Dwayne Johnson raps his character’s song from Moana – The Graham Norton Show  – BBC
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Dwayne Johnson raps his character’s song from Moana – The Graham Norton Show – BBC

November 17, 2019

His wrestling name, his real name was
High Chief Peter Maivia and he was a High Chief of Samoa and he actually
started his career here in England. Oh! And then he was trained English style
and at that time, in the 60s I believe, English-style wrestling was… There was a
lot of what’s called “shoot wrestling” like, derived from shoot fighting, which
eventually became MMA so it was a very tough style of wrestling here in England.
And yeah, so that’s how he was trained. And we’ve got that picture of
him… Now is this him as a wrestler? Because that is kind of like his stage gear or is that him in Samoa? That’s him as a pro wrestler but wearing his High Chief gear. And is it true that in Moana that your character was based on him? Sure, correct. So a lot of the the details of that character, Maui, was based off of my grandfather with the long hair and very big build and tattoos. In Polynesian culture, in Samoan culture, to become a High Chief you have tattoos 360
degrees from your knees all the way up to the bottom of your chest. Everything. And it’s hardcore and they do it with a… I hear you. What, everything everything? Nah, not everything. Well, uh… That’s what I heard. I heard “everything”. Yes. Working around the… Well the “cash and prizes” is lifted and then you… Oh! Because you’ve been in that film now do you get, sort, of children wanting you to, kind of, delight them as Maui? All the time! All the time. Like, it’s constant, it’s
always constant. “Oh, you sing songs – sing your song, sing your song!” And I do it and then they cheer and then I go, “Hey, OK, well have a good day.” “Sing again!” So constantly. Constantly, yeah. He has a great voice, though. Aww, thank you. You should sing for them. That’s the last day! I… I can’t. I don’t know… That looks like a man who wants to! I don’t know… Alright, let’s see… Do you want some music? No, let’s just go right into the rap part. This is what the kids love. So it’s alright, listen kid, honestly I could go on and on, I could explain every natural phenomenon: The tide, the grass, the ground…
Oh, that was Maui just messing around! I killed an eel and I buried its guts,
sprouted a tree, now you got coconuts! What’s the lesson? What is the takeaway?
Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on a breakaway! And the tapestry here on my
skin is a map of the victories I win. Look where I’ve been, I make everything happen. Look at that, me, mini-Maui just tickety-tappin’! Thank you. That’s so impressive. Thank you.

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  1. God I love Dwayne his so real and simple, don't think anyone could as for more from him cox his so ease.??????

  2. this is just me but I like hearing him say how Samoa is supposed to be pronounced. The emphasis on the higher pitch is in the “Sam” part not the “Moa” part. Ok I’m done with my word dissection Lol

  3. I came for the rap. Now if I meet the Rock Dwayne Johnson again I'll be like I'm good, I could just watch the interview or the movie again.

  4. I like that the rock doesn't do that 'i' m from Hollywood, therefore I'm shy, wear scarves and drink almond milk. He loves to perform!

  5. I wanted to hear the “What can I saayyyy except you’re welcome”tho just to hear those beautiful vocals

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