Driven Hunt episode 8 – Deer & Wild boar in Germany with hunting dogs 2018 (Drückjagd)
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Driven Hunt episode 8 – Deer & Wild boar in Germany with hunting dogs 2018 (Drückjagd)

November 17, 2019

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  1. In my opinion, we hunters should always shoot an wounded animal if we have the chance to get one(even when it is far or difficult).
    I have shoot a sick stag this year as well, it was 18 to 20 years old and only weighed 60-70 kilograms.
    It is important that hunters shoot sick animals to put them out of there misery

  2. Good video – Difficult dicision in the heat of the moment…..adrenaline running – you never want to make the wrong call on a driven hunt….

  3. Klart att skadat vilt ska avlivas! I höst jagade jag älgkalv själv men hitta blod på en väg. Släppte hunn å 4h senare visade sig va en oxe med ful gammal skada på ett bakben. Känns bra att kunna avsluta lidandet då man ser att viltet är skadat… Den älgen va förmodligen också påkörd på försommaren då eftersöket som gjordes misslyckades…

  4. You are my favorite Driven Hunt Channel on YouTube. You are presenting the Hunt as it's supposed to be. Always hunting in a responsible way for the creature. Appreciate your work. Both thumbs up…

  5. I think if you can see that its wounded you always need to shoot. It is very impotant that animals wich are in pain get an end of there missarys

  6. It's the responsibility of all hunters to shoot an injured animal and make an end to its pain.So you, Tobias, did, what had to be done – and you made a great job.
    Best hunting video chanel on youtube – please go on to show, what kind of work hunting is.
    All the best wishes for the new year an all times "Waidmannsheil"

  7. Great video again! Once my dad has seen an wounded reddeer stag a really big one but he didn't shoot it because he was not sure if it was allowed to shoot those kind of stags. It had also an injury on his frontleg.

  8. Thank you for the very good videos. I'm hunting in Brandenburg as well, so it's espacially interesting for me. Heavy wounded animals have to been shot. That says the law in BRB. Well done!

  9. WAIDMANNSHEIL from Saxony!

    Another great video from you, thank you for that!

    I like your honesty in the hunt, everything very correct (I like German especially) and clean.

    Too bad that I can not speak English better, then I could understand more ….

    Best regards and WAIDMANNSHEIL

  10. Hey Tobias. First of all, i would like to thank you for all the great content you and your team are putting out. It's always fantastic video quallity, and that is essential for a good hunting video in my opinion. The only thing you need to work on, is your swedish accent. But i know you're doing your very best. The only reason why im giving this critic, is that I truly belive this cannel could be one of the leeding hunting channels in the world. You always show a good hunting ethic, and it's very informative. Keep up the good work! I would like to wish you a Happy new year, and the best of luck in future hunts ! Cheers

  11. Great that you could put the stag out of his misery, Waidmannsheil to this trophy and your great shots! ??
    You did the absolutely right thing, fast decision had to be taken and you managed to do it perfectly right without fear.

  12. Front leg injured animals should always be put down. Hind legs is not always an easy choice. In this case no question to what should be done and you did it in an ethical manner. Thanks for all the nice films Tobias and co! /Henric

  13. Good job, Tobias! I wish you a lot of nice trophies this year, keep doing good and ethical shooting and making nice films.

  14. I have realy enjoyed watching the new Video. And in my opinion it is definitly the only desicion to take the red deer Stag. Very well done in filming and of cause in kind hunting.

  15. Very nice episode Tobias!
    You should always put down an animal that suffers from some kind of injury. I im 100% sure that you did the right thing 😀

  16. Nice choice to cull that stag. Good responsible hunting Tobias. I think it is absolutely our imperative to cull wounded animals. On Dec 31 I similarly culled a roe doe (out of season) when I noticed that it was missing it's right hind leg below the knee. On gralloch it seemed in good health–lots of fat and no infections or parasite load–but the landowner thanked me for the shot (which I have to say was superb!). On the land on which I have permission, we always take wounded animals. As we have no wolf here, it is our duty as the "apex predator" to keep the herds healthy. This is part of responsible deer management.

  17. Thanks for watching our video. We appreciate a ? if you enjoyed the film. Do not forget to SUBRSCRIBE if you want a notice when we publish the next film in the series "Driven Hunt".  ? ? ?

  18. I just noticed your channel and like your videos very much!
    Your way of hunting is very good. Much to often the hunters are shooting at roe deer, fallow deer or red deer at every speed and I appreciate it that you only shoot when you can take a clear shot, because the are standing or going slowly!

    Really nice hunting und films!

    Thanks for sharing all the nice experiences!

    Best Wishes and Weidmannsheil!

  19. Shot a whitetail with 3 legs , found out that the leg was shot off recently because it hadn’t healed.. great hunting to you across the big pond

  20. Gentlemen I am an avid hunter in the USA and I my self believe in taking a wounded animal if necessary my hat is off to y'all.

  21. Love the videos. Hunting is the best conservation tool there is, whether in the US, Germany or any other country on earth. Keep up the great work! I’ll make sure to share your work with all I know. All hunters must stick together!

  22. Here in The United States in my state of Alabama. Shooting a injured animal is a bit more difficult because the 3 I have shot were out of season. So I had to call Fish and Game tell them what is going on each one I had to have video evidence to show the Warden who then would sign the tag for the animal. 2 have went to theHunters for the Hungry and 1 went to my freeze. Two of the three had freshly broken legs and one had broke back(was able to walk but not far and couldn’t stand up for long).

  23. I am an American, but I have been living in Germany for 22 years. I go in about 10-12 driven hunts a year and it is common here in Germany that wounded or obviously hurt animals are harvested to put them out of their misery, even if they are not specifically allowed for that driven hunt. You did the right thing and as you see, the Germans were in agreement :-).

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