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  1. most of this was actually filmed near valdez around some of the islands in Prince william sound. We are working on a new film from coldbay-Stpaul Island

  2. 870 pumps are a great gun you just have to clean them every day when hunting Saltwater. We highly reccomend over/unders ruger red label or Citoris. and getting them tefloned or treated.

  3. nice shooting don't listen to the other comments about sick f*** I am personally a duck hunter so go ahead and make fun of that other comments. Great video and what is the last song called.

  4. Don't know why anyone would want to spend their time shooting up scores of beautiful and increasingly rare ducks on their breeding grounds, just for the fun of it.

    Guess some folks just have WAY too much money for their own good.

  5. nice bufflehead shoot…… give me a break.. i used to shoot buffles when i wwas like 8 years old… some of us just grow out of that…

  6. Hey Pezocon man, You don't know crap as 95% OF THE BIRDS WERE Goldeneyes, Common and Barrows along with Harlequin. I love talking heads. We only shot 3-4 Buffies all week. Sorry you don't know how to identify birds flying.

  7. @Lior22g You might be better off to watch for Palestinians,who would like to do just that to you! Land grabber….Sleep good at night because they will never rest untill they get you..And someday they will!

  8. shut up why do you tree huggers look for these videos just to wine most of us hunt for food not for the fun of it you dang people need to not go looking for these videos no one wants to here your crap

  9. You wanna hunt for food? Eat a Canada Goose.

    Wild bird populations are tanking. And I'm the dumb ass? Also quit fishing like a cheebo, shit-for-brains.

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