Dust of Appearance – Vici Gaming

September 9, 2019

VICI GAMING TRAINING HOUSE You play like your %!$* *$#^@*! If you don’t want to play anymore
then get your asses out of here! Why can’t you learn from Yang? He’s the only one who knows how to play. It may seem like he’s always feeding,
but he’s actually creating space for you. Yang’s been dead for 6 months. We’re gonna have a game five
of a grand finals, here. We don’t know how Yang died. During the draft I looked over… Yang was dead. It didn’t matter, we still won. We decided not to tell rOtk about dead Yang. He’d probably come out of retirement
and try to play with us. And we’d rather play with dead Yang than rOtk. Yang is not dead. I told him to act dead to change things up.
Think of it as a team building exercise. It hasn’t been easy for Yang God,
but he’s proven his loyalty to the team. Nice game!
Meet me downstairs in 10 minutes! I don’t want to carry him down the stairs again. Is there a faster way? This year’s TI is going to be different.
Vici is going to be holding up the Aegis. How am I so confident? Nobody else has… the “Dead Yang” strat.

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