DRAW MY BITLIFE [Illustrating a Text-Only Game!]
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DRAW MY BITLIFE [Illustrating a Text-Only Game!]

August 12, 2019

Hey everybody, it’s LavenderTowne. And lately, I’ve been seeing
a lot of people playing this tech space life simulator game
called BitLife and I thought that it would be really fun to try and draw all the main events
of my BitLife characters life. So the character that BitLife
randomly generated us is named Isabella Walker, a girl born
in San Jose in the United States. She is pretty healthy, very smart,
pretty good looking but it’s only about 50% happy. But I guess I can’t blame her. She’s only just been born. So her parents are Selena Walker who is an assistant principal
at the public school and Mark Walker who is a junior business analyst
at Olympus Insurance. They seem like pretty normal parents. Though, he did take Isabelle to go
paintballing when she was only six so maybe he’s not that normal. Seems like when they’re little kids,
there’s not a lot they can do and that’s made even worse by the fact that apparently San Jose
had no interesting children’s movies but luckily her parents are here
to take her going parkouring and also crocheting with them. So I guess, Isabella won’t be totally bored. So now things are finally moving. Her parents aren’t trying
to make her join a club. Apparently, choosing only the nerdy
as possible clubs to choose from, which works just fine for me because I definitely would pick drama club if I had these options. The Model UN sounds fun too. And apparently, the kids
of San Jose high don’t understand how cool it is to be in drama club ’cause Isabella immediately
she starts getting bullied. Jokes on the bullied though, ’cause when you pick on someone
who’s as strait-laced as Isabella, you’re going to get tattled on as if it’s not bad enough
that Isabella just got bullied but now she has fibromyalgia too, which I believe is a chronic illness but I decided to go to the doctor anyway and hope that somebody can help Isabella. So we have two options. Liam Baker or Autumn Carver
and I love the name Autumn Carver, but she did not have the solution
to fibromyalgia and neither did Liam Bakers. So, I guess, I’ll just have her
take her driver’s license test since it only had one super easy question, she passed with flying colors. So Isabella wants to ask out
this guy named Jacob Oakley and it says that she thinks he’s pretty cute but when the game starts,
[who] he disagrees with her but I thought she should probably go for it because I mean, hey,
you’re in your teen years, you might as well give it a shot. And they immediately got in argument about the meaning of life, which is pretty bad because that’s kind
of an important thing to agree upon in a long term relationship but they just agreed to disagree
and it’s okay. I kept trying to heal her from her fibromyalgia and finally Autumn Carver
came through for us. She somehow pumpkin spiced us
to get health. Unfortunately, Isabella
still can’t celebrate with a movie because she doesn’t find any movies interesting. At age 17, Isabella gets a pretty severe fever. So I sent her back to Autumn
who says she’s in good health. So since modern medicine
was abandoning her once again, I sent her the gym to sweat off the fever
the old fashioned way, where she got a staph infection. But luckily, Autumn cleared that up
just in time for her to graduate. So I really wanted Isabel to go to college. It seemed like the type of thing
she would do, but she was turned down for a scholarship and then her parents
wouldn’t help her with the tuition so I decided to send her straight
into the working world so she wouldn’t have tons and tons of debt. All the jobs were looking pretty blah. And I was really not sure
what I was going to pick for her until I saw this sparkling option of an Exorcist. I picked it as a joke
and she’s apparently a perfect fit. So Isabella is an Exorcist now. I thought she could go to the movies
to celebrate her new job and that went about how you’d expect it. So apparently, she celebrated some other way ’cause now she’s pregnant,
which is a bummer ’cause she hasn’t even gotten
her first paycheck yet. But I guess, we’ll keep the baby and hope that things
don’t completely fall apart from here. As Isabella is an Exorcist,
I decided to name him Damien and apparently he got his father’s last name. Even though we’re not married,
which kind of bothers me. I did immunize him though
because I don’t want him to die and apparently Jacob was so moved
by Isabel’s excellent parenting that he decided to propose to her. I actually decided to have her say no because for whatever reason, I wasn’t really
totally sold on Jacob quite yet. But apparently, Isabella is pretty sold because she’s pregnant again. And I thought she needed
a little bit of a change in her life because things were getting a little samey. I wanted them to immigrate to Japan,
but Japan said no. So we went to Italy instead. It was $10,000 but Jacob
and Damien are cool with going so I thought that it might be fun
for Isabella to go there. And, especially because that’s where the Vatican is, I thought it might be a good place
for our Exorcism career to truly flourish. Luckily, the Pisa Community Church
needed an Exorcist and since Jacob was so supportive of the move, I decided to have her proposed to him and then they are going to get married after all. They had their second son who I named Cain and he’s pretty smart, so that’s good. The BitLife Devs attacked us
while we were trimming the bush and offered us a car to turn
on notifications and I said, “No”. Though I kind of regret that for Isabella’s sake because it turns out cars
are actually pretty expensive and maybe it would have been better for me
to just turn those notifications on but I didn’t want to be pushed
around by no game devs. Isabel and Jacob honeymooned
in Gangnam South Korea, which seems fun. And it costs less than our immigration. So that wasn’t too big of a deal. I decided she wouldn’t make him sign a prenup because their net worth was still pretty close. And then they got married. There’s apparently rabid dogs in Italy, so she tries to capture
and relocate it and is unsuccessful. But her dog troubles far from over. She witnesses a monk being cruel to a dog. She tries to intervene and he assaults her, severing her calf and poking her waist. Her health and happiness are at 0% and he’s taken away by the police. I sent her to the doctors
to try to get her healthier but according to Valentino Gelli,
she’s in good health. So I just have her meditate,
to try to ignore the pain because I don’t know
what else to do for her. And then she tries to cheer herself up by watching some toy unboxings with Damien. Her monk relating [inaudible 6:12] didn’t suddenly
make her appreciate movies So that’s still a no. I asked her a raise for her
because she really needs the money, but they also say no from that. So I get her some acupuncture to try to help with her extremely low health bar. And I decided that they probably need a car. I don’t even think they have a house. So some kind of shelter would be good. I get them a red used Subaru
and we’re pregnant again! Jacob does not want to renew
our wedding vows, which makes me very annoyed. But, in light of our new daughter,
I decided not to divorce him on this slot. And Isabella decides
that the first thing she should do with her newborn infant daughter
is to teach our archery. So apparently, she’s just as weird
as her parents were. And then I thought it might be okay for her to try something
a little bit less strait-laced. So she lost a bunch of money in the casino and I wanted her to just win it
back really quick so that Jacob wouldn’t find out. And then we lost more money. And then I thought, “Well,
if she does a big bet and just wins, then it’s all fine and she might
even make some money.” And that’s actually what happens. The important part is that
she knows when to walk away. So she takes her winnings and apparently she’s addicted
to gambling now. So that’s another thing to deal with. I feel like Isabella
needs a higher paying job to pay for her new gambling addiction, but it turns out that all the high
paying jobs require that you at least went
to some kind of university. So that’s a bit of an issue. She feels the pull of the casino again. So I send her back and she bets an extraordinarily
high amount of money and then loses it devastatingly. But despite our terrible gambling addiction, Jacob still wants to take us to the art museum, which apparently Isabella hated. I don’t know, if she just doesn’t like art or if he’s no fun to hang out with. I don’t know. She’s also concerned that
her father is in a crime organization, so I decided to send her back
to the United States. Since all of Isabella’s sons
are adults, they stay in Italy but Charlotte comes back with us. And then Isabella spent
some nice time with her parents. It’s at this point that Isabella realizes if she doesn’t go back to school, she’s never going to be able
to get a higher paying job than her exorcism job. So she decides to go into nursing school and pay for it with a loan ’cause her parents
don’t want to pay for it. She still hates movies
just as she always has. And then some creeper
named Neil propositions her but she turns him down. After studying hard in university, she graduates and tries
to get into medical school where she is rejected again for some reason. So she goes back to being
an exorcist dejectedly. And she tries some Octopus,
which gives her immediate food poisoning. And then if things weren’t bad enough, her dad dies at the age of 85 from old age. Now she’s kind of hurting
for money at this point but luckily, somebody offers her $15,000
to go bring a package to Columbia and she gets all the money
and nothing bad happened. So that’s interesting. Then her mother also dies
leaving her $550,000. Then in somewhat of an accidental plot twist, I click on this Sexuality tab for the first time and realize that she’s been feeling
homosexual tendencies this whole time. So, she has to divorce Jacob and give away a ton
of her inheritance money to him because we didn’t sign a prenup. Then she meets Evelyn Herron, who is a grandmother
and retired mail carrier. They start going out and they go
on a series of extremely cute dates to the waterpark, to do gardening. Even to go to an amusement park. So I’m just picturing these cute little
old ladies running around Disneyland on like their first or second date. So since she’s getting up in years, Isabella just pops the question
right away and Evelyn says, “Yes”. Though Evelyn does want her
to sign a prenup because Evelyn is worth
over a million dollars. I was a little torn about this at first, but then I realized Isabella probably
wouldn’t take it too personally since she just saw what happens
when you don’t sign up a prenup. She does get botox for the wedding, which doesn’t go that great. And then she retires from being
an exorcist after many, many years. Sadly, their marriage is cut short because Evelyn dies at the age of 82, leaving Isabella almost $2 million. I decide to send Isabella to the psychiatrist who makes sure that she’s okay. And then she gets a face lift, which makes her super attractive
all of a sudden. So now that she’s rich and beautiful, she decides to go to medical school
with her fortune because this is something
she’s tried to do over and over throughout her life. In general, she’s a pretty hardworking student but she does try nitrous oxide
in a crazy college moment. And then as soon as she graduates,
she is hired as a brain surgeon and fulfills a lifelong dream
to become a doctor. Shortly, after becoming a brain surgeon, unfortunately, she is diagnosed with dementia, which is a little bit bad,
if she’s working on people’s brain. Nobody can help her with that. And I assume this is what’s going
to and her life probably. But while she’s at a festival, she encounters a lion,
which she does try to rescue. She loves animals. But unfortunately, at the age of 79, she is instantly killed by the lion
that she tries to save. So that was the life of Isabella Herron-Walker. As she had quite, quite a, quite a good one. A lot happened. It wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. But overall, I feel like she,
she really got a lot done. I hope you guys liked this super weird video. I just thought it would be fun
to try to illustrate along with this game because I saw it was getting pretty popular, but it didn’t have any real drawings
along with it. It was just basically like emojis and text. So I thought it would be perfect
to add some art to it. Let me know, if you liked the video and it was kind of an experiment. And if you have any ideas for future videos
that you want me to do, please let me know down below. I’ll see you guys in the next video. A big thank you to all of my patrons including Bella story, Calponpon, Cassitarius, Clockwork Construct, Dionysius hagGorillaz, Dr. Casket, Elizabeth Alban, Hope Chilsome, Imagine Creation, JJJ, Joseph Copal, Carla Tapia, Katdid Thatcuter, LeBlehBlehBleh, Megan Claire, Midnight Doodles,
Mikeadacytl, Okamorei, Ollie, Rome Espinoza, Rosy Warlock, Sgt. Pendulum, TheArtsyMoose, YaBoyST and Zoey Stardust.

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    Sometimes I think of him and I'm kinda sad (thankfully my second life was better, a pakistan trans woman internationally known for her music who had a big loving family)

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