EASY PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that FLIES 100 Feet | Classic Fighter
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EASY PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that FLIES 100 Feet | Classic Fighter

October 9, 2019

Hello, everyone, welcome to Paper Artland I am Tri, and today, I will show you how to make a very simple paper airplane, the Classic Fighter This is a traditional paper airplane However, it has not had a standard way to fold yet. so I will show you guys a standard way to fold. And, I believe you guys will LOVE how it flies. Also, this is the plane that everyone must know how to make. Let’s start now! To make this paper airplane, you need a printing paper. You can use either a Letter size or A4 paper. First step, I fold the paper in half horizontally. unfold the paper. Next, I start from the top here, then fold it to the center crease. And, I repeat the same fold for the other side. Next step. I start from this edge, I fold it to the center crease. Then, I repeat the same fold the other
side And the following step, I start from the top here fold it to the bottom And, I use the center crease here as my reference. Okay! I will fold the triangle-shape here up! when I fold it up, I will fold it slowly until I see the intersection of the intersection of this edge and this edge. You can see the intersection right here. so or use this as my preference point to fold the triangle shape up! Now, I can use the center crease here as my guide (line) to fold it When you see this one (line) and this (one) are parallel or lined up that means you fold it correctly! Now, I can fold the paper in half. If you see all edges are lined up, that means you fold it (accurately) Next step, I turn the paper this way. Now, you can start from this edge and fold it down to this edge to create the wing. Unfold the paper, you have the wings here The following step, I will curve the end of the wings up… that is an IMPORTANT step which will help the plane fly well Okay, curve it up! Even more if you want (it fly higher) Make sure that you fix the wings, too. Here you go!! this is the Classic Fighter I hope you guys will enjoy making it! Also, test it out, and if it fly well for you, LIKE the video, SHARE it with your friends, and SUBSCRIBE my channel Finally, thank you for watching and see you next time

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  1. Thank you so much this is the dumbest thing I ever did and it is a very hard next time do it slow pretty please with a cherry on top

  2. Hi, when you make planes out of white paper, get a darker light or at least reposition it, because I can't see the creases

  3. Do you know how to make jet fighter paper plane, if you know please upload about fighter plane making tutorial!

  4. If u want ur plane to go to 10000000000000 feet then go to jet airplane or Mount Everest and leave ur plane from there!lol

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