Durango – build defense for archer
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Durango – build defense for archer

August 17, 2019

Hello friends, since no more roll in ranged skill panels, this will be difficult to build defense. In this video we going to see how to level up defense skill for ranged weapon users. First, we prepare second equipment set like this, which is bare handed and only equip one armor of medium quality. because in bare handed combat panel there is roll skill. If you did not activate the roll skill, make sure to activate first in menu>skill>defense Next, we move to unstable tropical island level 40 In tropical level 40, search for centrosaurus nest, which is a crater habitat of zebraceratops. Which we going to use to level up defense skill. You can replace the island to tundra and use dodophysis instead of zebraceratops. In this video we going to use zebraceratops. Next, lure some zebraceratops to follow you, the more zebraceratops is better to level up defense faster. Make sure you equipped second set (bare handed set) and medium quality armor. because these dino in level 40 will deal enough damage if more than one of them attack together. Now let’s see how we use zebraceratops to increase defense skill. That is how to increase defense skill for ranged weapon users. Thank you for watching. See you in next videos.

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  1. Hi thanks for this videoi have to ask do you know how make a good home. Idk like any tree in special o mayibe is better the rock stone

  2. That's for low lvl defense.. but what when u reach like lv 50 – 55 ?! . Then we need help high lvl animals (Saurolophus)… because if we try to lvl up with low lvl dinos ,that will barely work… So we need high level dinos after particular defense lvl… Cuz they are slow , they don't charge, neither they spit.

  3. Pavomimus gives more defense or the raptors , and the game is so buggy that in the video at one point all the zebra became one Dino lol

  4. Dulu enakan yang menangkis kalau nggak salah di keterampilan pertahanan serang hewan kecil yang ada di kawah sebanyak banyaknya lalu tangkis 🙂

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