Early morning archery with the principal a popular option at Rock Ridge Elementary
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Early morning archery with the principal a popular option at Rock Ridge Elementary

August 15, 2019

Mr. Mosby: we’ve been working on the different on your different techniques right okay now remember what the different techniques are what are they what’s the number one after every shot remembe:r reflect. I have a passion for archery i believe it’s an additional niche that you can meet with kids that might not be interested in music or choir or sports necessarily Mr. Mosby: Good Job *highfive* Calleigh: I’ve been doing archery since I was six at my grandparents house so being able to do it at school sounded fun Karly: well Mr. Mosby has been teaching us a lot of technique and different ways to do it but it’s really fun and what we do is just really cool the muscles here as well as the muscles in your back and that’s going to help steady your aim Mr. Mosby: we just started the club in September 2016. The Division of Parks and wild life have a matching grant program so we will we were able to defer some of the costs associated with starting this program with with the grant that they then matched with us it’s amazing the response right now only have fifth and sixth-graders as a kickoff to kind of like field program out and i have twenty-five rostered to be on the program or participate we’re meeting at seven thirty in the morning now so that shows a dedication of the number of kids really enjoy it I let’s see what we have to see where they came from from September where one in seven shots they might be hitting the target to now I mean a student today that we’re doing five arrows and he scored 24 out of 25 possible points unbelievable shooting. Quinton: I was really bad at the first three years that I’ve done this but after this year just like gotten really good at shooting and hitting bullseyes. it doesn’t matter how many arrows you shoot it just matters that you hit the target Mr. Mosby: Nice shot

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