Dos Santos Bros Dream of World Cup Glory for Mexico
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Dos Santos Bros Dream of World Cup Glory for Mexico

October 21, 2019

And here we are. Our best memories of Mexico? Seeing
our father play, I think. Spending time with family, and playing in the streets. Imagine coming to train in this every morning. Priceless. When our dad played with La Raza, which was professional indoor soccer, He was very popular in México and even more so in Monterrey where we lived. At five or six years old, we would go play right where he would play. It is one of our most cherished childhood memories. We started very young in Monterrey, like at five or six years old with Caribú. Then we trained with our father. He was our coach. We played together until we left for Barcelona. It was there that we were separated. Each in his own category. Gio, are we going or what? Going? Let’s go! Put your phone away. Leave it and call later. I’m here! You’re being a drag. The cameras are here. You’re the same way. You do the same thing. Our first fight as brothers. Did you catch it? As kids, we did fight a lot. I would choke him, hit him all over and make him cry. I was the small one, and I’d make Gio cry. But now we hardly ever argue. When we had the opportunity to play here, we didn’t have to think twice, because we had been so far from our culture – Although we are not in Mexico – But almost, almost. This is the city with the second most Mexicans in the world, so we feel right at home. Playing with my brother in a great city with a great fandom at an even greater club… We didn’t have a single doubt, honestly. The Galaxy being what it is with its many trophies and the biggest stars. Now, we have the fortune of having Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He’s on another level, and for me it is an honor to be by his side again. I was also lucky to have him as a teammate during my time at Barcelona. One can learn a lot from these types of players. I am happy. It is marvelous to have my family near. I feel right at home. The truth is I am happiest playing with my brother. It is a dream we’ve always wanted to reach together. Giovani is a difference-maker who can kill it in a game at any moment. He’s a player that every coach, every teammate would like on their team. And his personality, what can I say, he’s chill. He likes to sleep. [Jonathan] has a spectacular quality and enviable technical skills few players have. He has great vision for the game, a lot of personality, confidence. He’s a different player. In his position, I’ve seen few players of his quality. Xavi, Iniesta… he has the teachings of these players. He demonstrates daily that he is on that same level. For our team, it is a luxury to count on a player like him. He also enjoys life. In the best sense possible. Thanks, brother. We’ve been blessed to explore many cultures, so we are open to all cultures. The truth is we are very happy here in Los Angeles. Mexican players are recognized for their quality, their personalities, for the character we have. Technical skill is what most distinguishes us from other national teams. Not long ago, I had an injury, unfortunately. But now I am back. Because of that, I am not limiting myself and thinking only about the World Cup. On the contrary, now I have to work even more take care of myself more and reach my 100%. Yeah, I’m recovering from an injury, but I’ll be playing again soon. This never happened before with both of us being injured at the same time. We are taking this time to work even harder and return even stronger I’ll be at my best level, for sure. This is the year that we’ve prepared for most. I want everything to be perfect, in the end. The World Cup is almost here but we will arrive at our best. All we want is to reach full health, with rhythm and represent our club and national team well. Hey, joker! How are you? My pleasure. Come here, brother. Everything good? Would you like to say a few words? I’m proud to be here at your side. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d meet you, but they called us in to work, so here we are. When you least expect it. So you’d like a picture? Great to meet you. What a pleasure. Take care. That worked out well. Very well. Like we planned the whole thing. My hair is wrong. The first time wearing the national team’s shirt That’s the greatest thing a player can ask for. To be called in is an honor. To represent your country always fills you with pride. My first national team goal? I remember my debut, but not my first goal. My first goal? Given that I haven’t scored one for the national team … I don’t remember. You don’t have an international goal? No. You’ll have to get one at the World Cup, brother! Yes – let’s go, Mexico! Go Jona! It’s your World Cup, brother. Get a hat trick. A hat trick, oooh. I’d have to retire after that. Big time. Just kidding. It’s every player’s dream to play in a World Cup. It’s the most important thing I have in the near term. I haven’t had the opportunity to play in one yet. I’ve been unlucky to miss one for a coaching decision. And I missed another one because of a knee injury. But like they say, third time’s the charm. I hope to achieve this dream and play alongside my brother. No one knows until the coach releases the list of names. That’s when we will know whether we go — or don’t go — to the World Cup. On that day the list comes out, I’ll be nervous, and hoping to see our names. It could be that I don’t go, but my brother does. Or that my brother doesn’t go, and I do. Our wish has always been to play for the national team together in a World Cup. It’s right around the corner. It’s almost here, that moment. That’s the one dream we have yet to realize. It would be the cherry on top. It’s the only dream the two of us have left to achieve.

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  1. They both got injured to be fit for the World Cup . Awesome 😎. Smart guys , viva Mexico 🇲🇽

  2. Con mucho respecto escribo esto ,pero Los hermanos dos Santos no an hecho gran cosa en la MLS,es esto lo que quiere la selecion mexicana para la copa del mundo?

  3. As a Galaxy fan, I fully support Mexico just to raise Dos Santos transfer value. Hopefully Gio's plane back from Russia will not be to LAX.

  4. The MLS trying to win Mexican followers. This is what happens when, in front of social networks and communication management, there are people who do not speak Spanish and do not understand what is said in the Mexican press but want to gain Spanish-speaking followers.

    MLS managers: Mexicans despise MLS. Mexican journalists make fun of MLS. Why do not you dedicate to signing good South American players, improving the quality of soccer and looking for fans around the world?
    This will be difficult for you to understand, but you will get it. Cheer up!

  5. 😢😄😊Los DOS Santos bothers are the best and left world cup if they can 🏆 At Russia

  6. estos gueys valen verga no se que le ven a estos hay otro jugadores que merecen estar en la seleccion

  7. The mexican football sucks, here in south america we all know that the mexican football is a big smokescreen to make money at the expense of a very big lie, to make believe, to those who do not know, that maxican football is a football power, when it is not, here in Argentina, we see the mexican footbal as a second-class football, inconsequential and mediocre, the mexicans like to brag that, in south america, only two contries can give them a fight, us and brasil, now, who the hell is Mexico to decide who is better than them in south america, when in the last Copa America, made in the usa, chile, a country that does not go to the world cup, put 7 goals to zero on the mexicans national team, playing mexico with its selection "A".
    The South American qualifiers are the most difficult in the world and if mexico brag that only two national teams, in South America, are the ones that can compete with them, then, why not go to Fifa and ask for their change of confederation, as did Australia, and go eliminated in South America, so simple, mexico bases its football "Popularity" via its television marketing, because on the field are a limited and mediocre national football team.

  8. Talent wasted on a club that pays them to sell shirts instead of playing futball at a competitive level…what you get from a league that is afraid of relegation.

  9. Well they can keep dreaming, with both of them on the team Mexico will struggle. Also with that idiotic coach.

  10. la verdad es que yovani desaprovecho su oportunidad en jugar en españa y luego tambien jona que lo fue a segir que en mi opinion bajo el nivel de los dos

  11. I don’t wanna be that Guy but to me it seems like everyone overrates Mexico, they wouldn’t stand a chance in Europe. Probably americans thinking Mexico has the best team in the world.

  12. Gios game has changed so
    Much he’s not good anymore he could’ve been great if he were to join a different league imo

  13. Vamos mexico,vamos hnos dos santos a partirsela en el mundial russia 2018, apoyando a la selleccion mexicana 100%

  14. What happened to Gio? What a great player he was…i did see him as the future Ronaldhinho…. what a waste of talent…👎👎👎👎👎

  15. Bullshit players, they Said if My bro doesn’t get call To play in the World Cup. I’m not going either.

  16. I just hate how they wasted their highest potential. I still remember that gio was complaining about his playing time in Barcelona. Then he was sold to spurs which he just freaking partied.

  17. Gio used to be beast now he’s meh I dought mexico could win the World Cup they have a chance but have to work as a team like Germany

  18. Too bad they didn't make it to go to the World Cup. HOWEVER, they'll be hosting a viewing party Sunday at the City Walk.

  19. It's rare and pure luck for siblings to play in same tournament or team. Boateng bros did it though on opposing sides. Russia has twins in berezovski brothers. Cameroon had twins in omam biyik and kana biyik during 90 world cup in Italy.

  20. i remember how they hyped gio back in 2014 "a ronaldinho-like player" hahaha he wack af. If things dont change for Mexico in the next 4 years they might as well not even go to the world cup in 2022

  21. Tuvieron todo para jugar en las mejores ligas del Mundo pero su maldito alcoholismo no los dejo, ahora terminaron en una de las peores ligas del mundo, una liga que cree que con dinero se compra la grandeza, son idénticos a los chinos, la liga China y la liga gringa son lo mismo, Un panteon de Elefantes!

  22. Jonathan still has hope if he leaves the MLS soon to Europe but Giovanni talent was wasted going to MLS. It hurts the National team because that means there’s a desire for players in Mexico to go to MLS instead of Europe where they can actually get better.

  23. Ese giovani nomas fue al mundial para estar en la banca en ese caso porque no llevaron a pizzaro ese si es jugador mexicano de buen nivel no como es decgraciado de giovani dos santos y si no se pone las pilas bien puestas tambien se va volver un tronco jona dos santos

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