Ebony Warrior made easy! (no crafting, Dragonborn spoilers)

August 16, 2019

All right. So I’m going to show you a few ways to take all the fun and challenge out of killing the Ebony Warrior. So here, I’m using the werewolf. I’m using the swipe attack, which is just both attack buttons at once. And he’s pretty helpless. There he goes off the cliff. Now you do have to deal the killing blow yourself. He’s “protected,” so only you can kill him. He won’t die from falling damage. He’ll heal to full while he’s getting up. Vampire Lord… pretty straightforward. Just backpedal/strafe while attacking. He can hurt you if he gets to hit you, but… you’re pretty fast so you shouldn’t be in any real danger. Right now, I’m removing all my items to show that you don’t need items to do any of these things. This is going to be a pickpocket trick. So get hidden, and Fus Ro Dah. If you’re not hidden it’ll say that he already caught you. It’s okay to then get detected. Look: Just get behind him and you can take all his stuff. You do need all the pickpocket perks for this to work, though. Sneak. As you can see, I have no gear. Well, I have the Dark Brotherhood gloves but those are pretty easy to get. No enchants, no smithing. Just watch. Two power attacks. That’s pretty overpowered. Speaking of overpowered, I’m about to use Marked for Death, which reduces armor. He’ll accept your first yield, so just yield. I wait for an hour to save some time. Now he has -3000 armor. I summoned some guys to fight for me because I don’t want to deal with reflect damage. Just watch his health drop. This is Master, BTW. Here’s just a few other things that work. Windshear, a unique sword. Power bash, a perk. Shield charge, another perk. I also use Destruction Dual Casting (Impact) I use Firebolt because I don’t have any cast reduction and I can’t afford the more expensive spells. Any mage can can make him their plaything If they don’t mind being a little cheap. Disarming bash, another perk: he can be disarmed. You can disarm his bow too, but I decided to use some illusion. If you have a fully perked illusion tree, you can calm him. Dual cast Pacify. Dual cast Rout. Look at him go I was disappointed to find out that grip doesn’t work. Nor does paralyze. Trying it now… Oh god, don’t hurt me. Yeah, I died. Karstaag… A lot of people don’t know this, but on Master, enemies take less damage from each other. That being said, the Ebony Warrior does not stand a chance. But Karstaag doesn’t have enough time to kill him, on Master, before his summon runs out. Either way, it’s pretty one-sided. So there’s the biggest badass in Skyrim.

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