you can even dash and sprint I’m fairly sure you can even go into
third-person mode if I’m correct how is this allowed on the marketplace dude how
is this even legal I don’t understand look right there and that just appeared
and kicked me out of the game see cuz my Internet’s turned off though they cannot
play the ad so as you’re playing along every like minute or so an ad will
appear how is that seriously the game behaves just like Minecraft watch
I’ll walk up to this tree and try and get some wood out of it I mean it looks
slightly different in the way of the chickens don’t really have eyes I mean
that there’s some pale looking eyes look at that everyone that’s kind of freaky
isn’t it oh there’s like a blind little chicken though you can hit this hit the
chicken same concept this is ax same concept as Minecraft watch this I’ll
chop down the tree do this
how crazy is this man this is right now you can play this right now for free now
it has over a million downloads I’m pretty sure as well on the span of a
week you guys think how intense that is due for a gantry game to blow up like
this I also have my five logs now what can we do with them here we go guys look
at this you ready oh I can make oak wood planks sure not gonna do with it oak
wood planks that ain’t me no right now apparently can make four sticks right
now for one two with my planks here guys which I reckon I will do them as craft
some of the sticks there go now have four sticks two planks or wood should I
say four oak wood and one chicken as you can see here we have a little piggy with
a diamond helmet on so that’s pretty interesting I don’t think I can get the
diamond helmet but do it kill the pig though so keep that in mind everyone I
don’t know if they have that in normal minecraft or not since I have not played
the normal minecraft and quite a bit of years I just ate some raw food then
looks like nothing really changed on the top of my screen there interesting
enough by the way it looks like you have a lot of health as well unless that’s
the normal amount of Minecraft now let me just get some more wood here guys
there’s created a crafting table now beautiful so we’ll place down the
crafting table we can start making a weapon alright I have enough for a
wooden sword already everyone sweet look at this I got a wooden sword in the fake
Minecraft that’s just great it was we’re playing Minecraft again after so long
but I guess it’s not even minecraft due to some sort of cheap knockoff version I
cannot believe the amount of advertisements look as I’m speaking and
that of at iseman appears I cannot believe the amount of ads that are in
this game about how much money are the developers making off this and
especially if it’s not even legal how everyone over a million downloads
you’re gonna think about the ad revenue on that there’s another pig with a
helmet there looks like all the pigs have helmets on from what I’ve seen so
far I meant to see one that does not have a
helmet let’s pull out this wood let’s quickly try and craft a whole bunch of
planks so now what I like to do back in the day everyone was actually just
placed down a whole bunch of planks thinking that it’s my home though of
course this would be the worst spot – technically build your home but it is
Minecraft after all so you can’t modify the area of course actually now I think
about it that is a terrible spot to build a home and I cannot be bothered
actually playing this game enough to worry about that I just have to show you
all what this game dude seriously let me know in the
comments below what you think about this man cuz I’m actually shocked that this
is allowed in the marketplace if this is illegal I hope that the developers get
involved with this look at this another ads disappeared as I’m talking
I mean developers are now are they Microsoft now microsoft owns minecraft
one correct do you know what let’s exit to title here and then let’s go and play
the creative mode shall we creative yep let’s go to creative mode here we go oh
boy look at this oh wow you can do everything that you
can do in the original minecraft in this game mode as well this is insane how
about inventory what’s here everything’s here dude this is intense well I want
the helmets I want the chest only problem is I have no idea how to
actually drop items in this game that’s alright I’ll put the helmet on
let me just equip full set of gear here guys shall we let’s equip my breastplate
there beautiful what a game bro diamond leggings nice
and of course my diamond boots there you have it so let’s quickly equip the sword
here as well there we go we have a full set of diamond pretty much sorry that’s
that everyone we’ve now completed the game oh look at this down here guys here
we go can we invade this building is anyone
home I’d love to see if anyone’s home right now come on knock down the buddy
knock it down what can’t you destroy blocks in this game anymore with a
weapon I could have sworn you could back in the day either way here we go so far
remember correctly if I dig down there we go secret room see I remember
minecraft that’s all this time guys look at his chest as well with items in it ah
okay that was a trap I can hear an enemy oh look enemies dude there are enemies
in here here’s a spawner monster spawner hello goodbye spider
hello mr. spider this is actually pretty interesting that they made this here do
they actually copy the game code for code I reckon seriously this is
brilliant ants I gotta give it to them let me just destroy the spawner here if
I can can you destroy spawn is in this game I could’ve sworn you could I think
cuz I’m in a creative mode I have to pick it up right oh yeah there you go
know what okay cool those others a chat mode as well within
the game is meant to have multiplayer apparently eventually anyway don’t know
how the they’re gonna manage to do that but either way there is a third
person mode here as well guys look at this
legit oh let’s just take a little photo for the thumbnail here unbelievable all
right guys that’s all I want to show you today of this game I go 90 if this is
legal or not I just had to post a video on it what is available out in
the marketplace these days god knows if you enjoyed the video either way please
you’re sure to hit that like button I do post gaming videos everyday various
content I just had to show you all this stay safe out there guys I’ll see y’all
tomorrow for the next gaming video see you around

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  1. GUYS. Here is the update video to this original video, this is a must see as new updates have happened since then! –

  2. They even use the same fucking sound effects.. I see the ad for this game on Pewdiepies gameplays, fucking hell it looks awful

  3. Mojang :Wait what!?!?!?!
    The bootleg minecraft dev :ahahahahahahha
    Mojang : sends copyright shit
    Stupid dev:ffffffffffuuuuuuu

  4. It broke my minecraft the worlds transferred from minecraft to earscraft now my minecraft chat I wired like in earscraft

  5. So Many Things Look The Same But less is not If They Put More detail on the game This Is A Full Copy lol They Might Get sued for copying AND BRUH THEY COPIED DESERT TEMPLE Villages They Look the same

  6. We should report their game and ads they slote the code and made a add from a minecraft building tutorial

  7. these fake apps are literally 0.15.0 mcpe modded apks with bugs and stuff, and Playstore does nothing. Uses minecraft youtuber clips of playing it on the Java PC version. blatantly breaking the law, no shame really.

  8. Ay people should stop complaining because yes its a rip off but its the closest thing to minecraft since Crafting and Building changed and if you dont wat ads just take of your connection

  9. I've noticed that some of these mechanics like the gamemodes are similar to that from mobile minecraft back in around 2013. They just slapped on a previous version of the create world sheet.

  10. I tried searched Eerskraft but nothing. I also tried to click on the link in description nothing either. I guess Mojang really taken down Eerskraft or it just me?

  11. The thing is , the more attention it gets, good or bad it will make more money and people who review games that are like this download the game which leads them to get more downloads. Thus, more money

  12. The game uses MINECRAFT videos for THEIR ads. Eerskraft even illegally used a minecraft build tutorial for their own ads

  13. this game is f**** sh** I love minecraft i dont care its free minecraft is a legend game like if u guys agree – like if youre a minecraft guy❤ Sorry im being toxic but i have to i hope mojang do something about this game

  14. They using minecraft video and making it ads and this game is just a re texture of minecraft please report this app i will reporting it noe for copyright

  15. I play eerskraft cuz my parents wont allow me to spend money just for a game they want me to spend money on my needs not on my wants😭😭😭😭😭

  16. apparently, there are many Minecraft bootlegs in play store, the bootlegs will be removed eventually so as the "Eerskraft" is now removed.

  17. Bruh why do people keep talking about this and not "crafting and building" i was able to comnect to friends and servers it's on like the latest version been on playstore for a like a year

  18. I'm one of those people who doesn't really mind ads so I play this but I also have Minecraft and it's just like Minecraft but with more texture and bugs but it's like identical

  19. been poor its not a even an excuse to not have minecraft you can just download it from aptoide for free. just say goodbye to multipayer

  20. Check out multi craft it’s another rip off of Minecraft but it’s with the faithful texture pack and puts ads in the game

  21. It's actually minecraft, it recognizes worlds, they just put textures on it, it's like 0.13.0 or 0.12.0 alpha mcpe. Don't even try it.

  22. The fact that annoys me most is that they didn’t even try to make their own sprites, the diamond sword along with all the other items are literally just a CTRL C+V

  23. How does Google accept this?

    As long as you pay them a lot of cash money, they will accept whatever shit you suggest

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