Dragon Nest M Sea Gamepad Controller Joystick + Tutorial Mapping Octopus
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Dragon Nest M Sea Gamepad Controller Joystick + Tutorial Mapping Octopus

August 25, 2019

Hello in this tutorial video I’m gonna show you how to play dragon nest mobile using gamped controller with configuration controll mapping and before going to the turoial you guys
can help me to supporting this channel please subscribe and you guys will get the updates another a turorial or tips/experiments videos about android in this channel 🙂 for the configuration controll settings you can custom settings to mapping configuraton controll in game and if you want using the configuration controller settings like in this video you can see and follow step by step this video Okay we just going to the tutorial==>

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  1. aku agak awam dan belum pernah liat aslinya, apa bisa sambil charge handphone saat main pakai controller ini? makasi

  2. i cant login in my google account in DN m using octopus app keymapper. can anyone help me with this. everytime i click google for my acc, it says "Device does not support this function, please register or log in" 🙁

  3. Hi please tell me how can you login using your google account in octopus because whenever i use octupus i cant login using my gplay in dragon nest error: device does not supported this function

  4. @Jusuf M I've read the reviews on playstore that the octopus app doesn't support google play services. Do you by any chance know how to make it work? I log in on dragon nest M thru google play services that's why I'm asking. Alot of people in the comments are asking about it too.

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