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Dorothea Wierer spiega il Biathlon | FISI Official

November 16, 2019

Hello I am Dorothea Wierer, today I’m going to show you what makes my sport so difficult I will take you to familiar places and show you the world of Biathlon Seeing as all of you know what football is I have brought you here today to show you how far away the target is We are on the half way line which is 50 meters away from the goal which is the same distance as in the shooting range In biathlon we have 5 shots available. Imagine trying to hit the top corner not with a football but with this cartridge. Not easy! In football when the flag goes up it means offside. In our sport the flags are small and red and they show us which way the wind is blowing which can infuence our shot The most decisive part of the race is hitting the target. Come with me There are two types of targets. 4.5cm when prone and 11.5cm when standing. Imagine trying to hit a mandarin like this for the first target and an apple for the second Try hitting them I had never tried to hit a target like this before, it was quite hard because they are not black and there is no contrast, but it went fairly well It would be nice not to be out of breath but we are always struggling with our cross country skis. For us ladies the laps vary from 2km to 3km while the men do from 2.5km to 4km It is fundamental to pace yourself during the race and cointrol your breathing when shooting otherwise we pick up penalties, which are 150 meters, and it means even more effort which I don’t like Winter sports and the cold go hand-in-hand. Our limit is minus 20 degrees At times it feels like stepping into an ice rink like this one We do not use gloves like these ones, we have much thinner gloves and if you do not warm up properly your trigger finger could freeze up

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I hope that I have been able to show you what my sport is all about. Now hopefully you will come and support me at the races

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  1. Il Biathlon è il mio sport preferito (penso di essere uno dei 4-5 a Sud di Roma che lo ama, il 70-80% di chi conosco pensa sia estivo tipo il triathlon), e Dorothea è una delle ragioni principali!

  2. massimo rispetto per un'atleta come lei che fa valere i nostri colori in uno sport di nicchia ma molto affascinante. poi beh, è una specie di dea, il che non guasta!

  3. io guardo il biathlon da due anni,e devo dire che è lo sport più appasionante per me,può sempre accadere di tutto; probabilmente è il mio sport preferito..seguo ogni gara !

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