EarthBound Part 2 – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Chuggaaconroy
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EarthBound Part 2 – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Chuggaaconroy

August 30, 2019

Did You Know? Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi personally wrote every line of dialogue in the script of Earthbound, excluding Moonside. Itoi didn’t know how to use computers at the time, and so he actually spoke each line aloud, often letter by letter, as a staff member would type it out. He would then observe the reaction of the transcriber to determine if the line was good or not. Itoi stated he didn’t think that the game would’ve turned out the same way, had he done it all himself. Many fans are aware Earthbound takes place in a fictional area called Eagleland, which is often thought to be a satirized version of the United States. However, in an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Shigesato Itoi stated that MOTHER is not necessarily set in America, but that the game is supposed to have an international feel. This is why many characters in the series hail from different cultures. The original Japanese MOTHER 2 has content that was altered in Earthbound to remove references to western pop culture, mostly because of legal concerns. MOTHER 2 features a delivery truck with the word “Come” on the side and a white underline with a swirl. This is often thought to resemble the logo for Coca-Cola. In Earthbound, the logo was altered, and instead features a running stick man. The Runaway Five in Earthbound was originally called The Tonzura Brothers and wore all-black suits. This was changed in Earthbound because the localization team felt the characters too closely resembled The Blues Brothers. One alteration in the original MOTHER to the NES Earth Bound prototype is of two non-playable characters. These characters were found by the localization team to closely resemble characters from the American comic strip “Peanuts”, Marcy and Pigpen to be specific. In an interview with, Nintendo of America’s Earthbound producer Phil Sandhop had this to say about the “Peanuts” reference: The music in Earthbound is well-known for its homages to western artists and compositions. The trumpet player in Onett will play the melody of Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9, Movement 2. The music that plays during a battle with a weak opponent sounds almost note-for-note like the song “Tequila” by The Champs. Famously, the battle music that plays while fighting Frank or a hippie contains an unquestionable nod to the opening of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. The American national anthem can be heard distorted in the background during segments of the music in Moonside. The “Megaton Walk” track from Dungeon Man features a drum beat that sounds remarkably similar to a segment from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. These samples in the music of Earthbound later caused controversy for Nintendo of America when the company tried to approve the game for digital distribution on the Wii’s Virtual Console. One of the original composers for Earthbound, Hirokazu Tanaka, mentioned in an interview with, that Earthbound was finally approved for re-release at the end of 2013 for the Wii U Virtual Console. During the announcement on Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mentioned the overwhelming fan outcry was the main reason for the release. The Earthbound series has a wide variety of unused and cut content within the data of each game. In Earthbound, the town of Threed has two NPC’s that were originally going to appear after the player defeats Master Belch. By modifying data values, the characters can be reinserted into the game. The first is actually very important to the game’s plot; it’s a detective that explains how the Mani-Mani Statue wound up in Fourside. The second is a character that can normally only be seen while riding the bus from Threed to Fourside. An unused item called Video Relaxant can still be found in the game’s files. It has no function, and the description of the item reads, “What the hey is this?” The party member Poo has an unused jumping animation, and the character Everdred has an unused ghost sprite similar to a playable party member’s, which suggests Everdred was going to be a party member at some point during development. Earthbound’s successor, MOTHER 3, has inaccessible content in the final version of the game. In the toilet dungeon in Chapter 8, two rooms are fully designed but can only be accessed with the use of a cheating device. The first is a bathroom with an overflowing toilet, and the second is a bathroom filled with a giant pile of toilet paper. MOTHER 3 also had an unused boss battle that could be accessed using a cheat device. The boss appears to change form several times, even taking on the likeness of the main story character Claus. The game has an unused battle action called Consider, and an unused stat Kindness. Three enemies can also be found in the game’s data that were absent from the final game. And lastly, a series of cutscenes can be found in the game’s data that were never used in the final game’s story. One scene features a flying interpreter moving around in the sky, another shows a flashback of the twins playing together, which was possibly going to be used near the end of the game, another flashback features the twins fighting each other, with Claus pushing Lucas down before their father intervenes, and the final unused cutscene features a flashback of Lucas and Claus in a field with their mother. Throughout the development of the series, several Earthbound projects were planned and even partially developed, but were ultimately scrapped. The first scrapped project was a sequel to MOTHER 2 that began its development for the Super Famicom. Development later shifted to the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive. The developers had planned to use features of the Disk Drive such as the internal clock and the ability to draw on the faces of the characters. After the failure of the Disk Drive, development shifted to a regular Nintendo 64 cartridge. The game suffered multiple delays and was eventually cancelled. Shigesato Itoi explained that the ambition of the project was too large and the development team was too inexperienced with 3D game development. Eventually, the remnants of the game were gathered up and converted into MOTHER 3 for the GameBoy Advance. At some point in the Nintendo 64 version of MOTHER 3’s development, an expansion pack known as MOTHER 3.5 was also planned. Not much is known about this expansion pack other than just simply that it existed and that it was going to be an expansion pack. Another Earthbound was something Itoi came up with while developing the Nintendo 64 iteration of MOTHER 3. In the November of 1996 issue of 64DREAM, Itoi mentioned, “I wanted to make a Mr. Saturn action puzzle game.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the game will ever come to be. In an interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Shigesato Itoi announced that he was finished with the MOTHER series and was happy with the three games as they are. That’s all for today, but don’t forget to subscribe to Did You Know Gaming? and follow Did You Know Gaming? on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you also check out, and if you like this video, check out our others. Also, check out my channel, Chuggaaconroy; I do various videos, mostly let’s play videos, of anything from Pokémon to Kid Icarus to Sonic to Ōkami, all kinds of things like that.

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  1. 0:40 I misread EgleLand as England, and for so many years I thought most of the game took place in the UK.
    Now that I looked in up and saw the whole world map from the game's Japanese manual, EgleLand actually does resemble North America.

  2. Earthbound is no doubt the best RPG ever created. This RPG has feelings of every playable character and NPC and Bosses. *Including Giygas which made me sleep using sleeping pills for an entire year*.

  3. Chuggaconroy…
    I'm now remembering when I watched his Mario Sunshine series. Has it been eight years now, maybe?

  4. Everyone was asking for EarthBound in America but at least they had it on the SNES. Here in Europe, we had nothing until the Virtual Console

  5. That "red-haired character" doesn't look to be a reference to "Pig Pen" to me but to Peppermint Patty instead.

  6. 2:41
    Marvin: Yo Shigesato it's Marvin….your cousin Marvin Itoi? You know that music you were trying to find for your game, well listen to this!!!!

  7. I always thought that the words "come" followed by a white swirl would change be changed in the US version for… Other reasons than cola…

  8. Francis Scott Key didn’t compose the Star Spangled Banner, he just wrote the poem it was based off of

  9. MOTHER has my favorite music.
    MOTHER 2 has my favorite characters.
    MOTHER 3 has my favorite story.

    All three have my favorite finales, and endings.
    All three have left an everlasting mark in my heart.
    And in doing so, all three have become one of my most beloved, and deeply cherished games.

    Shigesato Itoi.
    Satoru Iwata.
    Thank you for the smiles and tears.
    I will always remember.

  10. With such great marketing strategies as "this game stinks" I can't imagine how on Earth this game sold poorly in the U.S.

  11. So it came to America on virtual console because of fan outcry. That's what going on for Mother 3 and its not helping this time.

  12. I think I've been looking into Earthbound's development, writing, and theories more than any other video game (even more than Zelda). That's a testament to how good the story is, I think.

  13. I went on the Nintendo eShop and found EarthBound but I really want Mother 3 to come to America (if it is already here in America I'm just really stupid)

  14. 98% of comments people complaining about people complaining about cuggconroy talking fast %1 people complaining about cuggconroy talking fast 1% other stuff


    4:30 I think that sprite was gonna be for when you finish talking to everdred when he fell of the building he dies because at the ending everybody tells you he’s passed

  16. I think over years of watching Emile I don’t even notice how fast he speaks lol. It’s normal for me. And mainly because I speaks really fast also.

  17. You just can’t beat perfection that is Earthbound. The score are beautiful and iconic, the humor is funny and silly, the battles are strategic and heartstopping at some points. You can have a teddy bear take damage which is both nuts and awesome!

  18. In the piece ‘Boris Cocktail’ (the Fourside bar/cafe) the clips playing in the background are actually cut from the original Little Rascals soundtrack, rather than the nation anthem.

  19. So Mother is one big franchise dedicated to insulting America? Why do people love these games so much? Seriously, what is the appeal of Earthbound other than it's crude insulting humor and great storytelling?

  20. 4:33 And even in the game, when you rescue Paula and talk to Everdred, he said he wanted to join, but instead he gives you some money.

  21. To be fair, “Hippie Battle” as it was called in mother 1 had the song in 1989, years before Johnny B. Goode

  22. I don’t see anyone complaining about chuggas speech. I do however, see people complaining about people complaining about chuggas speech.

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