E007 – CRG, FIFA18 – World cup opening match prediction
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E007 – CRG, FIFA18 – World cup opening match prediction

November 6, 2019

Hey guys, this is CRG turn up your game this time we leave score match and we’ll focus on a new popular subject Yeah World Cup Man World Cup is coming and it’s gonna be a lot of fun and a lot of football for one whole month Let’s right my friend. So we’ll change the game with Another new game and new rules and more fun. Let’s play the game and may the best gamer win. Enjoy it CRG We have the teams from the opening match here 1 2 3 go you choose first It’s Russia, it’s Russia. It means I’m with Saudi Arabia So guys, let’s get ready for the first match of World Cup 2018 Russia against Saudi Arabia. As I told you, no pressure. NO pressure, yeah. Uuu, nice one! We have the first big chance, this does not mean anything hhmm, nice shoot. But No offense, i mean the arabians are really really good I know That’s it my friend and the final Uuu, close one! That would have been really bad to score right before half time.. Let’s continue is the second half. I’ve just had a long discussion with my players Really nice chance Good goalkeeping! Whoa, let’s go get me that That’s my chance Go for a dangerous in a wide position Nice run up That’s it yes go For it go for it. Oh That’s it 2 0 Let’s say ultra-defensing That’s all guys we had a lot of fun here and we hope you like it too This is our prediction for the match. Who do you think will win the real match in the real work up? Let your comment down below and don’t forget the main rule. May the best win Thanks for all if you’ve enjoyed this video, please summon the magic four like share comment and subscribe See you

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