Durango – volcanic armor & miner set
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Durango – volcanic armor & miner set

August 29, 2019

Hello friends, in this video we going to make volcanic assault armor, volcanic miner outfit, thermal gloves and boots. for volcanic assault armor we need: 10 tanned leather, 6 trimmed igneous rock (basalt or granite), 8 dry armor, 2 cord, 2 metal accessories. for volcanic assault mask we need: 5 tanned leather, 2 trimmed skull, 2 metal accessories, 4 ash tree charcoal. for volcanic storm miner outfit, we need: 10 tanned leather, 6 trimmed igneous rock (basalt or granite), 8 trimmed bone plate, 2 cord, 2 metal accessories. for volcanic storm miner hat, we need: 5 tanned leather, 2 trimmed skull, 2 waterproof fabric (fabric oil layered or vinyl), 4 metal links. for thermal resistance gloves, we need: 4 tanned leather, 2 trimmed igneous rock, 2 cord for thermal resistance boots, we need: 4 tanned leather, 2 trimmed igneous rock, 2 cord. We use leather from chasmosaurus because it has hermetic surface which will become volcanic resistant. For processing assault armor and mask we should use sulfur tanning (handicraft 163 points) which will add tough fiber level +3 but debuff heavy level 2 for every process. but because the island is still new, there are too many players compete for sulfur, it is very hard to get and too expensive to buy. So in this video we process using oil tanning (tough fiber +2) for miner outfit and hat we use fiber tanning to increase durability. the leather still the same, from chasmosaurus. for gloves and boots we also use chasmosaurus leather with oil tanning (should be sulfur tanning to be better) next is the video related to this is Durango – fruit wine which already posted a month ago, you can find in cooking playlist. In that video we can see the process of making fruit wine DEX 50 CHA 50 which important for tailor ability. The tailor equipment set and how much level is needed to reach 176 points will be shown in this video. The older tailoring set with modification level 10 still need to be upgraded to reach the new goal 176 points. and we need tamed island research center (lab life). Let’s see the process of making volcanic armor and miner outfit. trim materials: bone plate, skull, basalt / granite dry leather: armor, chasmosaurus leathers oil tanning: for assault armor + mask and thermal gloves + boots Fiber tanning: for volcanic storm outfit and hat Tech support avant garde and elegant work hat Equip new tailoring set drink fruit wine DEX 50, CHA 50 activate Lab Life tier 3 Crafting volcanic assault armor Crafting volcanic assault mask Crafting volcanic storm miner outfit Crafting volcanic storm miner hat Crafting thermal resistance gloves Crafting thermal resistance boots Claim achievement rewards: 8 skill points (SP) Modify attach scale to volcanic assault armor and mask Modify gatherer for volcanic storm miner outfit and hat Fatigue change rate 3.1 These are the appearance of outfit and armor we made in this video. Volcanic storm miner set has special ability: spark prevention and volcanic storm immunity. It is good for fighting red spot iguana and to survive through volcanic storm. That is all for this video. Thank you for watching. See you in the next videos.

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  1. For better quality Volcanic Assault use brachiosaurus leather, oil tanned or sulfur tanned, then modify using Heatproofing I.
    It is in tailoring skill > modification > first row, right corner. It will give thermal resistant level 5, can be upgraded through tech support.

  2. Hi im back, i started my channel but i couldn't continue cause im stuck on studying now, this is Unknown btw, so what do you mean by using sulfur.
    Oh i see now its a skill

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