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August 13, 2019

So Mickey mouse said hey-chase hate mickey mouse :/- What’s the matter dude make you yes my babies. I wanna me goosebumps. [no], we can’t read goosebumps is too scary for [Shaun] Just look come on. Let’s finish the story can we continue okay, I’m so and PLUTO KNOCKED the fish on the floor and mickey said NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED MORE COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF maybe gum Fgt that did you baby. [we] are playing Batman Chapter 2 There’s actually five chapters, but they say coming soon Last time we played the moving pictures make sure you check it out where we fell down Into a floor so now we’re playing into the bottom needs of the basement. Are you ready? Yeah, okay, the orange song run a weapon Hey, wait, that doesn’t help me. Oh, I didn’t see the controls. [oh] oh My head what happened? Yeah, baby. Come on, baby Go be [some] [scarecrow] [jackal] [Dozen] scared [oh], [no], well, I guess there’s only one thing to do press on see if I can find a way out a new objective Yeah, correct. You are correct. It does they find a new every day? Oh? Hello, I see but because Shawn was – activision rewrote the [tip] [said] who? chopped up What what [you] [wanna], color oh? Okay, yeah can barely see you um spleen Okay, here. You color Bendy while we play chase you on try this, or yeah, no kind of scared from last time [stew]. I Drive your pants or not wet anymore. [oh], I just kidding [oh], I was the one that went [to] peace alright, so shitty should we continue this way ah? Should we go that way though? What is back this way. This is the way we already came from [so] we can’t go this way. It’s barricaded clean Okay, so we only have one of ours That’s right because this is when I went [b] and hello neighbor popped up so now let’s we’re continuing in here looking around China you scared [that] [guy] Shawn [oh] oh Okay, I got see someone so some slight [jokes] [way]. I can’t show his life. He will set us free [woo] ah that was loud? Okay, we will set us free Joey drew Joey crew. Hello. Oh was that Booger is that my food How can I toggle? Whoo clean shark scare and take a bite you of that? I will keep you safe [so] wait, what is that right there Bacon I? Was pushing so big because [the] [MCPhillip] [it] big [doll] breyer [labeled] bacon soup There’s some are you trying [to] see exactly you need glasses here? Take your glasses keep it back Play Chase now. I can’t stay here you have to play for me little I can collect disappears from Shadows Sweetheart, this is de creepy, bro. I don’t care Amen brother Amen What this games getting creepy? the talking Creepier now [alright]. What is this machine do nothing? So we’re just we’re just gonna keep going chopped it was that oh It’s just bindi chat. I chat chat [okay], bandy you be I want to like [something’s] about to pop out Wow, nothing nothing’s popping out are those easter eggs Protect Easter [Bendis] stop who that actually scared me. I was not expecting that see chop down to business watch description Hello Look scared looking for guys ready. [oh], [it’s] flooded in there was that a wastebasket chopped off He came back to life what? Now turn this way and turn back, whoa They’re so creepy that [is] creepy jeez oh wow, ah one two three ah It’s creepy. Why should we go should we go down here? Yeah? I Dare you to pee in your pants. No, thanks for all Pasinetta Tradition house of study with the pen cap. I beg you akane care a pen cap a barbie and ken doll Stop time free with a pen cap that see That’s the ink let me eat. M’kay yes. There’s no more [honking] [their] pen stops damn You look good. Go do it stab me show them show them. How evil of a baby walk, oh oh Okay, let’s continue. Oh My God hello, did you see that hello? I think it was boring he go. Oh bad word ah what ah [all] the babies are haunted here nothing if I think that one of this isn’t it was everybody Right here. What’s the point is do I get hungry? Oh, [I’ve] [just] got a good note real quick. No no no get off no. I can’t drunk all the button. Oh Dancing them on [alright]. I can’t fly let’s continue. Let’s go down. This this pathway. Oh, yes, [oh] Daddy, maybe that person I [walk] [down] for the dancing Demon what steppers [he’ll] walk by yeah Nope, there’s the dancing demons Pregnant Idiot power has [gauged] somehow should be a couple switches nearby then maybe I can open it all right won’t aah, Mr. Henry redirect power yeah, oh I’m saying we this is it fine three switches isn’t business elite drive into the world to the world is not working It says there’s a couple switches wait over [there] was [it] when we found it already uncle And where let us press it because it wasn’t activated boom switch number one Are you okay where I think I saw [uncle] [buck] back parasites too Bendy behind it No, all right now what hello? right here Okay, you see another [plane] You know [you] don’t [sean] I told you no smoking pen cap it’s bad for your health I Can’t go back. You’re scared Sean you said ah the Rock park [where] the buttons be back this far? You have two slices Barrel? Yeah, I do. Are you tricking sean? I have to slide the barrel last time I listened to you [hey] [look] [over] there. I think it’s all over For such I’m not I’m not shooting shot Marshall if [you’ve] activated one button Let me run. [come] [on]. You’ll go bye-bye. Okay say bye say bye Bye barn Okay, Shawn leave this to the Pros [she’s] where I don’t worry. [oh] Go back to the beginning see a button whoa That’s cool. You played a banjo bye-bye What wait? Okay, I know that and I’ll just one of the papers have on there. Yeah, [we] were here yeah, see, but oh nice Came and found the button back here at the beginning. There’s one button we’re looking for a second button on top that little tiny one yes, no this No event. There are really funny Bendy. [oh] doesn’t chop. Ha it shot free Caffrey’s the way to be Who’s in the coffins why the coffins in the animation study? Oh, I think we have to go back to the very beginning Hello Hello, and by here Looking is for button. See a button So let’s have our nightly chores shut this door My sorors this is porn this isn’t just mash what it’s not [an] [Ivory] George remus, you’re scared that I’ll Die like a [girl] [Stream] it has unsightly doors Ok there’s no button on the ventilator. You’ve got a ukulele benja dude with a Pi n Where’s that third button [all] daddies for the third button? Um you press that lever and it opens the wall yeah, I know but we got to find it Where is this other plan? Well? You look at me to say was that say? Bendy and Train Trouble oh Accepted in silly vision that’s [fun] efficient. You know. I’m trying to do that, but [again] down man. Oh garrity Raise the gate. [I] wasn’t expecting the beautiful sailors for it forget you, Wendy Op nigel Yeah, oh We’re going back Back oh well, okay. We’re [gonna] raise the gate dude something’s about to scare us. Okay. What’s it being waving [aah], [aah]? Hello, we don’t want any [halt] we don’t want any trouble. Oh, it’s no trouble here Is this safe [to] go Bendy? Yes, beautiful all right, baby says it’s safe to go you’re not tricking us, right No, okay? So let’s go, I don’t believe him, right I don’t know if I believe him either just what kind of guy gets shot to come back into me I’m gonna leave this one here. Just occasionally tries to get it music Department [ah] That next to the meat department What is this all? Joey’s on the 16 over our head, but if you give cody three times laptop We couldn’t even get out our department because the [ink] [was] there well Joey’s [ellucian] and they punk to drain in Periodically now have this ugly pumps which way my office people in and out all day [thanks], so it’s just what I needed for stretches these [Dupeys] Cartoon songs don’t write themselves it though we go back that way not something Office always rule director stimul [oren’s] why is my name not on anything? I’m Henry [let’s] see [he] special ha ha ha finally a betty we could destroy. Oh Jeez is it upstairs to the downstairs would never put it back upstairs. We would no longer be down sit. Oh Daddy’s girlfriend Dan from above Hey, it is aimed at me. Don’t look at me at all. I really miss him [ah] sure thing. [how’s] the angel? Girl, I’m sure we don’t rush on baby creeping. What is this? Stairs looks like the Stairwell further I’m going to get out of here I know we need to find a way to dream in power wow validating The public soul why if I go in there, I’ll just drown General session do it I kind of want to see what happens if I go do it. No, I want to die. Okay. Fine. I Got it I mean it man What doesn’t [alright] so what is up in here? Hello Oh, Daddy But down there. [I] show them all their needs a teacher That’s what I do the casting all right where everything Everything’s the same traipsing half talking here. I’m back [oh] booth the pain will be swinging and suddenly stimulus comes marching in [my] [let’s] Norman Tells us all the way in all then I have a son to my projector and he’s acting the projectors and down the recording studio a little devil [stealth] was taken behind you seconds later the projector turns off [uh] Sammy he doesn’t come out for a long time this man is weird Crazy weird I’ve half a mind to talk to Miss lucille doctor, but then again. I have to admit Mr.. True [has] his own but kill the le [hour] to knock one of the chairs Bordello darling [the] chairs worth. Oh, yes darling oh Man all right so listen we gotta go check [that] out. Hello Betty can I break your face break your face, [Ricky] hello, whoo? hello again, Vicky [Tale] Bandicam No, we haven’t we haven’t seen him, but what’s it will? Tell him he died. Yeah, he does die they’re Gonna Stare [at] What? Nice looking that was I expecting [genesis]. I think that was my quick attack back if I will go to Mama oh My oh [my] God didn’t I take in a bill like my fuck ha ha Ha I got boogers coming down from my nose. It was not expecting that [oh] my goodnes You little evil [alateen]? So why didn’t you tell [us] about that put on another one nice to me even greater from the depth of Doodoo? and Special coming, [give] me know why that opening are now ready to banks down there. I’m not ready factor down there Are some on see what’s reporting here. Come a gift II think so, but I was not expecting Yo, that was creeps Magritte’s Although stairs are filled with cease Peasant old [spell] easter peeps, and that’s the door next to meryl streep Daddy, whatever idea Haha, mart doing here. [oh] [alright], so we were just [up] there looking down and out you to anyone here That’s cool. I like playing instrument is griffin. That’s my heart Nice, hi Whoa, that’s a weird thing to do that there I? Want to talk into the microphone though yo, yo yo yo joey [through] into half [we] left the other side of the room look at that room with two, bindis. Oh audience thank you Mindy [-] so three big Deal [O] Recording no one’s in dale. Wow shall we throw shall. We draw jury. Oh, this is [the] gate How do we open that game or what’s this ting dis [nah]? Yeah, but I can already tell us But I’m laughing here people willing [to] enjoy my [aladeen] your boy oh the voice of Susan Campbell Susan campbell does alice angel stand it says she may be as popular as Panties update I bet you think I am voiced everything for talk. She is the dancing chicken but if someone Is – laughing oh my let’s see the pool to me allison idea boy, please So am I like beethoven mozart soon. I am sure that week yeah, oh, you guys drop that beat a Few [Playa] Ben V8 machines And what those guys scared us that mean I got an axe in my hand you want to step it it I? Didn’t think so cuz I’ll wreck with my fist All right, let [well] should we go down What so what do you think it’s so far about the chapter this chapter 2 is I’m [Carey] Amazingly blowing away chapter 1 5 or Get that Kinda feel like a high whole thing hi. Oh I see those guys come towards me again If I back up this way, what do you guys that? I think nobody wants to PC. Look at that do something? I didn’t do anything alright guys We are going to stop chapter 2 right here, because they had a lot [of] fun, and this is crazy Thank you so much for watching and if you want to see chapter 2 part 2 which is Chapter 22 [then] some something is coming up right next even if you don’t some stuff. You should still comes up alright which exact later Thank you so much for watching Subscribe boobers a blocked by the [bopper] Ready let’s release at the same time ready any marks get set and go oh My [gosh]. Oh wait wait. Y’all black. Where are we going just?

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