Early Game Tips & Diamond Farming for Cadence of Hyrule Ft. The Legend of Zelda
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Early Game Tips & Diamond Farming for Cadence of Hyrule Ft. The Legend of Zelda

August 11, 2019

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world austin jump place here and today we’re gonna be playing cated spiral
crypt of the necrodancer featuring the legend of zelda and making sure you
don’t suck first of all if you haven’t picked this game up it is a fun rhythmic
dungeon crawler if you don’t know that it’s for you the original game is on
sale I think for like 4 bucks on the eShop you really can’t go wrong 4
dollars for a game first of all it’s not an easy game like this is something you
really need to get the hang of and then also you move to the game with the
rhythm the music and they’re all really dope Legend of Zelda remixes like this
one that’s playing in the background right now but if you’re playing the game
and you want some tips and tricks to kind of help you get started a little
bit then this is gonna be for you I’m gonna go ahead start up a new game it is
not a custom game it’s gonna be a regular story mode you start in the
world as cadence and then you just kind of blow through the tutorial you’ll kind
of get the hang of it what are the biggest things I have to say is like
what you do like your first time around that’s probably not gonna be like your
final game so like there’s no problem like learning the ropes and like running
around and figuring out how everything works this is also the first game that
for the left joy con having the actual buttons and not a d-pad it’s not as bad
so whenever you come across enemies you always have to defeat them on the beat and one of the things to really pay
attention to is every single enemy has its own special movement like this
boat oblem will always put his hands up right before he attacks the the little
or bball guys that are not choo-choos but look like choo-choos they always do
something like the greens don’t move at all and then once you clear out all the
enemies from a room you can kind of move around freely which I mean it also you
lose the dope beats which really sucks and when you start off the game you get
a choice if you want to play as link or Zelda I’m gonna go ahead and choose link
lets weak link up and now we have control of link and cadence kind of runs
away as soon as you start off one of the most important things to do is this is a
sheik asleep chica stone sorry chica stone and you
have to activate them and I would really say that that’s one of your highest
priorities when you’re in this small area make sure to grab the shield defeat
the octorok right here I got a shovel a diamond and a sword now the diamonds are
the premium currency in this game and they’re never gonna go away so like if
you die you’re gonna lose a lot of your stuff except for your diamonds also
cadence is gonna give us a shovel even though we just got a shovel oh and I
believe right behind cadence is a torch that gives us +1 vision in every
direction hopes light things up which is really helpful let’s also just push the
stone up grab this piece of heart perfect
now this exact screen will always be the same every time you boot up story mode
and you play as link however everything in every direction is gonna be different
in addition we’re on the map you actually start up is also different so
like you can start and your house can be here it could be down here it could be
up here it could be more to the left it can be literally any of these spaces so
every time you play the game it’s going to be different the overworld is
procedurally generated in some that means that one of the first areas
that you’re going to be coming across is much more difficult than you may be
ready for like this one there’s a Lionel there’s a whole bunch of enemies going
on I’m not ready to take out a Lionel in this game with no equipment so I can
actually check out what’s going on in the other direction there’s a sheikah
stone and a much more approachable set of enemies now these days all foes
always attack in a straight line which makes them super easy to predict and
kind of beat out in a direction and the trick to this game isn’t so much about
killing everything it’s just not getting damaged from stuff and once you learn
how to not take damage the game becomes a lot easier this cave right here as
soon as I started off required some special items that I didn’t have ooh
peace of heart and that’s gonna be a super easy one to do now this is the
first big tip as soon as you start off the game first thing you want to do is
explore you really just want to run around and you want to uncover as much
of the map as you can in and if you come across an area that’s really difficult
that’s fine just run away and boom I came across Kakariko village this is my
third playthrough I haven’t found Kakariko village before but no problem
with that and as you’re exploring around activate all the stones that you find
and we found Zelda perfect so if we wanted to co-op we have the Zelda option
that’s nito’s now I could spend some time in Kakariko village and kind of
figure out a little bit more to the quest line that’s involved there however
I really just want to uncover more than map and there’s one specific item that
I’m looking for this room has an ice floor and if you’re
used to regular Legend of Zelda games that means that you need to push a block
in a certain direction but in this one there’s special boots that you need in
order to walk on ice without sliding and obviously I don’t have those yet it just
started off and I have pretty much nothing alright so now we found the
desert area and the desert area tends to be a little bit more difficult piece of
heart right there as you’re going through these areas I would say
definitely keep our eye out for the easier pieces of heart the ones that are
just like hey here it is oh no there’s still something else we need for that
something really nice is if you look at your map it will mark down on your map
where there is a piece of heart that you can come back later and collect any time
you do uncover an area you’re fine and this right here is Hyrule Castle this
four block here in the middle another chicest owned nice humming
actually helps me play so leave me alone what do we have in here oh we found a
shop with a Quran in here who wants to sell us bombs and a go around market I
actually don’t know what the Goron market yet is but it’s 200 rupees so we
could presumably be pretty valuable now I’m pretty sure not everything is in
every playthrough so you could play through this several times and never
come across the same items which is kind of neat danger keep out it’s not
dangerous there’s just some free bombs sweet now I’m pretty low on health and
at this point oh we found Death Mountain already you tell cuz the really really
super dope guitar riff let’s see if we can make it to the
sheikah stone nice there’s never any shame in running away from a fight that
you know you can’t win it’s called a tactical retreat yes I know I’m missing
beats that’s because I’m talking and playing and trying to listen
who is this chica stone requires you to defeat all enemies and there’s a chest
that requires you to defeat all enemies and there’s a Lionel no thanks yeah I
was expecting that let’s continue and then also while we’re dead let’s grab
the heart container for two diamonds and we covered we uncovered like half of the
map in that very short period of time which is pretty awesome and when you
spawn back in you can actually go to any of the sheikah stones that you’ve
already activated which is super helpful and if you look at the actual tiles you
can see that around the outline of them is the walls that you can’t go through
and like what will open up two additional areas so I see that this one
is closed on the bottom left and right but this one I can go pretty much every
direction so so I’m gonna head to Kakariko and then go south and then west
oh so every time you die make sure to kill a few enemies right up front so you
could get a torch in the shovel those are super helpful all right awesome we found Lake Ilia
already now here at Lake Kiley I can activate the sheikah stone head inside
of right here and we found cadence and this is the lute this is one of the most
important items that I have found throughout my entire time playing and
what the lute does is anytime that you want you can just fast travel to any
sheikah stone that you’ve activated now that you have the lute you can continue
exploring but a little bit safer because now you’re at the point that if you’re
about to die you could just literally teleport out of there and then even
though you’re in a different play through you may come across some puzzles
that look familiar or use the same general concepts always
look for cracked holes in walls hidden little shops are always great now
anytime you come across an accessory like this ring that gives me point five
defense the ring of protection it’s very temporary meaning that if I die I won’t
be able to use it again however this lute is a key item I’m never going to
not have it I could die right now and I’ll still have my lute which is super
helpful but these items right here like the torch the boot accessories the ring
accessories my shovel and my upgraded weapons those are all temporary awesome
I found the swamp Lance and here in the swamplands that means that I’m close to
the Lost Woods and that actually is the next piece of hopeful information I want
to give you guys oh when I came to this screen I looked at the top and left
borders realized that there was nowhere to go so I just get that entire screen
because there’s no point in me going through it as you’re going through I
would say start to pay attention to how the enemies move and kind of get a
better idea for how to defeat them Oh perfect this is exactly what we’re
looking for this screen right here for the Lost Woods I’m just going to kind of
ignore these guys as much as I can head over to the sheikah stone and go inside
because this is gonna be the spin attack you hold el and you do a spin attack and
then this room also has two hearts and two potions this is gonna be super
helpful right here this is essentially diamond farming because there’s these
particular enemies on screen there’s sort of a challenge of
defeating all them and then once you do you get a diamond now you can use your
loot if you want and go back to your house where there’s always gonna be two
hearts right here and here we use the loot again we go back to the Lost Woods
and we defeat these enemies once again there’s also a great chance to like pay
attention to the Vocaloids movement and how to defeat them and then they just
enter this door exit this door and boom they all respawn and as you play you’re
gonna be told that the more enemies that you kill flawlessly the higher your
combo or your power is gonna be which is displayed by the Triforce of courage at
the bottom glowing and getting all crazy-like and if you ever start to get
weary as far as while you’re doing this mining head inside there’s always those
two hearts there and you could always use your loot to run away boom I just
got a heart we’re good oh no we died that’s perfectly fine because now we
could grab this heart container for five diamonds I believe there’s only two
heart containers one for the original two and then one for the five and I
could go to the Lost Woods and just continue this same exact process I could
start at my house I could started to do quest lines I could explore the rest of
the map I have so many options but every time that you die you lose everything
except for your diamonds if you go to the Lost Woods and just do that over and
over boom you got plenty of diamonds that was three game overs 18 minutes I
already got the loot I got a few diamonds and I got that all set up my
first time playing which was right here about an hour ago is when I stopped
playing you can see that I got a lot more game overs did not go as smoothly
well there you go guys that is some tips and tricks for you for The Legend of
Zelda being featured in cadence hyrule crypt of the necrodancer for the
Nintendo switch I hope these tips and tricks were helpful if they weren’t be
sure to hit the like button if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe
turn on notifications until next time Austin John ow you

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  1. So you got a couple of things wrong. Upgraded weapons will never go away, even if you die. The screens themselves are not randomly generated, only the position that the screens are on the map is shuffled. You can obtain every item on every playthrough. You said that some puzzles will feel familiar, but actually they are exactly the same on every playthrough, just located in different places. The towns are always going to have the same layout, only the position on the map will change. Every playthrough feels different because of the way that the map shuffles the screens around, but each playthrough will never be missing something, and you can experience everything in one playthrough. This video is great for the first day of the game coming out, but I would love a more in depth guide with this information. Love ya lots man. Keep it up!

  2. Thank god there is an option to turn the rhythm mechanic off. I don't think I could play the entire game like that. You can move around freely anytime if you change the options setting but you still need to plan your moves accordingly when fighting which is fine. I did die a lot (partially due to the damn rhythm mechanic) but once I got a spear I started doing the killing instead. I think my starting area is more towards the center on the bottom. Wait there are villages in this game? I didn't find one. Why is Zelda sleeping here? I didn't find Death Mountain yet either.

  3. i died heaps in early game beacuse i havent played necrodancer in a while after getting the broadsword tho then the only challenge was the torturous last dungeon

  4. Before when it was announced I thought this game would be reeeally boring but this seems cool, I might get it.

  5. I would enjoy let's play of this, if the game sound was higher volume. I can't hear the music at all over your powerful voice.

  6. Pro tip: If you can defeat all those Bokoblins without ever missing a beat, you get TWO diamonds. While that may seem marginal, it's a good goal to practice towards, since the enemies are gonna get harder as the game progresses…

  7. Hey Austin John Plays I’m a big fan and I’ve been subscribed which doesn’t have relevance but can you do a video covering a Nintendo switch controller with buttons on the back I found one on amazon for about $50 and I haven’t gotten it yet, thanks keep up the good vids

  8. Thank you so much. I had no idea why this game was so tough. I did not realize it was a procedurally generated game.

  9. Ok, for those who played Crypt of the Necrodancer, did you die at all in this game?
    I myself, died 2 times at the beggining, but after that it was smooth sailing.

  10. You have to check out the botw 2 trailer in reverse. It shows just how dark this game will get with the words and the whispering

  11. Exactly how long is this game? I mean, you covered half of the map in a few minutes… I want to buy this game but for the price, I don't think it'll be worth it because I may complete it very soon

  12. One boss down, 3 to go! I've my whole map explored, but need to do all the mini bosses and find all the heart containers and items.
    Cant WAIT to play this with my sister too!

  13. Also Austin you dont need to teleport out of the lost woods, down, up and right continues the maze. Not gonna spoil the correct combination to get to the end of the lost woods, but you could move around all the different areas of the lost woods while mining.

    This way you keep the flow going and it feels quicker to me. Wanna get back to the cave with the hearts? Turn a direction you know is wrong and itll bring you back to that first room

  14. I must have not paid attention and bought the original. Guess I'll get a lot of practice with that one til I can buy the new version. 🙄🤦‍♀️

  15. Another good tip is to never stop moving cuz you could kill all the enemies without getting hit but the moment you stop moving your combo score will go away

  16. a "guide" and you havent even finished a run yet? that is VERY clear watching your video. kakiriko village is required to beat the game. it isnt your standard rouge-like. only dungeons change between deaths, so i have no idea why you are trying to teach without a deep understanding yourself. Every run DOES have every item, but some of them are going to be more out of the way than others, so only if going for a speedrun will you miss items. 3rd playthrough? i am willing to call BS. (1:30:00 ish 6 hearts max isnt a "playthrough" in my definition)

    here are some real tips: the lute must be obtained to fast travel, but after, you dont need to equip it, as you can warp straight from the map in the pause menu. most minibosses (indicated by skulls on the map) dont respawn with other enemies, so in rooms with a chest challenge, kill them first if possible then reload the room. unlike standard zelda games, red potions trigger on death, so they are more effective than fairies once you start your second row of health. The only way to raise your combo is to NOT MISS A BEAT, so waiting around will end it. if you kill the last enemy in the room with a max combo (in early game, it means a flawless room, in larger or later game areas, not so much), you get 2 diamonds instead of 1. As long as you stay alive, you will likely amass more than enough diamonds for everything except maybe the "ultimate challenge" of doing the final boss with a certain secret unlocked. If rhythm is not your thing and you just cant master the timing, trill (this game's navi) will teach you about "fixed beat mode", turning the game into a turn based tactical rpg that can be toggled at will in game settings. In "fixed beat mode", you no longer have to stay in time with the music (really helpful for the minigames, even if the standard game feels better in rhythm mode). shovel, boots, ring, torch, rupees, and keys are the only things lost on death, and like in zelda 1 style, keys are not dungeon specific. The lost woods in game tip uses vibration/rumble, so try to have a remote with those capabilities at that time such as the joycons.

    slightly more spoiler-y tips
    In order to beat the game, you must unlock all 3 main characters, beat 4 dungeons always located in death mountain, lost woods, lake hylia, and gerudo desert, then pursue the threat through hyrule castle. there are a few instances of guaranteed drops, such as always finding the flippers from the zora prince.

  17. You forgot to mention going back into Link’s house to get the chest in the upper left corner using your shovel. It gives you a telescope talisman that lets you see more of the map. (That’s at least what I got, and a friend of mine got it there too, so I figure it’s the same for everyone)

  18. Hello Austin John! Thank you for these amazing tips! I play the drums, and I’m not even that good at this game. But after this video I got better, thanks!

  19. for this game I am up to the final boss and am missing one heart piece. It doesn't appear on the map and i've revisited every dungeon. can anyone help me find it?

  20. Hey Austin idk if u know this but I discovered something while messing around if u hold a cucco and fall from a height u glide down as if ur using a paraglider I hope u see this and check it out 🙂

  21. I found an easier way to farm diamonds, there was a screen full of enemies with a Sheika stone that had one of Beedles shops. Right near the sheika stone is a bush with a bee in it. Clear the enemies and you get the diamonds then hit the bush for and extra one. Warp to the sheika stone and hit the bush and the bee will come out again. Kill it for another diamond. Rinse and repeat.

  22. i guess you dont mean full play troughs when you say this is your 3rd play through and you hadent found the village yet

  23. Goron locket allows you to walk on hot coals, for example the boss for the bass guitar attacks with hot coals, so ur basically invincible, then it also allows you to be immune to lava, but I think you have to have the flippers to swim in it or you’ll fall like in deep water

  24. added tip for the lost woods farm, if you go from that shiekah stone, down 1 screen and left 1, youll be on a screen with a poes and the 1 redead. the map is actually the better farm since the poe's only move when you look so you basically just walk up to 1 of them and move away 1 and turn around and slash. the redead can be killed quite easily too. theres a cave on that screen that you can just renter from and its an easy 2 diamond farm once you have a streak going

  25. I highly recommend buying the first game (Crypt of the Necrodancer) if your loving Cadence of Hyrule. It's on sale for $4. Bought it yesterday. Same exact game, much harder imo but fun as hell. Campaign+extras much longer, 25+ hours. A ton of modes and option. Hoping for future Cadence of Hyrule content. Awesome game!

  26. I died about 20 times, with all but 2 of those deaths being in the early game, not because I was bad (I played a lot of the original game) but because I didn't have very much equipment and had a relatively bad map. Or maybe I was just bad.

  27. The map is not entirely random, Hyrule Castle is guaranteed to be in the middle, Gerudo Desert will be in the corner, and the Lost Woods and Death Mountain will be closer to the edge. Most items in the game will appear somewhere on any map,* but their locations vary. Some will always be on the same square, for example a certain sword can always be found on the outside of Hyrule Castle. Some items will appear in blue chests,** and they will be in a different blue chest on different maps. For example, you might find the hookshot near Lake Hylia on one map, but you might find it in some field on another map.

    *Maybe all, but I am not sure. I managed to find the mirror shield the first time I played the game, but not the second.
    **It might actually be purple chests, I can't quite remember.

  28. I did a 100% playthrough of this game and it took me 14 hours 65 deaths and 87500 steps.

    Also, i completed all weapons and 100% of the items and key items

    Im proud…. Kind of

  29. The game definitely has a learning curve to it but once you get more heart pieces and get a better sword and really start to get with the rhythm and really get how the game works the game is amazing and really fun

  30. Quick correction, you said that if you die, you lose your upgraded weapons. That is wrong. You keep all of your weapons except for the glass ones.

  31. My favorite music is probably death mountain I love link to the past's death mountain in the dark world and the remix makes it epic

  32. Hi. I chose to be Zelda on the new Cadence of Hyrule and it’s completely different. An you show us a tutorial on that? Thanks.

  33. was a really fun game but was too short and too easy with too many hearts. u could literally steamroll thru bosses without bothering to dodge.

  34. You can push one of the gravestones in kakriko village to open up a dungeon finish the dungeon to unlock zelda

  35. Ironically playing this game BEFORE Crypt of the Necrodancer really helps you to make that game easier, not only you get better at following the beat, but also every enemy works in a mirror way to Necromancer's ones (The Bokoblins are skeletons, the Lizalfos are the armadillos, etc)it really helps because that game is extreme, it doesn't give you any time to rest.

  36. I had no clue the different regions were random re-spawns every time you start a new save file. Much intrigue. Seeing the differences between playing as Zelda and playing as Link is also pretty damn cool.

  37. Extra Tip: Occasionally when you kill all enemies on a screen flawlessly (no health loss/no missed beats) it will give you two diamonds instead of the usual one

  38. Did you find the secret boots for 500 dollars I thought you might wanna do a little video on it if you haven’t I can tell you where they are

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