Durango – Sniper Stance
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Durango – Sniper Stance

August 21, 2019

Hello friends, in this video we going to talk about Sniper Stance, one of the Ranged Weapon Skill Sniper Stance increases Critical Hit Chance +10% and Accuracy +12% Let’s look the Skill Tree for Ranged Weapon. Ranged Weapon Mastery requires 181 SP to master, Here i only take Bow mastery, but you can also choose both Bow and Crossbow Mastery if you take both Bow and Crossbow mastery the total SP needed is 214 I choose Bow because the Bow Specialization will increase Defense Penetration Rate The Projectile Weapon Mastery and Specialization must be maxed to increase normal damage and critical hit damage for Bow and Crossbow. Ranged Combat Stance is also need to be maxed to increase damage of Shooting Stance and Sniper Stance, for both bow and crossbow. Ranged Action skills will increase Barrage and Aimed Shot damage Barrage skill increases accuracy, damage and reduce energy consumption. Barrage is used in Shooting Stance. Aimed Shot skill increases Damage, critical hit and aiming speed. Aimed Shot is used in Sniper Stance. We use Melee Combat 2 equipment Set, consists of Helmet and Armor from Brachiosaurus Leather with attribute Tough Fiber, and the modification is Scale to increase Defense. The gloves and Boots must have Knockdown resist at least level 4 to prevent from falling due to being hit by big dinosaurs such as Elephant, Mammoth or Triceratops. this is important for not falling because Ranged Weapon user must maintain attack timing and rhythm. if fall down, there will be 4 seconds delay to wake up which will disturb the attack timing. We use Seagull Bow made from Pointy Ribs, and modified using Nail to increase attack We use Archery and Theory of Relativity title to increase Agility +30 and accuracy +5 The Max Health is 1452, Max energy 288 before we eat Fried Chicken with attribute STR END in combat ability, attack is 235, defense penetration 367, accuracy 371, critical hit 23, defense 655, evasion 292 now let’s eat Fried Chicken with attribute STR END STR 46, END 46 the max health increases to 1659, max energy increases to 303 in combat ability, attack increases to 245, defense penetration increases to 376 the other still same accuracy 371, critical hit 23, defense 655, evasion 292 the Fried Chicken with STR END increases max health, max energy, attack and defense penetration. Now let’s try to use Sniper Stance against Lesser Horned Elephant the order of movement when using Sniper Stance: enter combat, then wait until we launch auto attack, while preparing to Roll after Roll, we automatically will launch one more auto attack then immediately press End Combat to run fast, then Run around, and Enter combat again. repeat the steps until the opponent is defeated. Now let’s try to use these steps to hunt Elephant, Mammoth and Triceratops. That is all for this video. thank you for watching. See you in the next videos.

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  1. Bang mau tanya doang kok belakang hari ini saya tidak bisa masuk durango apakah ada kesalahan dari akun saya???

  2. Why you need maxed shooting stance, if you are using sniper stance?? Doesn't make sense. It's a different stance so it wount affect sniper stance. And the skill shots you also don't use. So why maxing them?

  3. Hi, thank you for your video she is awesome 👍!! But I have a question, how do you do to have the bonus shock resistance on gloves and boots?🤔🤨

  4. Nice video, i love ur video more because it have vietnam subtitles, hope your durango video all have vietnam subtitles

  5. Gracias por la traducción y por pensar en los hispanohablantes, que aún no conocemos bien ciertas cosas 😀 👍

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