E-Bike Racing And World Championships Announced For 2019 | EMBN Show Ep.40

November 4, 2019

– Welcome to this week’s EMBN show where we’re gonna be taking a
look at Intense’s new e-bike. – We’re also seeing if it’s possible to get the rainbow jersey
from the UCI in e-bike racing. – Wow, and we’ll be talking
more about The Slab. (dramatic techno music) The UCI have endorsed the
E-Bike World Championships. – Wow.
– It’s gonna be taking place at World’s at Mont-Sainte-Anne next year. So an official race where you
can win the rainbow jersey on an e-bike.
– Oh, my God. That would be amazing,
an e-bike world champion? Can you see it? – Oh, that is so cool,
and I’ll tell you what, I think this makes a
huge difference, Chris, because it really validates the sport and it really starts to put some energy behind competing on e-bikes.
– Just to ride, yeah. – Because I don’t really feel
like that’s happened yet. – No, I think it’s quite
hard to get those bikes into a specific event. – Yes, yeah.
– It’s quite hard, you know, how are we
gonna go with racing ’em. What do we see? More power, less power, tuning? Does it allow different classes? I think all those, so you
know, it’s a total, you know, I can’t wait for it to happen. I’m buzzing.
– It’s mouthwatering. It makes me think of different formats. I know that Neil raced an
e-bike race at Sea Otter, and he said it was brilliant, but he said it was one of the most
exhausting races he’s ever done. – Really?
– Because you’re flat out the entire time. – I imagine even watching, you know, it’s more of a spectacle
watching those guys smashing it ’round, you
know, those flat sections. Those guys are gonna be
going at 20 mile an hour, not eight mile an hour,
blowing their out (bleep) trying to swig out their
water bottle on the flat. It’s gonna be turbo speed
the whole way ’round. And yeah, ticks all the boxes.
– It’s gonna be amazing. E-bike World Championship,
what do you think, Chris? Rainbow jersey?
– You can get that. Imagine if they did–
– Well, I’m looking at you.
– I might even do it. – I’m saying–
– E-bike World Champion. – What do you think?
– I’d love it. Oh, that would be amazing.
– Chris Smith, E-Bike World Champion (laughs). – Steven Jones, Masters
World E-bike Champion. – I don’t think they’d do
an old guy category there. (Chris laughs)
If they are, I think Steve’s too old for it. – (laughs) Bit, maybe. So tied to that, not only have the UCI added e-bike to their racing,
it’s the UEC have also added an e-bike class to all those events. They just gradually work
out the rules on this, but I see quite a lot
of the events have got, basically you’re allowed 504
watt-hour battery and below, so that’s one class, and you
got 504 watt-hours and above, so there’s two different
classes and they’re regulating how far these races go in those events. You can take, I see on the entries, you can take one battery or they’re dictating two or
one batteries for the race. – Wow, wow, wow.
– You’ve gotta regulate that power to get around
the event in that race, so total different tactics. It’s gonna be real exciting all this race and I can’t wait to see it kick off all over the world.
– I love it, I love it. I tell you what, it’s like being at the dawn of mountain
biking all over again. – I know, reinvented. – Sport just, yeah, just becoming new all over again.
– Super exciting. – To talk more about
E-Enduro World Series events, we’re gonna have a look behind the scenes, first of all with Chris
Roberts, who is down in Monaco. – 2019 is obviously the
inaugural year of the series and we’ve got four dates up for next year. We’ve got Monaco, which is
obviously where we are here with the circuit just
over the border in France. We have a round in Spain,
we have a round in Italy, and we have a round in Switzerland. For 2019, we’re continental based, so I anticipate the majority of teams will be transporting
themselves via the road. Obviously we’re looking to move up to a true international level in 2020. Well, not international,
intercontinental level, let’s say. Then that’s gonna become
a subject of discussion, but we’re pretty confident
with where we are at the moment and how the concept of
the series is being built and what we want to do with it is having solutions
ready for that for 2020. Flying obviously at the
moment with the IATA laws for commercial flights
is, well, it’s something that’s gonna be quite a
tricky subject to negotiate. But what we’re looking to do
is looking to develop that, hence why we’re not looking to turn fully intercontinental until 2020, but we have resources and
we have people in place to help us work ’round that. The Formula E, who everybody
knows that, huge batteries. They fly ’em all around the world, so it’s not really an
issue as long as you have the right people, the right
mountain skills in place. What we’re doing concerning the rules is we’re actually gonna
follow the lead of UCI. UCI have just made an amendment to their own mountain bike
rules, so there’s a new rule which comes in at 4.8 in the UCI rules. So as long as we’re
following the UCI rules, then that’s gonna be applicable worldwide. The basic requirements
to be part of our series is your bike has to be
conformed with an EN15194, which is the European
law concerning e-bikes, and also, you have to have
a diagnostic of the motor so that we can verify that
the wheels are the right size compared to your computer programming and so that everything is conformed. Afterwards, we do have
other protocols in place on the race circuits
and afterwards to check. – Check this out, Hans Rey
wraps up his TransAngeles tour with a ride at the, let me get this right, the Catalina Island with
none other than Missy Giove. Look like they had an amazing time. I think it’s impossible to
not have an amazing time when you’re riding with Missy Giove. – [Chris] And an e-bike
combined with Missy Giove. – Yeah, yeah, Missy Giove and an e-bike. That’s a lot of energy. – Definitely, it’s–
– And that was only– – Five part video series. Hans has been all over. He’s been with the Rage Against
the Machine guys, as well, as well as Missy, so hell of
a trip, loads of locations. Epic video series, just be sure to check. I think it’s, yeah, as I say, five different issues of that come out. It’s a really good vid,
check that one out. – Yeah, it’s gonna be great. He does some name drops,
doesn’t he, old Hans? – Hans has been doing it how long? – Yeah, Rage Against the
Machine, Missy Giove, he knows everybody. – Hans has been doing it,
come on, how long now? – He has been, since 1987. – Christ.
– In mountain biking. He had a trials career before that. He’s bloody old. (both laughing) – What a surprise we see in the woods now. I’ve just bumped into Olly, who’s the team manager
for Intense Racing UK, and I see his Tracer dumped on the floor (Olly laughs)
and he’s got the new Tazer e-bike, wow. – [Olly] Smiling, as well (laughs). – (laughs) Smiling, as well. Hey, Olly, you did a lot
of racing in your life and here we are with an Intense e-bike. Did you think you’d ever see it? (laughs)
– I didn’t think I’d ever see it, but after
seeing it this morning, I was offering full
retail, I’d buy it off ’em even though it’s only a
demo bike, to be fair. I’ve ridden some other e-bikes, granted, but the first thing I noted
with this is just how low it is. – It’s a low bar bracket.
– And you can see it, though, can’t you? – Let’s look at the
key facts on this bike. What is it, 160 at the front? – 160 at front, yeah, yeah, 160 rear. 27.5 rear wheel, but
with the plus size tire. – Right, now that’s a big thing. I guess that’s similar
to the Canyon, right, with the 29 front?
– 29 front, yeah. – 27.5 rear, but this– – It’s all about the grip. I have to say, we run quite low pressures when we first had it out this morning, ’cause they say you can with
these Maxxis, bigger tires, but we quickly went up. I’m about 22 in the back now, whereas we were, like, 18 at first, and it actually makes the bike
feel so much more planted, and you can ride it like a
hooligan, honestly (laughs). – (laughs) Well, that’s
the whole point, right? – Yeah, yeah.
– I mean, and why would you wanna be stuck in an uplift van when you can be tearing around the woods? – Yeah, totally.
– Can I just have a quick weigh, what’s this?
– Yeah, yeah, sure, yeah. – Oh, it’s pretty light, isn’t it? It’s gotta be about 20, right? – Yeah, I don’t know what
the official measurements are on weight yet, but yeah, around about 20. – This is the Pro version? – Pro, yeah.
– That comes with 36s up front.
– 36s. – What have we got on the back
there, EVOL FOX on the back? – FOX on the back, Shimano gears. – Shimano gears, got a
Shimano STEPS E8000 motor with a 500-watt battery, full carbon chassis, by the looks of it. FOX transfer posts, Intense stem. It’s quite a looker, right? – Looks insane, doesn’t it? – Right, so are these
available to buy now? – I wish they were. (both laughing) By the end of the year,
they’re gonna be ready to roll, basically, so it’s, I think,
a perfect Christmas present. – Right, great, hey, I’m so happy I bumped into you guys in the woods. Thanks for giving a sneak look at it. – No worries.
– Keep an eye out on the Intense website. – So we’re on the Harry Potter Express, actual train they use in the film. I’m joined by Hannah
Barnes from Specialized and we are on day three
of quite an epic journey, Hannah, through the mountains. It started off with a bike ride. Then it went to a taxi ride with a really grumpy taxi driver, and then we went into
the mountains, right? That was pretty epic, correct? – It was (laughs), way more highs and lows than I was expecting. – [Steve] Yeah, and then we
went to the remotest part, it was actually kind of, I think it’s Europe’s
last wilderness, right? – Yeah, it’s really
remote and wild out there. You’re hours and hours and hours from the nearest civilization and then the nearest civilization, there isn’t even road access. There’s just a boat out, so
we were pretty out there. – And then we got the boat ride across the sea back to Mallaig. Honestly, it’s been absolutely mental. So you need to check this video out which myself and Hannah did. It’s coming over the next few weeks. But Hannah, what do you think about e-bike adventures like this? I mean, we wouldn’t have
been able to do that on a conventional bike, right? – [Hannah] No, definitely not. It’s so much fun and opens way more doors than I ever thought it would,
and the ability to cover so much ground quickly and
go on proper big adventures is really, it’s really
mind-blowing and eye-opening. – Because yeah, we’ve both done racing, and I think at the minute,
there’s a lot of talk about E-Enduro World Series for e-bikes. Do you think that’s the
way to go with e-bikes? Or do you think it’s more– – Oh, not, no, I don’t, really. I wouldn’t say, I think for me, it’s more about the
accessibility to the mountains and adventure and being able
to get further and further out there into places
you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to go in just a day, or you can just do it
quicker with better access. But for me, it’s not about
kind of using it to shuttle or do lots of downhill runs. It’s about adventure and
getting out of there. – [Steve] I tell you
what, the last few days pretty much was a big adventure (laughs). – [Hannah] (laughs) Oh, it
was definitely an adventure. – Yeah. (dramatic music) – So it’s time for feedback from the videos we’ve had
this week, and this is all from the recent Slab video,
so let’s get into it. We’ve got, from MRKD, I first rode down that in 1997 on a Univega with V-brakes when I was 14. Loved it then.
– You did not. – Love it now, caught up
there once in the rain. It was the most terrifying moments I’ve ever had on a mountain bike. Still fun, though. – MRKD, I wanna see some pictures. – Can you imagine that Slab in the wet? I wouldn’t even like to walk down.
– The first time I rode down that Slab, I rode down it, I think it was in 1994, long time ago, and it started to just spatter with rain (Chris hisses)
while we were doing it, and I thought for a moment, oh, my God, if this gets wet, there’s
only way you’re going. (Chris laughs)
So MRKD, if you rode down that in the rain, fair play.
– I’d love to see that, on V brakes, as well.
– I wanna see a picture. I wanna see a picture.
– Was it ride or a slide, I think it might–
– More here from PPC43 says, that is
incredible, but I’ve got to say, I’d have brought a ratchet strap to tie around the fork crown and the
bridge to compress the fork. – Hmm.
– I see what he’s saying. So to bring the fork length down and essentially make
the hill not as steep. – Yeah, definitely. – That’s actually a really good idea, but is that cheating a little bit? – We did toy with the idea. There’s lots of things we could do. We could have flipped
our stems upside down, let the air pressure out of our fork, so that would have essentially
done your ratchet strap to bring that head angle
down low, that front end. – Very clever.
– All good ways of doing it, definitely.
– Very clever. But he does end it saying,
obviously I’d never do something this mad, though, so kudos. – Cheers, but then we had
Trey Munn comment on it saying basically, do it
with a real mountain bike. – Well, you can’t, you
can’t do it, I’ve tried. You must have tried. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – The thing is, you can go
across it and as you turn up, but it’s so steep. – But you’ll be hitting your cranks as soon as you put your pedals straight. – The video doesn’t even do it justice. (laughs) It’s so steep.
– If it looks steep in a video, you know this
thing is like, it’s massive. I assure you, there’s no
cheating going on whatsoever. That thing was epic. – And in fact, now we’ve
got you here, Chris, let’s talk about it in depth.
– Okay. (dramatic music) – So the Slab, this is
a great video for EMBN. It’s really great to see a
bit of a feature like this, taking something on
that I truly don’t think you could do on a mountain bike. I think that’s fair to say, certainly not in the way you guys did it– – [Chris] No, not a direct line, straight up.
– So successfully. I remember when you went
and tested this out. You brought the footage
back on your phone. It was like, look, it works, excitedly showing me this
footage, and I was like, oh, I have never seen anything like that. That is crazy.
– When I first turned up, obviously I’d seen you guys
and I’ve ridden it myself in the years, like down.
– Mm. – But I went there to ride up it, and when I first saw it
again, I was like, massive. (Marty laughing)
This is not even gonna be, I’ve driven to Bristol and
wasted my time, basically. And I thought, I gotta try. And the first few cranks
on that, and that was like, I’ve got three of four
cranks and it was going up. Kept pedaling and pedaling,
getting more and more scared, thinking, God, you know, it’s
just going higher and higher. And I was by myself,
as well, on that reccy, and I was like, oh, my God,
and I could not believe that it went up there.
– Well, I mean, one of the really difficult
things about that obstacle, and I really don’t think
it comes across on camera, maybe it’s not possible to get it, is that the higher you go,
the more it just feels like, if you step off the bike,
you’re never gonna stop yourself and you’re gonna go sliding down. And from The Slab itself, the
ground just looks vertically– – Yeah, it pulls back up, yeah. – (laughs) It looks so, so steep. It’s such a frightening obstacle. – And there’s tree stumps
and rocks and stuff all in that run-out and
that, it is literally– – What do you think that
proves about e-bikes? I mean, I’ve always thought
that one of the big things for e-bikes for me is what they can go up. I’ve always been more excited about that than what they can go
down, and that seems to be obvious to me, but what they can go up. What does it mean to an e-bike that it can clearly climb these things that just literally can’t
be done on a normal bike? – I think it just opens those doors. I’ve been up some steeper stuff, probably, on my e-bike, but short. That was, for that sort
of height, to keep going on that sort of angle,
is really impressive. And I, yeah, as you said, just
love going out in the woods, over the local quarry,
just blasting up stuff that you simply wouldn’t
have been able to do, or injecting speed into
things where you could never, you know, you’ve got an
uphill run up into a feature. You can do it now with those bikes. It just gives you that
little blast of power. And those jumps, I’ve done some, I remember in the old
days on my acoustic bike– – I love that.
– Pedaling and sprinting my ass off into these
jumps trying to clear them. But I can literally go
from half the run-up now on my e-bike and overshoot ’em. – Amazing, it’s so great to
see e-bikes used in that way. And what about Steve
Jones, has he still got it? – Yeah, for sure.
(Marty laughs) You can’t forget, Steve’s like– – [Marty] He’s got some skills, that guy. He’s got some skills.
– He’s like, what is he now? 50 plus, I think? – [Marty] He’s 57, I think, yeah. – He’s 57? (laughs)
– Yeah, he’s 57. – [Chris] But he’s still
smashing all that stuff out. But he was, really, really,
he honestly wanted to take, he wanted to go to the
toilet, put it this way, at the bottom of that thing. He was that scared when he turned up. – Proper butterflies.
– It’s a frightening prospect. – It’s a really great video. Great to see the bikes
being pushed in that way. – Hopefully we can do some more, you know. I’d love to step out next level. Donny actually showed me
somewhere in Gibraltar, I think? Some drainage down this
morning, but I don’t know. – Who knows, who knows. Who knew riding up a hill could be fun? (dramatic music) Time for some tech. Over to you, Chris. – So tech, we’ve got Bosch have launched this new fast charger
for their battery system, basically can top up a battery
to 50% in just under an hour. So it means gone are the days we’re chucking the batteries on our back. All we need to do is
just take a charger out, stop for lunch for an hour, stick that battery back on charge, boom, you got another 50%
in the tank ready to go exploring more miles.
– Oh, amazing. – Just shows that you don’t
need to cart those big– – Yeah, no–
– Five, six kilo batteries around in your backpack.
– No more double battery days. Really useful.
– (scoffs) No, hopefully putting an end to that. (dramatic music) So it’s time for Climb of the Week. What we got this week, Mart? – We have got a great video
sent in from Christine. It comes in from Pemberton, BC. The terrain itself looks
amazing, look at these slabs. – [Chris] Wow, it does look cool. – This is right up the Slab Week. This should be called Slab Week. Loads of grip, clearly, but I really like how they kinda roll up. If you could create a bit more speed, then you’d really have
a great ride up there. But you can see they’ve got plenty of grip climbing up those slabs,
having a great time. Definitely a Climb of the Week for me. – Yeah, remember, just keep
sending those videos in on the upload service. We really wanna see those climbs, stick ’em in on the show
soon as you send those in. – Can you beat that one? Have you got a slab? We’ve all got a slab, don’t we, somewhere? – Everywhere, everyone’s got a slab. Every city’s got a. (dramatic music) It’s time for Instabangers. There’s been a few new fresh faces floating around on the internet. – Good riders. – Seen Remi Thirion,
the French Downhill Pro. He’s on a e-bike now
shredding it, as well. Can’t wait to see what
he’s gonna get up to. You seen him around?
– Yeah, these guys are all taking it on
now, I definitely have. Berrecloth.
– Berrecloth. – Darren Berrecloth is
on an e-bike (laughs). – Hanging, as well.
– Now that is an exciting set of news. This guy can ride so well. I mean, he’s done some things on bikes that are just emblazoned in my mind. – Melt your brain, yeah. – Yeah, just ’cause,
just such a great rider. But it’s great to see him on
an e-bike enjoying himself. – It’s good to see all those pros mixing it up now on the e-bikes, as well as acoustic bikes.
– Some interesting comments on his Instagram, wasn’t there? – Yes, some people give
him the usual e-bike beef, but he’s been beating ’em
down true Berrecloth style, so good to see him,
yeah, you don’t wanna get on the wrong side of that guy. – Don’t wanna back him up, yeah, yeah. (dramatic music) – It’s time for Where in the World. We’re in Tahiti island, Mart,
do you know where that is? – Yes, I’ve got it now. Tahiti’s near Polynesia. – Yep, so the guys from E-bike
Polynesia sent this one in, shredding the trails on
the Husqvarna e-bikes. Got that Insta360 camera on, giving us some epic views, as well. Really cool video, this one. Really good to see what
a big scene there is going on over there, as well. – I can’t find it, Chris.
(Chris laughs) I can’t find it, whereabouts in Tahiti?
– Tahiti, I’ve no idea. Oh, there’s Polynesia.
– Hawaii, Polynesia. Yeah, but I just said it was near there because that was in front of me. – [Chris] Yeah, I know. – [Marty] Is it near the equator? I found that.
(Chris laughs) Northern, uh, Japan. – [Chris] We’re not too hot on our geography, but–
– Tropic of Cancer, that doesn’t seem like the place. – [Chris] Yeah, amazing
little video, and as I said, looks a great place to ride.
– Honolulu, is it near there?
– I think so, is it? – That’s Hawaii.
– Maybe have to consult Google for this one. But yeah, a really good video from Eddie, you know, so thanks for
sending that one in. Have you found it yet, Mart? – Not quite yet, just keep talking, Chris. I’ll find it in a moment. What else was good about riding in Tahiti? – [Chris] Oh, the trails, just
how green and lush they were. Is it a Insta360 or a GoPro Fusion? – It’s not under this
little black dot, is it? If it’s under it, honestly,
I’ll get ahold of Steve Jones and I’ll bloody kill him. (fingernail scraping)
(metal clanging) (Chris laughs) It bloody is, look!
– It is, oh, yeah (laughs). – Bloody Steve Jones. I knew it.
– It is, whoa. – Tahiti. – Hidden under a black dot. Steve Jones, you’re a bad man. – There it is, we found it in the end. It certainly looks like a
great place to ride (laughs). I don’t know. – Okay, so we are giving away four fantastic Crankbrothers
Highline seatposts, 100, 125 mil, 150, and 170 mil travel. These are seatposts we use on EMBN, so click on the link below to get your chance to win one of these. – Okay, one great way to
get involved with EMBN is head over to our shop
and get some of our goodies. Look, we’ve got some great merch that’s got all of the branding on. You can be one of the crew. And not only do you look
great and keep your head warm, you also get to support us,
help us make loads of videos, and inspire more people to
get into e-mountain biking. (gears ratcheting) So it’s time for our
favorite part of the show. It’s the Bike Vault. What have we got this week, Mart? – Oh.
– Let’s get into it. – I love this bit of the show. Right, first bike is from
Robert, SCOTT Genius 710. Look at that. – Nice, out on island Ballyhoura. – It’s a good start, innit? – It is.
– That’s a lovely, it’s a great shot. I’ve not ridden that bike, have you? Looks pretty cool.
– I’ve not ridden that bike. Yes, it does look good. – It’s nice. – Going for nice?
– Is it nice? It’s not more than nice, is it? – Right, moving on, then? – It’s nice. – What have we got here?
– Ooh, oh! – Got a Scott sent in a
2019 Trek Powerfly LT Plus. Phoenix, Arizona.
– That is bloomin’ lovely. I love that gray. – Out and about amongst the
rattlesnakes and scorpions. – That’s a super nice, come on. – Give that one a super nice?
– A super nice, yeah, go on. – Super nice.
(horn blares) Get it.
– Super nice. Nice start there. Okay, right, we are off with
Matthew now, his NS Snabb Plus. – It’s got Paradox Kinetic
add-on motor there. – I’ve got one of them coming to test. – 37 pounds, that bike
weighs, so pretty lightweight. – Yeah, oh, man–
– Loss the use of his right knee Christmas Eve 2015. Friend got me this bike so he
could get out and ride again. – Oh, that is a cool story.
– Imagine having a friend like that.
– That’s a super nice. That’s a super nice.
– That’s super nice, a nice bike, as well.
– Hit the horn. (horn blares) That is very cool. Oh, look at this one. – You got Gerardo here. I sent in a Kenevo. He’s out in the Andes Mountains
at the end of Santiago. – That is a spectacular backdrop. – 20 minutes from his house, as well. – What a showoff.
(Chris laughs) Do you know what I mean? Some people, honestly.
– 20 minutes, cactus in there.
– They’ve gotta say they’ve– – Look at that, cacti, cactus. – The picture’s super
nice and it sounds like so is Gerardo’s life, super nice. (horn blares) Very cool.
– That is nice. – Next up is Sebastian’s
GHOST KATO FS 8.7 Hybrid. Ooh.
– In Germany. – Oh, it’s a bit of old kit
there in the middle, innit? – It is.
– Lot of battery, lot of motor, I–
– I like the color coding. I like the color–
– Like it, I like it. It’s nice.
– Nice. – Is that Danny Mac Maguras? – Looks like it. – Ah, it’s nice.
– Nice. – It’s nice. – Right, let’s move on. What have we got next? – Next one.
– You’ve got Marcus, sent a Specialized in from Worcester. New bike today, built for
RaceCo in Stourbridge. My sixth e-bike from them since 2014, so he’s been into it for a long time. – Mm.
– It’s looking good. Do you like this–
– That is a cool mountain bike, yeah, come on. – What do you think?
– That’s a sick– – That’s super nice.
– That’s a really– (horn blares) Yeah, yeah.
– Super nice. – Next up, we’ve got a
Haibike from Frank in Sweden. An old champ in my best years. This is for the Bike Vault. What do you think, Chris? – No, the orientation of the picture’s a bit funky, in my eyes. It’s nice. – It’s nice, but you don’t wanna mess with the old angles, really. The trees need to stand up
straight in the background, don’t they?
– Mm-hmm. – Yeah, I think it’s– – Going nice.
– It’s a nice bike. It’s nice.
– Yeah, it’s nice. – Canyon.
– Spectral:ON 8.0. I know that bike quite
well myself, lovely bike. Delamere Forest, exploring
trails all over the forest that I would struggle to
reach on my old analog bike. Analog, what’s the other one, acoustic? – Acoustic, I prefer acoustic. – You prefer acoustic.
– We would always say acoustic from this point on. It’s very derogatory to
normal mountain bikes and I think it creates
a little bit of tension that I like, yeah.
(Chris laughs) – What are we thinking? – Ah, it’s nice. – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. – There’s people in the
background just pulling it away. I think those people–
– There’s no denying it’s very nice.
– It is nice. – Oh, yeah.
– And it’s a nice bike. – Moving on, we have got Paul’s Giant. – Little E 1 SX Pro. – Oh, that down tube doesn’t do it for me, I’ve gotta be honest, on the old Giant. – But look at that background, look at the sunset.
– Yeah, but this is called the Bike Vault, not the Background Vault, and I just think, yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t wanna–
– Bring down North Somerset, local to here, look? – I don’t wanna criticize
Giant’s design team, but I think they– – They’ve always gone for
that big boxy down tube. Think of all their old bikes and stuff. – It’s a great shot, though,
showing off the bike nicely. – Pff, he’s a harsh man.
– Well done, Paul. It’s nice.
– Harsh man. – I take this Bike Vault thing serious. Ooh, look at this, whoo-hoo.
– You got Mark here, sending this Specialized
Kenevo out at Cannock Chase. Post-work blast, was the
sunny day’s last, ah. – I like that a lot.
– A little poem in there. – I like that a lot, and I tell you what, I really love, in the
background, see all those trails snaking around in the hills? – Get a lot of these sent in, as well. Post-work blast, getting
that little e-bike ride in after work, making the most
of it, so good to see ’em. I like that, I’d say it’s–
– This is the last bike in today’s Bike Vault, and
I think that is super nice. – Super nice.
(horn blares) – Super nice, we’re out,
we’re out of the Bike Vault. (gears ratcheting) – The Bike Vault, remember, keep sending those ones in, as well. Get that Bike Vault filled
up for next week’s show. We will feature every bike we get sent in. We’re just on a little bit of a backlog, but keep ’em coming in. We love seeing all your bikes. (dramatic music) So coming up this week on the channel, we’ve got how to winterize your e-bike, getting the most out of that bike once the weather’s not
nice, hammering down. What else you got, Mart? – We have got, oh, and I’m
excited about this video, ’cause you were telling
me about it earlier on. It’s basically how fast can
you go on an e-bike (laughs). Let’s not give anything away. – No.
– But it sounds (laughs) pretty crazy.
– Fast. – So it’s definitely something you should keep an eye out for, because it’s gonna be exciting. Yeah, and it’s been a great week on EMBN. – Yeah, loved it.
– Thank you very much for watching. There’s other videos that
you can watch right now. We’ve been talking about
it a lot, The Slab. – The Slab video, you
gotta check that one out. It’s epic.
– Don’t miss it, don’t miss it.
– One of our biggest ones. So what else we got? We got turbo mode with Steve,
looking at getting the best out of your e-bike using that turbo mode. – Yes, definitely a good one. – And that’s definitely it from the show. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs
up if you liked this show. Give us some comments in the box below, and don’t forget to subscribe to EMBN for more awesome content. Thanks for watching. – See you next time.
– Cheers.

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