Driven Wild Boar Hunting in Germany
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Driven Wild Boar Hunting in Germany

December 2, 2019

So it’s a beautiful November morning and
we’re in this magnificent forest in Germany and the baden württemberg area and were hunting wild boars. Now it’s been quite an interesting morning to see
how a driven hunt is organised here in Germany. Everybody met up in the car park
all of the dog men and the beaters all of the guns. The briefing was very
similar to the one we’d have back home, but it’s all kind of community based
sort of feeling and vibe very much in the same way as a pheasant shoot would
be back home. So we’ve been put out on our pegs. I’m peg 2 of 46, I’m overlooking a
valley so it’s quite close shooting in front of us and then a bit further away
it gets quite thick. So I think when the pigs do come through they’re gonna be
right on top of you and I’m going to have to react very very quickly. Now today I’m shooting
with my Sauer 404 XTC. It’s in 308 caliber, got a muzzle break so hopefully
it’s gonna reduce muzzle flip. But it’s gonna be loud and on top of that the
Hawke Vantage 1-4×24 scope and this has got a standard LR4 reticle. So nice
and clear nice and open and it does have a red dot, although I don’t think I’m
gonna need it today. I’m shooting a 150 grain Hornady
interlocks so good punchy round. So we have recently had a bit of training on a
wild boar cinema, so hopefully I’ve got my lead, my mount, my follow-through
right all we need now is a few pigs. So the beaters have just come through
they’re just moving the way through the brush on my right-hand side here. Now we’ve seen quite a bit of game this morning, we saw a buck come out earlier and I’ve
been told to avoid the Bucks because if I a shoot a buck without antlers I’ve got
to buy the beaters dinner. And if I shoot a buck but with antlers I’ve got to buy everybody dinner. So that’s a good incentive not to shoot a Roebuck. However we have seen three Roe Does come through. Now they are on the tableau today, unfortunately they both came through on my left-hand side here on the sky line not
a safe backdrop not worth taking the shot. And there was another doe that came
out of the thick stuff, just on the right-hand side here. There were dogs
behind her, I also have a neighboring gun over to my left so anywhere here I’m not
really happy taking the shot. So there’s plenty of game and here comes
another roe doe comes through again disappearing off up on the other side. So
there animals moving all directions that the beaters might be moving that
way, but the animals try and squeeze out either side and they’re trying to escape
into the forest. So this is the opportunity for us really to wait for
some pigs that might just come out of the side of the beating line and make
their way back towards us so you’ve still got to be diligent.
I’ve heard a few shots go off, it’s great to see the beaters go through and the
dogs working so enthusiastically and fingers crossed we’ll get a pig
coming back our way shortly. So there we have it that’s the end of
the first drive unfortunately we didn’t get anything. There’s a fair amount of
shooting around us, we of course saw a beautiful six point Roebuck earlier on
a few does that came through, nothing that offered is a safe shot, but these
forests are beautiful. Perfect for wild boar and Roebuck. I’m hoping that the shots
that we’ve heard out there have resulted in some pigs down, so we’re going to head
back now to the meeting area have a chat with everybody see how they got on. Maybe
something will be on the tableau. There wasn’t as much shooting as perhaps I’d
thought, there’s a big team of beaters here the dogs are all working getting
very excited when you hear those noises then actually you get quite excited too
because normally when a Terriers barking and shouting and yorping. There’s a pig
not too far behind it. But it’s a beautiful day for it the rains cleared
up beautifully. Sun shines out in the sky and where else would you want to be in
the world so let’s go and see how everyone else has done. So Fredrik that was quite an
eventful drive, I heard plenty of shooting I saw plenty
of animals there how did it go for you? So yeah I mean for me personally I shot
a fox, right in the middle of the drive heard the dogs going and everything. I
think they’re a bit disappointed about the result with the wild boar. How did
you get on? So what happened? Yeah pretty much the same. I didn’t see any pigs, saw four Roe Doe, one Buck because well now of course I’m not going to shoot the Buck
because that means I get to buy dinner. And then took a couple of shots sort of
Fox with bit speculative and unfortunately didn’t get that down. I
mean they are they are small and fast. Small and fast and with the way that the
the valley was literally had to be on you mustard, but no it’s great the
weather’s cleaned up nicely for us. You’ve got a great bunch of people, tell us a
little bit about the makeup of the shoot and and how it all comes together. So
it’s actually two friends of mine who rented or who own the ground here. And
the way it works in Germany. There’s no money involved or anything so
it’s all friends or people who hunt here during the year who are invited today.
The dog handlers come they don’t get paid either, that’s a German thing also
very different to what I see in the UK normally. So everybody’s invited for
dinner later on so it’s the whole community thing going on and then
everybody kind of has their little job. So to say some of my friends now they’re
there gralloching and others are bringing the dinner. So it’s it’s all
about the community really and everybody gets involved rather than just the guns
shooting and everybody else is kind of pushed to the side so I love it
because everybody’s together and we’re all having fun together. Yeah that’s what
I’d like to see as well this is kind of very reminiscent of pheasant shooting back home.
So you’ve got the beaters, you got the dog Pickers up and the dog man
and women. Then you got the guns themselves, there’s only 8 of us typically
and but everybody that comes together to make it all happen it really has that
great community feel that great community atmosphere. So a little bit
disappointing for the guys that they’ve not got any
pigs, we’ve seen lots of animals so I’ve had a fabulous day. The weather’s picked
up nicely for us, really excited for the afternoon. So what’s gonna happen this afternoon? So second Drive this afternoon, it’s
it’s kind of a little hill that they’re driving. Pine trees on top
big big thickets in between usually the boar are there I’ve shot plenty of boar
in this drive before. I really hope I know which spot you’re on it’s a really
good one so I really hope you get some acton. Yeah no pressure when they come.
Same guns, same beating teams, everything’s the same just a different
part of the ground now. Good, so looking forward to getting into it.
Waidmannsheil. So that was pretty exciting. A roe doe came out with this year’s fawns or kids. Just stepped in between me and my neighboring
gun Bjorn allowed him to go thirty yards just so out of the safety arc and then
took the kid right at the back. The youngest one that was following
perfect shot. Straight in the engine room, it skipped off but I’m pretty sure it’s
just gonna be down a little bit further over there. Now the dogs and the beaters
are really close now. I’ve only heard single shots and a couple of doubles so
I think it’s mainly deer that have been short at, but there’s got to be pigs in
here it’s really thick. There’s loads of acorns this is perfect conditions and
perfect environment for wild boar. So final afternoon, unfortunately it
didn’t go quite according to plan for you guys today, but I’ve had a fantastic time.
This is Henning and Jean-Mathieu who’ve been running the hunt for us today and thank
you very much guys for inviting me. You seem a little bit disappointed but it’s
been a magnificent day, as you said earlier on you know a difficult day out hunting is better than a busy day in the office right Yeah that’s always say in Germany. The morning drive was and as we expected, basically just one one bore
we got. At least we got it. Second drive was quite ok we got a
smaller group at the beginning and yeah we’ve got a few ones and yeah some
misses but that’s that happens. I have to say the atmosphere of the day
has been fantastic you’ve got together a really good bunch of people there’s a
really good vibe, obviously a lot of people come together specifically for
the hunt. So just talking about friends were just going to invite Bjorn in. Hey buddy and this is a great example of friends that have hunted together for a
long time and kind of make the atmosphere say it so we’re just saying
that this is such a social occasion you’ve got people coming from all over
the place that really come together in the atmosphere it’s been great. But
there’s more to it than goes on behind the scenes all this army of guys here
and there’s a plan that you go to. You’re not just walking through the woods
there’s a specific strategy and and how do you how do you put that all together
on day like this. A lot of preparation it’s quite tough to bring
them in much more people to do it not just one or two but all the logistics
even though you just shoot a few animals the work is all the same. Doesn’t matter
it’s a good day or bad day It’s a lot of work to do and at least we
got some boars in the second drive. Looking forward to seeing a tableau and
I’ve I’ve got my little roe kid down over there so gonna go and have a look at
that once again thank you very much. Waidmannsheil So there we have it an end of another
fabulous days hunting and I have to say this has been one of the most enjoyable
driven wild boar days I’ve ever had. Unfortunately I didn’t get a pig there there
are a few on the tableau here, but this is the epitome of a friendly community
organized driven wild boar hunt. It’s all about the people it’s all about the
heritage the history and the tradition and I made to feel really really welcome.
So I want to say thank you to Jean-Mathieu and also to Henning for making me feel
so welcome and of course my good pal Freddie for getting me an invitation here.
These are the sorts of hunts that remind me very much of pheasant shooting back
home. It’s all about the people it’s all about the sport and you can hear the
laughter now behind us. Even though this tableau is quite modest in comparison to
what they normally get here everybody’s still celebrating the
occasion and enjoying each other’s company and I can’t wait to come back
and do it all again.

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  1. Nice video, gents.

    Have you guys ever hunted Czech Republic? Was there a couple weeks ago, no hunting, but looks like it would be good boar and stag country.

  2. The more I watch driven boar shooting the more I can see its over commercialised. I have spoken to many people and it would appear that its more about the money as your boar if you are luck enough to see one let alone shoot one are whisked off and you have to identify which is yours at the end of the day to then stump up the bill.

  3. Beautiful countryside and congrats on the Roe doe. Thanks for sharing your hunt with us. Cheers from the US

  4. What empty forests ! I remember driven shoots in India known as haakah, in the days shikar was allowed. One would see hundreds of animals, deer, bears pig , monkeys porcupine, leopardsand the occasional tiger, not to mention jungle fowl peacocks muntjacs fox civetcats aswell as a rare ratel or honey badger. Not only did we have beaters but also stops and sheets of white cloth to coax the animals into a natural line of retreat,usually through small ravines towards the guns. My hunting grounds are now reserve forests or national parks and it is wonderful to see that game is even more plentiful now.

  5. typical Britts..u want to harwest in EU.countries but not to belong it!?
    how is your childish Brexit effects the hunting for u in the Devoted Kingdom? 😛

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