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August 23, 2019

lol I see you gold Today, We are Eating until, we die Because Today? We are Playing eat or die What do you be Playing you’re Eating so you don’t die oh? heehe oh Well okJALIYAH We’re Running away from a giant giant Person who Wants to eat Us so that’s the point so what’s the point of Us eating again so they can’t eat us, no?jaLIYAH We get yeah I guess if We get big enough they can’t eat US and we’ll eat them like the way this is oh come on I really want this ice Cream cone it does mean Is? jaliyah is the best she will always rule and eat candy for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr There Any Food Because This, oh it’s Edible okay a Pizza Me want to go to mcDonald’s Oh yeah, I’m Gonna Make Donald’s With McDonald’s that um good Question Okay, this is your a me stand here five With Five Seconds Without Food how dare you rate my Buddy I wouldn’t Walk that Way? If I were you oh Guys so, let’s get out of here They are trying to murder us who’s that Cheese but I love Cheeseburgers, no? No They’ll always so chill Funny what do you think the smoke Is that Pops out, well be Job do you think it’s Farts No Clearly it is a jumping Powers. Wait wheres gold and Luna gold and Luna are you guys dead or safe yeah oh they have died in The first round Maybe if I get in this car I’ll be safe you Guys Get in He’s looking He’s Throwing Burgers, oh? You know, what get out, we’re Gonna Continue to eat I’m not big Enough to Destroy him yet Well That Guy’s Bigger Than me ooh a chocolate donut for now let’s eat that This Pizza Is not Edible Yet You Guys He’s Still alive yes He’s Deliberately for People like why Don’t we do this and you got an Almost 60 Seconds, oh cheeseburger in the Playground House Take one of those Please and Taco, well He’s Really Bad at this I think I’m Gonna win Guys Nobody the opposite Side Hand Cakes These are the wing, oh it’s track We’ll still. Is that drago, oh hi Drago This Is my Student who Should I go in this House Here Sandwich Finally I can sit Down I’m Enjoying my life in This House while that Guy Tries to murder Drago of Course thought, oh? Wait We Could run and Get Get fit in Here Oh, yeah, the pleb you, won with? Okay, Now, We are Ready that girl just Said Noobs Money you gave you extra Chums Chance what does that mean Oh that means you get an extra Chance to be the Chubby Person to Destroy Everyone What is this This Is like Chubsters Watching, oh Please Let me Play Cups? A big I really want to be Chyna be chuck’s Who’s gonna be Chubs isn’t it Girl isn’t that the girl Nicole Everyone Noobs yeah, well let’s see, who, they do now She’ll Never Catch Any of Us oh Candy Kingdom oh Candy ice Cream and We got Pancakes our Madame Tussaud Fidus and Gummy Bears This is the like Candy Kingdom I would love to live here but, We got to get extra Extra Chubby Because, We do not want them to kill us, oh wait Hiding I feel like Chopping this Makes you run, Faster right yeah i, oh yeah That’s That’s True you have to be picky why, do you get choppy here Because Food, doesn’t Spawn in As fast Anymore Oh, deep Powder stuff, oh I really know a really Fattening ball my God I’ll turn Around it’s not Worth it what A mess so fall she dies who Can I eat this ice Cream Nope Triple Donuts Where are you Guys hi Sweet Old man I really want this Time? Just hide in Here Why, Didn’t you it’s safe it’s Safe, okay Looted We gotta go find the rest of the Crew Where’s the rest of the Crew at the Top of the Castle She’s in The Castle you guys She’s got A car with A lot of Carpet A lot of when She actually in the Castle She’s Behind the Tree behind the door, oh, no I just got Skinnier Way Up, here to stay up here, was Saying She’s out we’re See, oh, no I just got skinny again I don’t have Room in Power I’m Hungry You’re Hungry you Have to Keep Eating you guys, oh We could Just you Could Just Stay Alive UP here right I’m Starving I’m not Lumpy Anymore Friday We don’t need to write anymore we’re Kings of A castle Are you Sure She knocks this you know what I’m Just Gonna go in Here and Look, hello, oh she Has Rage but she, was like what A waste of Time This Tiny Plant Castle to eat These Four Houses Yes we’ve all Gained extra Chubs? Hmm i can Feel the chub chance now since, We have played this game Approximately two Times I have a good Feeling that We will be Chubs all the Crew Members will be chopped Anyone want to drink Ketchup? Then You will not be Chubs the trick to being Jobs is to eat in Everything, oh? Like 20 chester There Twice it’s Because they love him Oh, or, Maybe he Paid he’s A rope Box by the cabbage I’m Gonna go back to I’m just gonna eat Bigger than you Guys I’m gonna get you know nuts Doughnuts and Pancakes, oh Tells you in Front of my Vision you know Enough chocolate okay let’s go, well pie let’s get This pie Honey Let’s hide in the Castle on dad’s Can’t get out There ah that’s right Chubs can’t get out There okay jobs We are Hiding other Crew Members Please meet at the coward soul someone Just died? okay, Coco Coco, Already Way ahead of you Go, One Or two Burger Can climb up the ladder Dude Move Aside you chumps is Destroying everybody Where’s it Going are We safe Up here Jobs Honestly I feel like this Castle is going inside the Cat, no Is he Chasing, oh no i died I died oh this Vicious Chubbs has Destroyed me We need to Respect it whoever’s the life Chop, now, we go? oh Man Chop mat Chops is Gonna murder you try, to go to the cave Jaqueline truck, was in the cave? Rocco You Should Have Just kept Running, Dude you ran in the House and he Just Threw That Burger in There and you exploded Blew This, oh, oh, they, Lost Their anger Trigger, They’re like Wow Good Jungle my cold Side Way Cold Where were you hiding Well When Drago Ran Through my hiding Space he Broke Down my home so i escaped while he chase trap, oh? Nice I feel like my next Tactic will be Hiding in the Rubble Returning to be Trash Rat Police who is gonna be Chubs next There’s five of Us how High Exploded Ferger Wrong Drago eight jobs He’s Destroyed older People he’s eaten Up the little Guys The little Chubby’s Cuz He is the Chubbiest of Their Mouth oh Ice Cream no chocolate okay? Let’s Grab that hey? Hey hey hey yeah, oh where are you guys all higher Didn’t Tell you Drago Catania, oh Honey We’re Over here Break Buildings Down We need to run Gold I’m not trying to like Take away your Position by are you hiding in a House No Are you Hiding in the Castle chops Track, oh I see you go oh my God He’s murdering Gold Guys This is what You get for letting me? out of That House Yeah who are you what happened Jackal Were you eating a burger and then Somebody pushed it out of your Hands and it fell on the Floor Nope no I was eating Some? Tacos it’s okay, i can, give you what happened why are you so angry so Spicy and I’m Mad Angry Over Tacos Alrighty okay, well Maybe you, shouldn’t Have eaten That Taco then Rainbow It’s just what Me and you now I know it’s all you I know my Job is Destroying stuff Job Says Nope Bad Bad Bad Just Me and you chops hey Chuck’s to you up there Jobs go, away at all jobs go Destroy Rainbow. I heard she likes Spicy Taco What so who are you hi? Well well, well drac, oh you, were one Mean Chubs but you Cannot Beat Rainbows Captain skills? She has the Best Campus Feels above Time Lunar Is chops Gotta Eat all this Candy you Guys Group up, we know Lunar likes owen for the tasty One She likes Going for the plum Bob I will oh Buddy You’ll Hide here She’ll Ever Suspect, She’ll Ever Hurt This place Because it’s her Favorite color Dude Where’s Cold you, lost Gold No Just Hiding at this car There God Where are you Up, oh, I don’t want to Say Party She’s Coming This Way Come on let’s get out of here We Gotta eat man we Gotta eat to survive We got them eat that, oh? Rainbow Still There God Everyone Is getting pummeled this doesn’t Look very Good, oh I’m Slowing Down oh my God I was Spying on you Luna? Where are you Rainbow I will find you you’ll Never find Me in the caffeine Queen Let me Throw you, oh she told her Burgers of Evil I’m Hungry I need Food Go eat Candy like normal People No i’d like no you, don’t want me I’m a sick hide rattle my true How did you, lose Gold she, was right There? What Happened Here You Better Respect Character or something that’s a glitch Anyways, okay now? We have A 17% Chance of being Chubs Please please Please Let me Beat. Chubs is about what the true it was About? What True Call you Guys I have a Feeling I will never ever beat Chubs? The Wheel is Funny I just want to beat Chubs one Time I just Wanted I just want to feel it I’m Throwing a Burger and Making someone Explode There’s Gonna Be Jobs if You don’t need some Candy Okay, Guys Group up group up here Everyone Head to the haunted Mansion, We got free Candy We got the whole Crew here Because? We are Hiding from Chubs? Alright Boom We Gotta put our Hands Together We Gotta Make an Alliance? Even if A chocolate Bar rolls in that face, We will not eat it we are Pledging to beat Chubs Promise What why? Why? Can’t You why can’t you agree to the terms this Is a chocolate? Chocolate Bars okay fine Mist and oh here Keep an eye out where are you I’m dead Lunar Papa We’ll all get a puffles who’s Left he’s like Watch ah, who you got a Waukesha Bad Oh There’s Rainbow She’s Heading for That Chocolate Bar Alright Egg Chocolate Oh, no, no Drago Is Dead The Last Ones Alive Are Rainbow and Oh and, oh, oh he Sees you rainbow I hope you chose Really good hiding Spots Because This guy’s Gonna fun with you Whooping I Saved You go Girls will you hide it in the Mansion yeah Well You guys I have to tell you something I have Bought I? Have Bought Chubbs Chance because this is the only Way Money will Ever be Chubbs Funny has very Bad luck how About A table he has did you have A 47% Chance And this will be like super Sad Like This is gonna be so sad if I don’t get it be chops come on 27%, oh I smell some People With Dirty bums you Don’t want to eat us no it means I’m gonna Follow you like this and Destroy you Only I’m Looking I’m gonna be the Quiet chaps you know know Where What is A chocolate? that’s a nice House you have Their Lunar Honestly I’m not even Running out I have no Clue why, She’s Screaming that’s a nice House you have there Lunar and Learner have a Burger That’s it that’s it’s Time for you to die He’ll be here are you serious, no? That’s what You get I’m to the next one wow I wonder Where Could Possibly Be okay I’m Gonna Check this House But I see this one What’s Happening? Hey Now We have seven alive Laughs, we’re Just Like Taking this super slow Style you know I’m not Really Trying? Robbery okay, Hi, Knock-Knock it’s okay, I’m Coming in Anyway Nobody answer Nobody I ain’t Coming in Destroy you why do They Break Down one of These, walls Just Take a look Take a look at What went a little bit I tell you one Person right Thank you Guys Just Tell me Where you are? No, don’t talk me I Smell Something Delicious Somewhere Do you Honestly Think I’ve got, Silly Yeah have a Burger Behind you It was worth it it was Worth Killing Traffic, oh I will Take that We hope you Guys Enjoyed Roblox eat Or die if you? Did Make Sure to eat the like Button down Below for more we’re Trying to reach $9,000 likes don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel if You haven’t Already and We will see you all in the next one bye Guys

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  2. Did anyone notice that when you see your favorite singer and holds a fan girl:AHHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHAAAHHHHH

  3. Krew I just sall a sad video wen all the krew died and funneh and Draco WBA’s the only ones to survive i love you guy like u were my family like if you agre

  4. WOW, THIS GAME IS AWESOME! What's the name of this game? Click Reply and Javier Miguel will check what game is it called!

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