E3 2019 Highlights: The Best Game Trailers from E3 2019
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E3 2019 Highlights: The Best Game Trailers from E3 2019

August 31, 2019

You Never meet your heroes Well I did And it was awesome The Avengers were everything I imagined Hello, San Francisco Thor Tony check it out at once try to keep up This just got a whole lot more interesting Let’s make this quick secure the bridge those weapons can’t get in this city. Are you set him up Wow? Door what’s your status? There are humans trapped lots of small angry men with guns Is that a joke the door make a joke? Tony lower the cables cap what’s going on over there? Start to chimera, what’s your status should head back? No stay on task. There’s on this bridge Some say they were set up Others call them murderers do the Avengers pose a danger to society. That was the question Bruce. That was the question Well, we all lost something that day But that’s not how this story ends Well, what are we waiting for V-mon and You made it you blown up all over the news. Are you alone? I just want the money you Got the chip All right, start it up back Why don’t you go to the bathroom wash up we gonna be with you in a minute Aha, come on, man. Your neck. It’s a mess Initiating combat mode go destination All right in and out bitches, we’re rich, oh we are going to the major leagues tacky Jake oh shit Get to clinic now its toilets condition critical immediate Launch hey. Hey, just think about all the good shit. We’re gonna have huh? Oh, sorry Take the fucking chip Tex Every corporate cop in this city is gonna be blasting down these doors after what you and your psycho Frontier we didn’t need all this cocksucking attention. Damn it Wait the fuck off in samurai. We have a city to burn These sewer rats appear to call themselves Adalind sir You can have it for saving my life You think he’s a keeper Yeah, y’all gotta look at the bigger picture here nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice Arleen Have you been a good girl I heard you’re having second thoughts I know we have to think big if we’re going to make a difference but not like this. I just I feel trapped Chica Got you now You’re not real Cloud I have a favor to ask of you run away You have to leave you have to learn better Yeah Hold on to that hatred Please What you interfere with now this figure that you can imagine If you continue you will bring down the heavens lost It is written It is their time to give penance You are but one man They are no longer your people to save For the players At 33 17:33 Protocol accepted Daddy’s listening Can you say hi? and how big are you I mean Can you tell that how big you are are you? So big your brain Can you sing? But singing, how about I miss you And I love you. I Love you, daddy. Allow me daddy and I can’t wait to see who Can you say see you, hon? Young PIM fine? Detected this is UNSC Pelican echo 216. Can you hear me? This is you Ellis Looks like the main power cells are fried. I will shut down triggering survival mode I’m going to try to overwrite Okay You can hear me in there. I hope you’re ready, please or die Oh Welcome back chief. I Rerouted what needle power ahead into your suit Hmm looks like there’s a problem with a servos in your hands. Stay calm. You’ve been out there Lyle. I Know I saw something in here to check your armors Diagnostics Oh Easy there big guy. You’re not status report status report. What? There’s something you need to see chief We lost lost everything There’s nothing left for us Until police Not this not against we need to run No, we need to fight Get ready I chose you because you were special And you would be perfect together and I was right Play four days early with xbox game pass ultimate

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  1. Marvel’s Avengers – 00:00

    Cyberpunk 2077 – 03:18

    Final Fantasy VII – 07:32

    Doom Eternal – 11:37

    Breath Of The Wild Sequel – 13:37

    Halo Infinite – 15:04

    Gears 5 – 21:02

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