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Ebonixsims: Creating custom content for gamers like me – BBC Africa

November 6, 2019

Hi my name is Danielle. I also go by Ebonix or Ebonixsims online. I’m half-Nigerian and half-Bajan and I make
custom video game content. Custom content is content that is user-generated
by players, gamers, like myself, who just want to add a little bit of more
spice into their game. I started making content because I wanted
to make myself. I literally wanted a dashiki at first
but then I really thought to myself: ‘Hold on, I can’t make myself. There isn’t anything out there.’ And I came to the realisation that
there is a gap, there’s something missing and that needed to be filled. And so I started creating content
so that I could fill that gap and bring representation to the game I love. It helps me explore my Nigerian identity in
particular because there are pieces of content I’ve made that
I’ve used ankara and kente and stuff like that, so it helps
me dive into how beautifully diverse our textures
and textiles are and I wanted to bring that into the game because
I’ve been wearing it from when I was born. To see T-Pain
using my content and looking for dreads. It was an achievement. The exposure really highlighted to a lot people
like: ‘Wow, there’s someone that makes content
for us?’ I’ve received so many messages. One in particular that stood out to me was
from a lady, she said that her niece has always hated herself,
hated how she looked and her hair and stuff. And asked me if I could make her hair. The response back was:
‘My niece has absolutely fallen in love with her sim-self.’ There’s so much love that has come from
the community and it overwhelms me. And it gives me a long of drive, because there
are days where I just don’t feel as motivated but
those are the days that I get messages. The end goal for me really is
to be an adviser for gaming companies, if not a creator myself,
to bring a lot more change and a lot more diversity into games,
so when you go to create a character, you’ve got the content to make a character
that looks like you. So I really want to push the diversity and
the representation agenda in all games.

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  1. I dont even live in that hemisphere of the world but i can Definitely appreciate this kind of content. I play alot of single player Rpgs that usually allow you to a create custom character. The options for those of us who are of afro origin are allows limited. Keep innovating though, changing the landscape ??

  2. This is AWESOME BBC Africa Positivity right here!! I love the sims!! Its so frustrating when base character creation lacks things like like afro hair, braids or even dark enough skin so it's hard to recreate yourself. I appreciate her efforts to address this and I hope she's hired to do this professionally so it becomes STANDARD!! This is what #diversity should mean

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